Umr-Två, Wielder of the Key of ChaosUmr-Två, Wielder of the Key of Chaos/GalleryUmr-Två, Wielder of the Key of Creation
Umr-Två, Wielder of the Key of Creation/GalleryUmr-Två, Wielder of the Key of PerformanceUmr-Två, Wielder of the World Instrument Key
Umr (TCG)Umr (blue level 0)Umr (card)
Umr (card)/GalleryUna, Water PhantomUna, Water Phantom/Gallery
Una, Water Phantom/RulingsUndeletableUnder One
Undine, Water Spirit of HellUndo -Memories of Tomorrow-Ungyou, Right Image of Destruction
Ungyou, Right Image of Destruction/GalleryUni, Water PhantomUni, Water Phantom/Gallery
Unicarn, Phantom Apparition PrincessUnificationUnification/Gallery
Unimpeded Roaring AdvanceUnlockUntei, First Play
Untei, First Play/GalleryUntil My Bones Burn and My Body BreaksUntil My Bones Burn and My Body Breaks/Gallery
Ununoctium, Natural SourceUnunoctium, Natural Source/GalleryUnunoctium, Natural Source/Rulings
Ununpentium, Natural SourceUnunpentium, Natural Source/GalleryUnunseptium, Natural Source
Ununseptium, Natural Source/GalleryUnuntrium, Natural SourceUnuntrium, Natural Source/Gallery
Unwanted ImpulseUnwanted Impulse/GalleryUnwanted Impulse/Rulings
UpUranium, Natural SourceUranium, Natural Source/Gallery
Uranium, Natural Source/RulingsUranus, White Natural StarUranus, White Natural Star/Gallery
Uranus, White Natural Star/RulingsUrataro, Water Phantom PrincessUrban, Roaring Gun
Urban, Roaring Gun/GalleryUrie, Sudden RuinationUrie, Sudden Ruination/Gallery
UrithUrith, Ashen River EnmaUrith, Black Sand Enma
Urith, Black Sand Enma/GalleryUrith, Burning Eye EnmaUrith, Burning Eye Enma/Gallery
Urith, EnmaUrith, Enma/GalleryUrith, Enma of Attachment
Urith, Enma of Black Rope HellUrith, Enma of Black Rope Hell/GalleryUrith, Enma of Breaking Torment
Urith, Enma of Crushing HellUrith, Enma of Crushing Hell/GalleryUrith, Enma of Elegant Fall
Urith, Enma of Elegant Fall/GalleryUrith, Enma of Empty FortuneUrith, Enma of Eternal Hell
Urith, Enma of Eternal Hell/GalleryUrith, Enma of Explosive AnnihilationUrith, Enma of Explosive Severance
Urith, Enma of Favorable MeetingsUrith, Enma of HellUrith, Enma of Immorality
Urith, Enma of NothingnessUrith, Enma of Nothingness/GalleryUrith, Enma of Nothingness/Rulings
Urith, Enma of PurgatoryUrith, Enma of Purgatory/GalleryUrith, Enma of Refined Bullets
Urith, Enma of Refined Bullets/GalleryUrith, Enma of Reviving HellUrith, Enma of Reviving Hell/Gallery
Urith, Enma of Scattered ScornUrith, Enma of Scattering PetalsUrith, Enma of Screaming Hell
Urith, Enma of Screaming Hell/GalleryUrith, Enma of SufferingUrith, Enma of Suffering/Gallery
Urith, Enma of Suffering/RulingsUrith, Enma of Unusual BullyingUrith, Enma of the Key of Nothingness
Urith, Enma of the Sin GateUrith, Enma of the Sin Gate/GalleryUrith, Enma of the Sin Gate/Rulings
Urith, Gold-Dyed EnmaUrith, Infinite EnmaUrith, Infinite Enma/Gallery
Urith, Jailer EnmaUrith, Jailer Enma/GalleryUrith, Jailer Enma/Rulings
Urith, Jailer Enma/TriviaUrith, Scorching EnmaUrith, Three Paths Enma
Urith, Vermilion EnmaUrith, Vermilion Enma/GalleryUrith, Vermilion Enma/Rulings
Urith, Vermilion Enma/TriviaUrith (TCG)Urith (card)
Urith (card)/GalleryUrith and GuzukoUrouge, Red General of Demonic Seas
Usa, Phantom BeastUsa, Phantom Beast/GalleryUsurpation
Ut'ulls, the Opened Key GateUt'ulls, the Opened Ultimate GateUt'ulls, the Opened Ultimate Gate/Gallery
Ut'ulls, the Opened Ultimate Gate/TriviaUt'ulls ChainUt'ulls Chain/Gallery
Ut'ulls GateUt'ulls Gate/GalleryUtsuboka, Natural Plant
Utsuboka, Natural Plant/GalleryUtsuboka, Natural Plant/TriviaUzi, Explosive Gun
Uzi, Explosive Gun/GalleryVOICE CHANGEVacuum Slash
Vajra, Great AttireValkyrie, GreatspearValkyrie, Unforgettable Fantasy
Valkyrie, Unforgettable Fantasy/GalleryVanadis, Guardian of FertilityVanadium, Natural Source
Vanilla ScrambleVanilla Scramble/GalleryVanish Like Mist
Vanish Like Mist/GalleryVapor ControlVariable LRIG Pack
Vega, Natural StarVega, Natural Star/GalleryVeil, Natural Star
Velocira, Phantom DragonVenndia, Set of Circular WisdomVenus, White Natural Star
Venus, White Natural Star/GalleryVenus, White Natural Star/RulingsVerda, Phantom Dragon
Vermilion Shield of Blood CrystalVespa, Great Phantom InsectVespa, Great Phantom Insect/Gallery
Vibrio, Natural BacteriaVictim-chanVictim Defense
Victim Defense/GalleryVictorian BoundaryVictorian Boundary/Gallery
Victory Song of Connected DestructionVier-CaliVier-Dio Princess
Vier-Dio Princess/GalleryVier-NerozaranVier-Patra
Vier-Vial/GalleryVier-VilliersViola, Temptation of the String Scale
Viola, Temptation of the String Scale/GalleryViolence JealousyViolence Jealousy/Gallery
Violence SplashViolence Splash/GalleryViolence Splash/Rulings
Violence Splash/TriviaViolent SuccessionVioli, Captivation of the String Scale
Violi, Captivation of the String Scale/GalleryVirusVitamin A, Natural Bacteria
Vitamin B1, Natural BacteriaVitamin B2, Natural BacteriaVitamin B6, Natural Bacteria
Vitamin C, Natural BacteriaVitamin D, Natural BacteriaVitamin E, Natural Bacteria
Vitamin K, Natural BacteriaVlad, Prince of ImpalementVolcano, Natural Stone
Volcano, Natural Stone/GalleryVolcano, Natural Stone/RulingsVolcano, Natural Stone/Trivia
Vouivre, Phantom DragonVouivre, Phantom Dragon/GalleryWHITE LRIG
WIXOSS -TWIN WING-WIXOSS Cup 2018 Participation AwardsWIXOSS Cup 2018 Participation Awards/Gallery
WIXOSS Cup 2018 Top PrizesWIXOSS Cup 2018 Top Prizes/GalleryWIXOSS Fierce Fighting Retsuden Chiyori
WIXOSS Fun Pack (SP-28)WIXOSS Fun Pack (SP-28)/GalleryWIXOSS GIRLS
WIXOSS Limited supply set Vol.2,Vol.3WIXOSS Limited supply set Vol.2,Vol.3/GalleryWIXOSS Novel
WIXOSS Party PackWIXOSS Party Pack/GalleryWIXOSS Player's Guide
WIXOSS Release TimelineWIXOSS WikiWX-01 Served Selector
WX-01 Served Selector/GalleryWX-02 Stirred SelectorWX-02 Stirred Selector/Gallery
WX-03 Spread SelectorWX-03 Spread Selector/GalleryWX-04 Infected Selector
WX-04 Infected Selector/GalleryWX-05 Beginning SelectorWX-05 Beginning Selector/Gallery
WX-06 Fortune SelectorWX-06 Fortune Selector/GalleryWX-07 Next Selector
WX-07 Next Selector/GalleryWX-08 Incubate SelectorWX-08 Incubate Selector/Gallery
WX-09 Reacted SelectorWX-09 Reacted Selector/GalleryWX-10 Chained Selector
WX-10 Chained Selector/GalleryWX-11 Destructed SelectorWX-11 Destructed Selector/Gallery
WX-12 Replied SelectorWX-12 Replied Selector/GalleryWX-13 Unfeigned Selector
WX-13 Unfeigned Selector/GalleryWX-14 Succeed SelectorWX-14 Succeed Selector/Gallery
WX-15 Incited SelectorWX-15 Incited Selector/GalleryWX-16 Decided Selector
WX-16 Decided Selector/GalleryWX-17 Exposed SelectorWX-17 Exposed Selector/Gallery
WX-18 Conflated SelectorWX-18 Conflated Selector/GalleryWX-19 Unsolved Selector
WX-19 Unsolved Selector/Gallery
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