Urith, Enma of the Sin Gate/GalleryUrith, Enma of the Sin Gate/RulingsUrith, Gold-Dyed Enma
Urith, Infinite EnmaUrith, Infinite Enma/GalleryUrith, Jailer Enma
Urith, Jailer Enma/GalleryUrith, Jailer Enma/RulingsUrith, Jailer Enma/Trivia
Urith, Scorching EnmaUrith, Three Paths EnmaUrith, Vermilion Enma
Urith, Vermilion Enma/GalleryUrith, Vermilion Enma/RulingsUrith, Vermilion Enma/Trivia
Urith (TCG)Urith (card)Urith (card)/Gallery
Urith and Carnival, Enma of Twin HellsUrith and GuzukoUrouge, Red General of Demonic Seas
Usa, Phantom BeastUsa, Phantom Beast/GalleryUsurpation
Ut'ulls, the Divine Ultimate GateUt'ulls, the Opened Key GateUt'ulls, the Opened Ultimate Gate
Ut'ulls, the Opened Ultimate Gate/GalleryUt'ulls, the Opened Ultimate Gate/TriviaUt'ulls Chain
Ut'ulls Chain/GalleryUt'ulls GateUt'ulls Gate/Gallery
Utako SuzukaUtsuboka, Natural PlantUtsuboka, Natural Plant/Gallery
Utsuboka, Natural Plant/TriviaUzi, Explosive GunUzi, Explosive Gun/Gallery
VOICE CHANGEVacuum SlashVajra, Great Attire
Valac, Phantom DragonValefor, Thief's TemptationValkyrie, Greatspear
Valkyrie, Unforgettable FantasyValkyrie, Unforgettable Fantasy/GalleryVanadis, Guardian of Fertility
Vanadium, Natural SourceVanilla ScrambleVanilla Scramble/Gallery
Vanish Like MistVanish Like Mist/GalleryVapor Control
Variable LRIG PackVariable LRIG Pack/GalleryVasuki, Large Serpent of Azure Angels
Vega, Natural StarVega, Natural Star/GalleryVeil, Natural Star
Velocira, Phantom DragonVenndia, Set of Circular WisdomVenus, White Natural Star
Venus, White Natural Star/GalleryVenus, White Natural Star/RulingsVepar, Wild Storm of Demonic Seas
Verda, Phantom DragonVermilion Shield of Blood CrystalVespa, Great Phantom Insect
Vespa, Great Phantom Insect/GalleryVibrio, Natural BacteriaVictim-chan
Victim DefenseVictim Defense/GalleryVictorian Boundary
Victorian Boundary/GalleryVictory Song of Connected DestructionVier-Cali
Vier-Dio PrincessVier-Dio Princess/GalleryVier-Falsehood
Vier-Vial/GalleryVier-VilliersViola, Temptation of the String Scale
Viola, Temptation of the String Scale/GalleryViolence JealousyViolence Jealousy/Gallery
Violence SplashViolence Splash/GalleryViolence Splash/Rulings
Violence Splash/TriviaViolent SuccessionVioli, Captivation of the String Scale
Violi, Captivation of the String Scale/GalleryVirusVitamin A, Natural Bacteria
Vitamin B1, Natural BacteriaVitamin B2, Natural BacteriaVitamin B6, Natural Bacteria
Vitamin C, Natural BacteriaVitamin D, Natural BacteriaVitamin E, Natural Bacteria
Vitamin K, Natural BacteriaVlad, Prince of ImpalementVolcano, Natural Stone
Volcano, Natural Stone/GalleryVolcano, Natural Stone/RulingsVolcano, Natural Stone/Trivia
Vouivre, Phantom DragonVouivre, Phantom Dragon/GalleryWHITE LRIG
WIXOSS -TWIN WING-WIXOSS Cup 2018 Participation AwardsWIXOSS Cup 2018 Participation Awards/Gallery
WIXOSS Cup 2018 Top PrizesWIXOSS Cup 2018 Top Prizes/GalleryWIXOSS Fierce Fighting Retsuden Chiyori
WIXOSS Fun Pack (SP-28)WIXOSS Fun Pack (SP-28)/GalleryWIXOSS GIRLS
WIXOSS Limited supply set Nijisanji ver. vol.2WIXOSS Limited supply set Vol.2,Vol.3WIXOSS Limited supply set Vol.2,Vol.3/Gallery
WIXOSS NovelWIXOSS Party PackWIXOSS Party Pack/Gallery
WIXOSS Player's GuideWIXOSS Release TimelineWIXOSS Wiki
WX-01 Served SelectorWX-01 Served Selector/GalleryWX-02 Stirred Selector
WX-02 Stirred Selector/GalleryWX-03 Spread SelectorWX-03 Spread Selector/Gallery
WX-04 Infected SelectorWX-04 Infected Selector/GalleryWX-05 Beginning Selector
WX-05 Beginning Selector/GalleryWX-06 Fortune SelectorWX-06 Fortune Selector/Gallery
WX-07 Next SelectorWX-07 Next Selector/GalleryWX-08 Incubate Selector
WX-08 Incubate Selector/GalleryWX-09 Reacted SelectorWX-09 Reacted Selector/Gallery
WX-10 Chained SelectorWX-10 Chained Selector/GalleryWX-11 Destructed Selector
WX-11 Destructed Selector/GalleryWX-12 Replied SelectorWX-12 Replied Selector/Gallery
WX-13 Unfeigned SelectorWX-13 Unfeigned Selector/GalleryWX-14 Succeed Selector
WX-14 Succeed Selector/GalleryWX-15 Incited SelectorWX-15 Incited Selector/Gallery
WX-16 Decided SelectorWX-16 Decided Selector/GalleryWX-17 Exposed Selector
WX-17 Exposed Selector/GalleryWX-18 Conflated SelectorWX-18 Conflated Selector/Gallery
WX-19 Unsolved SelectorWX-19 Unsolved Selector/GalleryWX-20 Connected Selector
WX-20 Connected Selector/GalleryWX-21 Betrayed SelectorWX-21 Betrayed Selector/Gallery
WX-22 Unlocked SelectorWX-22 Unlocked Selector/GalleryWXA-DF01 Start WIXOSS All-Star with Tama and Win with Intense Consecutive Attacks!
WXA-DF02 Start WIXOSS All-Star with Piruluk and Win with Intense Hand Destruction!WXA-DF03 Start WIXOSS All-Star with Yuzuki and Win with Intense Incineration!WXA-DF04 Start WIXOSS All-Star with Dona and Win with Intense Overall Reinforcement!
WXA-DF05 Start WIXOSS All-Star with Guzuko and Win with Intense Cooperative Attacks!WXD-01 White HopeWXD-01 White Hope/Gallery
WXD-02 Red AmbitionWXD-02 Red Ambition/GalleryWXD-03 Blue Appli
WXD-03 Blue Appli/GalleryWXD-04 Green WannaWXD-04 Green Wanna/Gallery
WXD-05 Black DesireWXD-05 Black Desire/GalleryWXD-06 Blue Request
WXD-06 Blue Request/GalleryWXD-07 Black CraveWXD-07 Black Crave/Gallery
WXD-08 Black WillWXD-08 Black Will/GalleryWXD-09 White Pray
WXD-09 White Pray/GalleryWXD-10 Red HopeWXD-10 Red Hope/Gallery
WXD-11 Black NeedWXD-11 Black Need/GalleryWXD-12 Green Dream
WXD-12 Green Dream/GalleryWXD-13 White Hope -movie ver.-WXD-13 White Hope -movie ver.-/Gallery
WXD-14 Black Desire -movie ver.-WXD-14 Black Desire -movie ver.-/GalleryWXD-15 Red Promise
WXD-15 Red Promise/GalleryWXD-16 Blue PetitionWXD-16 Blue Petition/Gallery
WXD-17 Red HonestWXD-17 Red Honest/GalleryWXD-18 Green Berserk
WXD-18 Green Berserk/GalleryWXD-19 Black BlindWXD-19 Black Blind/Gallery
WXD-20 Green CunningWXD-20 Green Cunning/GalleryWXD-21 Red Joker
WXD-21 Red Joker/GalleryWXD-22 Black ConflationWXD-22 Black Conflation/Gallery
WXD-23 Blue ConflationWXD-23 Blue Conflation/Gallery
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