Ytter­bium, Natural Source PrincessYuan Shu, Indomitable UsurperYubinin, Great Knowledge Play
Yuina Kusatsu, Banquet of Hot SpringsYuina Kusatsu, Banquet of Hot Springs/GalleryYuki
Yuki, Earnest MikoYuki, Flower Army MikoYuki, Flower Breeze Miko
Yuki, Flower Brilliance MikoYuki, Flower Bud MikoYuki, Flower Bud Miko/Gallery
Yuki, Flower Curtain MikoYuki, Flower Garden MikoYuki, Flower Shadow Miko
Yuki, Flower Tidings MikoYuki, Flower Weather MikoYuki, Full Bloom Miko
Yuki, Miko of Binding LoveYuki, Miko of Binding Love/GalleryYuki, Miko of Deep Emotion
Yuki, Miko of Falling in LoveYuki, Miko of Falling in Love/GalleryYuki, Miko of Fortunate Love
Yuki, Miko of RegretYuki, Miko of ReincarnationYuki, Miko of Reincarnation/Gallery
Yuki, Miko of Utmost HappinessYuki, Platinum MikoYuki, Pure White Miko
Yuki, Pure White Miko/GalleryYuki, Pure White Miko/RulingsYuki, Sky Miko
Yuki (card)Yuki (card)/GalleryYukiato, Great Knowledge Play
YukimeYukime, Key of Autumn RainYukime (TCG)
Yukime (card)Yukime (card)/GalleryYukinko, Phantom Apparition
Yulia ShardetYura ShiratoYuragi Kurosawa
YuriYuri/GalleryYuri Lv0, Vessel of Wisdom Blood
Yuri Lv0, Vessel of Wisdom Blood/GalleryYuri Lv1', Vessel of Wisdom BloodYuri Lv1, Vessel of Wisdom Blood
Yuri Lv2', Vessel of Wisdom BloodYuri Lv2, Vessel of Wisdom BloodYuri Lv3'', Vessel of Wisdom Blood
Yuri Lv3', Vessel of Wisdom BloodYuri Lv3, Vessel of Wisdom BloodYuri Lv4', Vessel of Wisdom Blood
Yuri Lv4, Vessel of Wisdom BloodYurikama, Sickle-Swinger of the Ten BravesYurikamome, Phantom Beast
Yuugao, Natural PlantYuugao, Natural Plant/GalleryYuzuki (TCG)
Yuzuki (card)Yuzuki (card)/GalleryYuzuki (green level 0)
Yuzuki FiveYuzuki Five/GalleryYuzuki Four
Yuzuki Four, Claw and FangYuzuki Four, Fire of NatureYuzuki Four, Fire of Nature/Gallery
Yuzuki Four, Fire of Nature/RulingsYuzuki Four, Indomitable LightYuzuki Four, Vermilion Maiden
Yuzuki Four, Vermilion Maiden/GalleryYuzuki Four/RulingsYuzuki Four Armament
Yuzuki Four Armament/GalleryYuzuki Four Armament/RulingsYuzuki Four Bonfire
Yuzuki Four Commandment, Claw and FangYuzuki Key, Prospering FlameYuzuki Key, Prospering Flame/Gallery
Yuzuki KurebayashiYuzuki OneYuzuki One, Claw and Fang
Yuzuki One, the FlameYuzuki One, the Flame/GalleryYuzuki One Commandment, Claw and Fang
Yuzuki Pure FourYuzuki ThreeYuzuki Three, Claw and Fang
Yuzuki Three, Crimson MaidenYuzuki Three, Crimson Maiden/GalleryYuzuki Three, Flower Bloom Rebellion
Yuzuki Three, Golden FireYuzuki Three, Roaring Flame SinYuzuki Three, Roaring Flame Sin/Gallery
Yuzuki Three, Snow Moon BlossomYuzuki Three ArmamentYuzuki Three Armament/Gallery
Yuzuki Three Become, Claw and FangYuzuki Three Commandment, Claw and FangYuzuki Two
Yuzuki Two, Claw and FangYuzuki Two, Regretful FlameYuzuki Two, Regretful Flame/Gallery
Yuzuki Two, the ConvictedYuzuki Two Commandment, Claw and FangYuzuki Zero
Yuzuki Zero, Claw and FangYuzuki Zero, Claw and Fang/GalleryYuzuki Zero/Gallery
Ywain, Lion Knight of the Round TableZaebos, Devil RiderZaebos, Devil Rider/Gallery
Zahhak, Phantom DragonZantetsu, KunaiZantetsu, Kunai/Gallery
Zashiwara, Phantom ApparitionZephyran, Natural PlantZero of Tamayorihime
Zero of Tamayorihime/GalleryZeroigona, Crossbow BookZeusias, Chief Deity of the Sky
Zhang Jiao, Yellow Leader of Talisman ArtsZhang Liao, Two-Handed Axe of the Wei ArmyZhurong, Flaming Body of the Four Prefectures
Zinc, Natural BacteriaZirconium, Natural Source PrincessZirconium, Natural Source Princess/Gallery
Zougame, Phantom BeastZwei-CeborZwei-Cebor/Trivia
Zwei-Zohi§Anomaris§, Great Phantom Insect§Anomaris§, Great Phantom Insect/Gallery
§Biwakomu§, Phantom Insect§Child Ant§, Phantom Insect§Hacka Doll No. 3§, 3-Play
§Hermes§, Crested Ibis of Delivery§Ibarakan§, Phantom Insect§Kameari§, Phantom Insect
§Kurumaba§, Phantom Insect§Minerva§, Timbre of Destruction§Njörðr§, Holy Harpoon of the Fishing Harbor
§Otagame§, Great Phantom Insect§Poseidona§, Raging Ocean§Poseidona§, Raging Ocean/Gallery
§Queen Ant§, Phantom Insect§Sakurae§, Phantom Insect§Shiomaneki§, Phantom Insect
§Shirae§, Phantom Insect§Shouryou§, Phantom Insect§Snowsec§, Great Phantom Insect
§Snowsec§, Great Phantom Insect/Trivia§Soldier Ant§, Phantom Insect§Takaashi§, Phantom Insect
§Takara Tomy-taso§, 3-Play§Takara Tomy-taso§, 3-Play/Gallery§Takara Tomy-taso§, 3-Play/Trivia
§Thetis§, Prophecy of Tragedy§Thetis§, Prophecy of Tragedy/Gallery§Tonosama§, Phantom Insect
§Umihota§, Phantom Insect§Water Strider§, Phantom Insect§Water Strider§, Phantom Insect/Gallery
§Work Ant§, Phantom Insect§Yago§, Phantom Insect§Yakouchi§, Phantom Insect
§Yashiganira§, Great Phantom Insect§Yunohana§, Phantom Insect†Akabeko†, Different Blood Play
†Annabelle†, Wretched Play†Annabelle†, Wretched Play/Gallery†Annabelle†, Wretched Play/Trivia
†Arcfraud†, Revolutionary Banner of Love†Arcgain†, Archangel of a Thousand Sufferings†Arcgain†, Archangel of a Thousand Sufferings/Gallery
†Archold†, Spurting Shadow of the Future†Awaodoll†, Different Blood Play†Ayase Kamiyugi†, Angel Killer
†Ayase Kamiyugi†, Angel Killer/Trivia†Baccarat†, Wretched Play†Baccarat†, Wretched Play/Gallery
†Blajack†, Time Play Princess Ruler†Chinchiro†, Imitating Play†Chouhan†, Different Blood Play
†Chucky†, Imitating Play†Chucky†, Imitating Play/Gallery†Chucky†, Imitating Play/Trivia
†Daishou†, Different Blood Play†Fan-Tan†, Death Play†Haniel†, Death's Shadow of Seeking
†Jomokaru†, Wretched Play†Kendama†, Different Blood Play†Keno†, Different Blood Play
†Kirijishi†, Wretched Play†Kuidoll†, Death Play Princess†Kuidoll†, Death Play Princess/Gallery
†Mahjong†, Death Play†Mayokemen†, Imitating Play†Michael†, Abolished Harmony of Reconciliation
†Miyakokeshi†, Different Blood Play†Nihoningyo†, Death Play Princess†Nihoningyo†, Death Play Princess/Gallery
†Okiku Doll†, Imitating Play†Onigawara†, Different Blood Play†Oouchi†, Wretched Play
†Pai Gow†, Imitating Play†Persephone†, Daffodil Pomegranate†Roulette†, Death Play Devil
†Saramawa†, Wretched Play†Saramawa†, Wretched Play/Gallery†Shateki†, Disaster Play
†Shigabosu†, Imitating Play†Shigabosu†, Imitating Play/Gallery†Shigarayaki†, Wretched Play
†Slot†, Wretched Play Devil†Super Experience†, Death Play Princess†Tehonbiki†, Wretched Play
†Urushiruma†, Imitating Play†Uzuragu†, Wretched Play†Valkyrie†, Unforgettable Phantom Funeral
†Valkyrie†, Unforgettable Phantom Funeral/Gallery†Waranin†, Different Blood Play†Waranin†, Different Blood Play/Gallery
†Waranin†, Different Blood Play/Trivia†Yamahari†, Imitating Play†Yoyo†, Death Play
⁑Hacka Doll No. 1⁑, Great Knowledge Play⁑Hacka Doll No. 1⁑, Great Knowledge Play/Gallery⁑Kaminendo⁑, Handicraft of Drawing
⁑Merli⁑, Deluge of Water Currents⁑Mouth⁑, Holy Shield of Truth⁑Mouth⁑, Holy Shield of Truth/Trivia
⁑Subcals⁑, Design of Twin Performance⁑Thinker⁑, Embodiment of Meditation≡Albedo≡, Natural Star
≡Almach≡, Natural Star≡Anafiel≡, Divine Flogging≡Antares≡, Natural Star
≡Antares≡, Natural Star/Gallery≡Apolloshin≡, Master of Far-Reaching Arrows≡Betelgeuse≡, Natural Star
≡Cosdus≡, Natural Star≡Cosmouse≡, Natural Star Princess≡Costrin≡, Natural Star
≡Daiseha≡, Natural Star≡Denecy≡, Natural Star≡Denecy≡, Natural Star/Gallery
≡Ecliptic≡, Natural Star≡Equinox≡, Natural Star≡Erakis≡, Natural Star
≡Erakis≡, Natural Star/Gallery≡Garnet Star≡, Natural Star Princess≡Garnet Star≡, Natural Star Princess/Gallery
≡Geocentrism≡, Natural Star≡Geocentrism≡, Natural Star/Gallery≡Golden Sun≡, Red Natural Star
≡Hacka Doll No. 2≡, Red Play≡Hadar≡, Natural Star≡Hadar≡, Natural Star/Gallery
≡Heliocentrism≡, Natural Star≡Helios≡, Driver of the Sun≡Helios≡, Driver of the Sun/Gallery
≡Hephaes≡, Blacksmith Craftsman≡Hera≡, Flame Blade of Jealousy≡Horus≡, Natural Star
≡Ikesun≡, Natural Star≡Impact≡, Natural Star Princess≡Konipla≡, Natural Star
≡Nobean≡, Natural Star≡Procyon≡, Natural Star≡Promeus≡, Taboo Flame
≡Ra≡, Natural Star Space Princess≡Regulus≡, Natural Star≡Regulus≡, Natural Star/Gallery
≡Revolution≡, Natural Star≡Rosenebby≡, Natural Star≡Rosenebby≡, Natural Star/Trivia
≡Senya≡, Natural Star≡Sirius≡, Natural Star≡Solar Flare≡, Natural Star Princess
≡Solar Flare≡, Natural Star Princess/Gallery≡Spacespa≡, Natural Star≡Taitotsu≡, Natural Star
≡Taitotsu≡, Natural Star/Gallery≡Taitotsu≡, Natural Star/Trivia≡Tanegaspa≡, Natural Star
≡Tsukuspa≡, Natural Star≡Volibian≡, Natural Star
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