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April 14, 2018

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Reason / Hesitation and Resolve (理由/迷いと覚悟 Riyuu/Mayoi to Kakugo) is the second episode of Lostorage conflated WIXOSS. It premiered on April 14, 2018.

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Amika Hashimoto's Deck



Remember's Deck

Kiyoi Mizushima's Deck

Synopsis Edit

Official Japanese Synopsis:

"Kiyoi who contacted Ruko Kominato - the girl who ended Mayu’s Selector Battles, informs her that the beginning of a new Selector Battle is drawing near. However, Ruko refuses Kiyoi saying “I can’t help you out.”

Meanwhile, in the ruins of the room which the girl called Mayu once existed in, a lone LRIG is standing. The will of the room calls out to her saying, “Gather the keys. The keys that will open the door of despair.” The most sinister LRIG – Carnival accepts their words and wickedly distorts her face.[1]"

Crunchyroll English Synopsis:

"The LRIGs aren't gone after all, and a new wave of Selector Battles is about to begin. Kiyoi fears that they're planning something much bigger and much darker than before[2]."

Recap Edit

The episode begins the two aspects of Kiyoi Mizushima - her human self and her LRIG self each sitting in the dark space and in the White Room respectively. The two of them are remembering the moment when they first met their friend, Ayumi Sakaguchi, in static flashbacks with Ayumi's face covered over in shadows.

After the opening, the scene shifts back to Kiyoi greeting Ruko Kominato. Upon hearing Kiyoi's greeting, Ruko turns around in surprise. Kiyoi remarks that it's actually not really their first meeting and remarks that they have met before back when Kiyoi was an LRIG and Ruko was a Selector. Hearing that, Ruko automatically gasps as she remembers Kiyoi, back when she was Piruluk. Kiyoi though calmly remarks that she needs to talk to Ruko.

At a nearby playground, Kiyoi tells Ruko about the fact that Selector Battles are still continuing and informs her in on what happened during the events of Lostorage incited WIXOSS. Reeling back in shock, Ruko fearfully yells her alarm and disbelief at the Selector Battles not being over part. Ruko starts to remark that it's "impossible, because......" But, Kiyoi finishes her sentence, "Because Mayu is gone, right?" Kiyoi then goes into a monologue about Mayu's past and her role as creator of the Selector Battles. Stunned, Ruko asks Kiyoi if Mayu is still inside the White Room and Kiyoi remarks that Mayu is gone and that Ruko did save her, however, the battles haven't ended yet because all of the emotions of the lost and tormented girls who lost during the Selector Battles have set the next gears in motion.

Kiyoi sadly continues her explanation that those emotions are creating an endless cycle of darkness and explains that she wants to stop it. As Ruko repeats what Kiyoi just said, Kiyoi begs Ruko for her help as she was one who released all the LRIGS. But before Kiyoi can continue her plea, Ruko abruptly bows and apologetically yells out that she can't. Shaking, Ruko sadly explains that she has a friend that she cares about, one who means everything to her, and if she gets involved then she will get into danger and she doesn't want her to fight in any more battles. Kiyoi states her understanding of Ruko’s feelings and lets Ruko go.

Later on, Kiyoi is walking out of a tunnel at a nearby station. Kiyoi is muttering about what Ruko said about having a friend that she cares about. All of a sudden, someone calls out to Kiyoi and Kiyoi looks up to see Amika Hashimoto. Puffing as if she’s been running, Amika angrily scolds Kiyoi for not answering her phone calls. The two of them go to a nearby café and after ordering, Amika inquires Kiyoi about where she has been. Calmly, Kiyoi replies that she is not going to tell her which causes Amika to ask if she’s been visiting another former Selector again. Kiyoi doesn’t respond.

Sighing at Kiyoi’s silence, Amika dejectedly replies that she keeps telling Kiyoi to stop and Kiyoi rebuts that is why she turned her phone off. Amika remarks to Kiyoi, “Come on….” which causes Kiyoi to remind her that she keeps on telling her not to worry. Amika remarks that she does worry because her friend keeps trying to get involved in a dangerous game and asks why she has to do this. Amika reminds Kiyoi that while she did hurt some girls, it wasn’t just her doing it. Amika then begs Kiyoi to stop this. Happy that she cares, Kiyoi thanks her, but states that she can’t. Amika then asks if it’s because of what happened to Ayumi Sakaguchi and Kiyoi remarks that its partly that and stares into her coffee. Staring into her coffee, Kiyoi continues that it’s more because she is afraid that if she does nothing about it, then her meeting with Amika will become a lie too.

Kiyoi then has a flashback and remembers about the circumstances surrounding her meeting with Amika Hashimoto (If you want to read a more detailed account, see the WIXOSS Peeping Analyze Manga.). In the flashback, Kiyoi (as Piruluk) is in the White Room after Akira had lost her third battle to Iona/Yuki and Urith. As she sadly stares at one of the doors, Mayu observantly remarks from behind her that Kiyoi is an LRIG that brings misery to every Selector that she meets. Mayu then uses Akira Aoi as an example.

Angry, Kiyoi snarks back that she doesn’t want to hear that from someone who takes pleasure in watching the suffering of others as it happens. Stepping off her throne, Mayu tells Kiyoi/Piruluk not to get the wrong idea, as she in facts loves Kiyoi because no one comes here as often as Kiyoi does and that each time she does, another girl’s wish is crushed in the process. Mayu then coldly remarks that Piruluk is gradually starting to feel nothing when she crushes those girls’ wishes and with a smile on her face, remarks that it’s wonderful that she does. Mayu then asks Kiyoi who she will destroy next and mentions Ayumi Sakaguchi as an example of people she has crushed. Suddenly infuriated, Kiyoi quickly turns around and gives Mayu a death glare.

Mayu then opens the doors and Kiyoi starts getting sucked into the darkness. As Kiyoi is about to be consumed by darkness, Mayu remarks that she can't wait to see it. A while later, Kiyoi is seen sitting and moping deep in the darkness of her card, when she suddenly hears the voice of a girl reading the rules of WIXOSS. As Kiyoi stands up to greet her new Selector, Kiyoi becomes shocked to see a girl who resembles Ayumi Sakaguchi (Amika Hashimoto) who is in her bedroom remarking that she doesn't get the rules at all. In shock, Kiyoi mutters out, "......Sakaguchi?"

After the standard introductions are over, Kiyoi reluctantly introduces herself as 'Piruluk.' Amika asks if she's the one who will grant her wish and Kiyoi remarks that its an acceptable assessment. Kiyoi then informs Amika that if she wins enough battles then her wish will be granted. Excited, Amika asks if the wish can be for someone else and Piruluk remarks that it can, as long as it is what she truly wants. A sad Amika then tells Piruluk that her mother is sick and asks if her wish will be granted if she wished to save her.

Shocked by Amika's wish, Piruluk reluctantly remarks that it can, but only if she wins enough battles. Over the course of the next couple of days, Kiyoi (as Piruluk) spends time with Amika and her family, playing WIXOSS and engaging in various Selector Battles with other Selectors e.g. Chiyori. In a internal monologue, Kiyo remarks that Amika's face reminded her of Ayumi, but that was all there truly was to it or so she thought at first, but then...

The scene then turns to a later point in time, when Kiyoi/Piruluk is in Amika's room listening as Amika talks about how scared she was when she found out that her mother was sick, while lying down on her bed. Amika sadly states that she was so worried when she found out about it, that she couldn't talk to anyone about it, but that's why she was so happy now that she has Piruluk to talk about with her. Amika then joyfully remarks that she liked Piruluk from the first moment she saw her and laughs that's funny how Piruluk always seems so sulky. Hearing that confession, Kiyoi's eyes open wide in shock and she reluctantly turns away. Thinking that she's offended Piruluk, Kiyoi panics and remarks that she's sulky in a cute way.

Putting her hand over her eye, Kiyoi starts feeling guilty and silently laments to herself that LRIGs have no such special powers. She then silently begs to Amika in her mind to throw her away and to stop participating in the Selector Battles. On a later night, Amika is running past an ambulance having been alerted to the presence of a Selector. Running into a nearby alley, she comes across a girl. As the girl turns around, Kiyoi/Piruluk is shocked to discover that its her old body and that the girl recognizes her.

The girl then calls out to Kiyoi and asks if it is her. Piruluk immediately recognizes her as Remember and furiously and angrily shouts out her name. Confused, Amika asks who Kiyoi is, but Remember just remarks that it's been a long time. Kiyoi, though, is infuriated by the thought that she's a Selector again. Surprised, Amika asks Piruluk what she means by that and Remember coyly shows her surprise that Kiyoi is now called Piruluk. Taking advantage of the situation, Remember informs Amika that her body was originally Piruluk's and that her original name was Kiyoi Mizushima. Remember continues by confessing that she was formerly Kiyoi's LRIG, but Kiyoi eventually won enough battles to become an Eternal Girl and so she traded places with her. Amika asks what she means by "switched places," and Remember explains that as a price for having their wish granted, Selectors end up becoming LRIGs.

Remember continues explaining that those are the rules and Amika becomes shocked. Remember then reassures a shocked Amika to not worry because the LRIG who takes their body is forced to grant their wish and that she granted Kiyoi's wish. Remember then places her hand over her heart and recites Kiyoi's wish to "save my hospitalized friend." Remember then asks Kiyoi for confirmation and Kiyoi angrily clicks her tongue. Happily satisfied, Remember grabs Amika's left hand and asks if she has a wish too. Remember then states that if she does, then they should battle and urges her to do it. Amika is reluctant though.

Suddenly, Piruluk yells out that she shouldn't battle her because she's already lost twice and if she loses a third time, then.....but, before Kiyoi can continue, Amika receives a phone call. Answering her phone, Amika is shocked to hear from her father that her mother is taking a turn for the worse and quickly remarks that she'll get to the hospital right away, before ending the call. Putting down her phone, Kiyoi calls out to Amika and gets surprised when an upset Amika challenges Remember to a battle. Hearing that news, Remember sadistically smiles as Kiyoi yells out and begs Amika to get rid of her. Amika though yells out that she wants to save her mother and cries out "Open!" in sync with Remember, opening up a battlefield.

In the battlefield, Remember is taunting Amika and Kiyoi with the truth of the three loss rule, causing Amika to reel back in shock, as they pile damage upon damage on them. In Kiyoi's internal monologue, Kiyoi thinks to herself that even if one traded places with an LRIG, their wish won't be granted and if a Selector loses three times, then their wish is reversed - meaning that Amika's mother would never be saved. As Kiyoi takes damage and starts puffing, Amika starts crying and calls Kiyoi, "a liar." Amika then angrily remarks that Kiyoi lied to her even though she believed in her and cries out asking why Kiyoi did that to her.

As Kiyoi stands up, Kiyoi admits that she sacrificed many Selectors to get revenge on Remember and Amika was supposed to be another one of them, but then, when she met Amika she wavered, because she exactly reminded her of Ayumi Sakaguchi. Gritting her teeth and with tears in her eyes, Kiyoi continues confessing that she should've left her side sooner, however, she couldn't because she wanted to stay with her and never leave her side. Turning around, Kiyoi apologizes to Amika as a touched Amika brings her hands to her heart, Kiyoi closes her eyes in shame, but suddenly, Amika announces that she is changing her wish.

In her own confession, Amika admits that she wants to save her mother, but if that's impossible, then she wants to at least make Kiyoi human again, because she's her friend. Touched, Kiyoi starts crying, but then Remember interrupts and sadistically teases if that is all she wants for her wish. Remember confidently announces that she is going to win either way and launches another attack on Amika. Just as the attack hits though, Kiyoi uses an ARTS to raise a barrier and fires back as it shatters. Amika then starts her turn by growing Piruluk and launches another attack, disabling her opponent and infuriating Remember.

Kiyoi with Amika

Kiyoi (as Piruluk) with Amika during the Eternal Girl ritual.

As more attacks are exchanged, Amika starts another turn by growing Piruluk into Level 5: Code Piruluk ACRO. Surprised, Remember remarks that it's not possible, as Amika and Kiyoi begin the enacting the ritual to create an Eternal Girl. On her platform, Amika shrinks and stands next to Kiyoi who informs her that the battle will end with this turn. Grabbing her hand, Kiyoi asks Amika if she will place her faith in her one more time and Amika nods a yes, calling Piruluk by her real name. The two then turn to face Remember and Amika initiates 'Peeping Analyze' which causes Kiyoi's eyes to grown blue. As Peeping Analyze fades, Remember is surprised by their moves as Amika ends their turn. Remember silently asks herself why they are not attacking, but states "oh well," and initiates her own Eternal Girl ritual.

Shrinking onto the platform, Remember declares that she's gonna take an easy win and has her LRIG attack Kiyoi and Amika. As the attack hits, Kiyoi is sent flying while Amika yells out asking if she is alright, before being teleported away. On her platform, Remember remarks to a fallen Kiyoi that she threw away her win, however, Kiyoi just smirks and as she stands up confesses, that her level-up to Level 5 turned 'Peeping Analyze' into the power to change someone's will, so she used that power to take over Amika's mind and rewrote her wish to "I want to lose my mother," which confounds Remember.

Smiling, Kiyoi explains that the rules of Selector Battles are merciless and definite, however, with Amika's third loss, the opposite of her wish will come true and her mother will be saved as a result. With a proud smile on her face, Kiyoi declares to Remember that Amika will never lose her mother. Completely stunned, Remember starts laughing and utters that she threw her only chance to take revenge and become human again to grant Amika's wish. Laughing, Remember asks Kiyoi if she is stupid, as her clothes start fading and she becomes an Eternal Girl. As she flies away, Remember remarks that they will probably never see each other again though and says goodbye. The battlefield then starts collapsing and on her platform, Kiyoi is smiling as she's consumed by the darkness.

Within the swirling vortex, Kiyoi sees Amika and goes to reach out to her. Interlacing her fingers with Amika's, Kiyoi and Amika smile at each other and silently tell each other something. Kiyoi then closes her eyes and cries as the darkness consumes her. In the White Room, Mayu who is sitting on her throne is seething with rage and coldly declares to Kiyoi that she feels betrayed. Kiyoi just calmly replies that she simply managed to get what she wanted while sticking to the rules (technically rule-bending). Tapping her finger on her throne, Mayu angrily and frigidly remarks that she needs to punish Kiyoi.

Sneaking up behind Kiyoi, Mayu asks if she should erase Kiyoi from existence and Kiyoi calmly remarks "I see," in response. Mayu observantly remarks that she doesn't seem scared at all and reminds Kiyoi that she'll disappear and be annihilated, but Kiyoi just replies that's she hurt many girls in the past, so she probably deserves to be punished. Mayu gets even more infuriated and asks why she isn't screaming "I don't want to disappear! I don't want to die!" In response, Kiyoi just places her hands to her chest and declares that it doesn't matter to her anymore because she has already granted Amika's wish.

Turning to Mayu, Kiyoi then declares that Mayu reminds her a bit of herself from before, "Always alone and unable to believe in anyone. Feeding off on nothing but revenge." Kiyoi then remarks to Mayu with her observations that deep down in her heart, Mayu actually desperately wants to be saved. Kiyoi continues her speech by talking about how she was saved by Amika, and that someday, Mayu will meet someone who will save her too. However, before Kiyoi can finish, Mayu interrupts confesses to Kiyoi that she hates her, over and over again increasing in anger each time she says it.

Shouting she hates her one final time, Mayu summons a dark doorway which starts sucking Kiyoi into it. As Kiyoi is sucked into the door, Mayu then declares that Kiyoi is going to suffer for ruining her game. Back in reality, Kiyoi wakes up to see her own hands and looks into a nearby shop window to discover that she is back in her body. Amika then calls out Kiyoi's name and asks if it is really her. Kiyoi turning to Amika and calls out her name, causing Amika to run and hug her with tears in her eyes. The flashback then ends with the two of them reuniting.

Back in the present, Amika is asking Kiyoi about what she meant when she said that meeting her would become a lie. Still looking at her coffee, Kiyoi states that since she lost her memories about the girl called Ayumi Sakaguchi, Amika made sure to tell Kiyoi about her many times. Kiyoi then starts remembering her first meeting with Ayumi in middle school. In the flashback, Kiyoi is reading a Fumio Futase's WIXOSS novel when Ayumi comes up to her and asks if she likes WIXOSS.

Overjoyed, Ayumi asks to battle her sometime, but Kiyoi refuses as she doesn't actually play. Prepping her own playing mat on Kiyoi's desk, Ayumi starts messing with her own deck and starts declaring that she wished she could battle someone (Kiyoi) in a completely obvious manner. Closing the book that she was reading, Kiyoi sulkily tells Ayumi to knock it off, however, Ayumi declares that she decided to not give up until she played WIXOSS with Kiyoi. Making a creepy laugh, Ayumi confesses that she is pretty persistent.

Looking downward, Kiyoi asks why she is doing this, stating the reason being that Ayumi already has a lot of friends already and that she doesn't need her, but Ayumi just declares that she wants to play with Kiyoi. Ayumi explains that Kiyoi is really funny in the way that she always seems so sulky and that she had always thought that it would be fun to talk to her about all sorts of things. Hearing that, Kiyoi looks away and Ayumi responds that she won't force her, if she doesn't want to. Looking away, Kiyoi agrees to just one game,

After school, Kiyoi is pulling out her shoes from her shoe locker when she overhears some girls talking about her and Ayumi. One girl asks about why doesn't Kiyoi and Ayumi just admit that they want to be friends and remarks that it's creepy that she does it now when Ayumi was about to give up. Hearing that, Kiyoi storms off in the direction of the school gate after putting her shoes on. Ayumi then comes running and asks to wait and if she did something off. Ayumi confesses that she was excited to battle Kiyoi and grabs Kiyoi's hand. Kiyoi, though, just shoves it off and declares that she thought that Ayumi would give up if she agreed to do it just one time and announces that Ayumi is so persistent. Kiyoi then loudly and angrily declares that she hates WIXOSS and people like Ayumi and storms off.

Later on, Kiyoi is walking across a road when a truck approaches. As it is about to Kiyoi, Ayumi calls out Kiyoi's name and pushes her out of the way. Though, Kiyoi is safe, Ayumi gets hit by the truck and is taken to hospital. In the hospital, Ayumi is lying in a coma. A torn up Kiyoi standing nearby and feeling guilty over what she has done. As Kiyoi goes out and starts crying in the hallway, she drops her decks and her cards scatter on the ground. Suddenly, a card flashes and Remember appears in one of cards. Seeing Kiyoi, Remember greets Kiyoi and introduces herself. Remember then explains the 'wish-granting' rules of Selector Battles to her and a crying Kiyoi cries out to Remember to "Save Sakaguchi!"

The scene then skips to when Kiyoi enacts the ritual to become an Eternal Girl and winds up in the White Room where she first meets Mayu. In the White Room, Kiyoi is shocked by her new appearance, when Mayu appears before her and explains what's going on to her. Mayu then opens a window and shows her an unconscious Ayumi in the hospital with Remember in Kiyoi's body standing over her. Kiyoi asks Remember what she thinks she's doing, but Remember can't hear her. Remember goes up to Ayumi and asks her to rest in peace before pulling out her breathing tube and killing her by causing a respiratory heart attack. Witnessing the death of her friend, Kiyoi is distraught and starts crying and breaking down. While her head is on the ground, Mayu declares that Ayumi has been released from her suffering through death. Mayu then congratulates her for making her wish come true.

Back in the present, Kiyoi explains that it was her fault that Ayumi got in that accident and that Remember killed her, but remarks that she now feels nothing about it. Kiyoi confesses that she is not her real self anymore and that if remains a fake forever, then she could never face Amika again because she truly wants to be Amika's friend. Amika asks if she can't stop her and Kiyoi smiles and nods at Amika's question. Kiyoi explains that she wants to get her memories back and atone for her past and that these are her personal reasons. As Kiyoi finishes saying that everyone has to face this for their own reasons, Suzuko Homura is seen in her bedroom staring at her Ril bag plushie.

The scene then switches to Ruko who has just arrived home. Entering her grandmother's apartment, Ruko yells out that she's home and her grandmother, Hatsu welcomes her back. Tama runs out and hugs Ruko and happily declares "Welcome back, Ruu!" Ruko returns the greeting and hugs Tama back, as her grandmother comes out too and greets her. Ruko's grandmother then tells Ruko that she has made Ruko's favourite meat and potato stew for dinner and Ruko starts cheering with Tama in delight.

As all of this is going on, Carnival is seen in her LRIG form in the ruins of the White Room. Wondering why she is back there, Carnival hears a mysterious saying "Who's there?" Looking around, Carnival begins seeing a bunch of multi-coloured lights and starts hearing multiple voices asking Carnival about who she is and asks if she is an LRIG. Carnival returns the question and the voice replies that she is no one. The voice continues explaining that she is the White Room itself and is Eternal.

Repeating what the voice says, Carnival is asked and urged by the voice to state her wish. Smirking, Carnival admits that she just wants to make this boring world more exciting and the voice replies that everything she needs is here. Carnival asks what it is going on about and the voice replies that it's been waiting for "A strong LRIG," that its been waiting for her. The voice continues asking Carnival if she wants everything and Carnival asks if she can control the Selector Battles from this room. The voice urges Carnival to open the door and gather the keys needed to "open the door of the heart." or the keys needed "to open the door to despair." The voice urges Carnival to gather them, causing a key to appear in Carnival's hand. The voice then leaves with one message that they are waiting for her. Clenching the key in her hand, Carnival smiles and declares that it sounds fun.

Back in the real world, Carnival in Kou Satomi's body is hiding out in a abandoned half-constructed building. Placing a black pawn chess piece on a nearby chess board, Carnival raises her hand over and drops some coins onto it. As she does this, Kiyoi enters her room and is surprised to find one of her cards glowing. The same thing occurs to Hanna Mikage, Hitoe Uemura and Akira Aoi. In a dark space, Kiyoi sees Allos Piruluk again, who greets Kiyoi and says that it has been a long time. Understanding the situation, Kiyoi remarks that it has begun and Piruluk confirms that the Selector Battles has begun again.

In her dark bedroom, Kiyoi is standing at her desk with five glowing coins over her LRIG card, as Piruluk starts explaining the rules. Piruluk states that for the next ninety days, Kiyoi will battle for coins that are linked to her memories. Kiyoi asks Piruluk if she is the same one as before and Piruluk happily confirms it, saying that they both chosen to be Selector and LRIG. Kiyoi remarks that in old rules, Selectors were chosen randomly and asks if it is different this time. Piruluk replies that it seems so and that she still has Kiyoi's memories within her, even the ones Kiyoi lost last time and begs her to get them back together. Kiyoi nods her head in agreement and suddenly a card with a lock appears in front of her.

Looking at it, Piruluk explains that's it is a "Key" card and that a new rule has been established for it for these battles. However, before Piruluk can explain, she starts sensing something and says that more and more Selectors are being born as cards fall across the city. Back in Carnival's lair, Carnival is holding her new cards when a mysterious female voice calls out to her asking if she is Satomi. Carnival explains that it was the name of the last owner of this body and asks the girl to call her "Carnival." The girl admits that she likes that and asks that she call her "Layla." Carnival then asks about what she wants and Layla remarks that she wants a battle that will make her blood boil. Hearing that, Carnival smiles with glees and the episode ends.

Featured Battles Edit

Amika Hashimoto vs Remember (in Kiyoi Mizushima's Body) - Remember Wins due to Kiyoi withdrawing from the match.

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  • If you want to read a more detailed account of Kiyoi's past as an LRIG, refer to the WIXOSS Peeping Analyze Manga.

Trivia Edit

  • The Allos Piruluk that appears in the episode is confirmed to be the same one from Lostorage incited WIXOSS.
  • The White Room now has a sentient will.
  • Part of the new rules for the third round of Selector Battles are basically the same as the ones from the previous round. But there are some differences.
    • All Selectors are now specifically chosen, instead of being randomly selected.
    • As with the second round, there is a 90-day time limit, where all Selectors will have to gather 5 gold coins.
    • A new card has been added called "The Key Card," but the rules for it have yet to be explained.

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