Initiation / Usual and Unusual
Lostorage conflated WIXOSS - 03
Shidou/Nichijou to Hinichijou
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April 20, 2018

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Initiation/Usual and Unusual (始動/日常と非日常, Shidou/Nichijou to Hinichijou) is the third episode of Lostorage conflated WIXOSS. It premiered on April 20, 2018.

Appearances Edit

Based on order of appearance:


Kiyoi Mizushima's Blue Deck





Akira Aoi's Blue/Black Deck




Coin Bet Skills Used:

  • Peeping
  • Happening
  • Catharsis

Synopsis Edit

Official Japanese Synopsis:

The 3rd Selector Battles have opened its curtains. The items that become the keys of the battle are the “Coin Bets” which exercises the power to a gamble a memory coin and the yet unseen and unknown rule of the “Key Cards.” Kiyoi who became a Selector and successfully reunited with Piruluk, was waiting for the moment of battle as she wanders the city.

The one who shouted such things at her, is Akira Aoi, her partner when she was once an LRIG. Akira who exposes her hatred and Kiyoi who squares off against her, raise their cards to each other, to begin a battle of fate.[1]

Crunchyroll English Synopsis:

The 3rd round of Selector Battles has begin, and this time, there's a new addition to the rules: the Keycards. What changes will they bring to the battles, and why do they exist at all?[2]

Recap Edit

The episode begins where the previous episode left off, with Carnival and Layla beginning a selector battle by holding out their LRIG cards and crying out, "Open!"

After the Opening, the scene switches to Hanna Mikage going into Suzuko Homura's classroom. Noticing Hanna, Suzuko stops wiping the blackboard and asks her, "What's wrong?" In reply, Hanna returns a question with a question and asks Suzuko if she has heard any rumors about Selector battles. Suzuko replies that she hasn't and asks if somthing has happened. Hanna states that nothing in particular has happened and tells Suzuko that she is just looking for more information about the battles just in case because she was concerned about what Kiyoi said. Suzuko replies that she's still concerned and an understanding Hanna tells Suzuko not to worry because she has no intention of getting involved in the battles herself. Hanna then leaves the room with a concerned Suzuko still staring at her.

In the hallway, Nanashi confronts Hanna on her little lie and asks if she is not going to reveal that she has been chosen as a Selector to Suzuko. Hanna replies that Nanashi's comment was a foolish remark because there's no need to tell her as Suzuko hasn't been chosen to be a Selector yet. Nanashi sarcastically remarks that Hanna is so kind, so Hanna pulls out her hand. Staring at her, Hanna then questions her LRIG Nanashi and asks Nanashi to give her more details on the current Selector Battles. Instead of giving Hanna the answer she wanted, Nanashi informs Hanna she does not know anything about the battle more than she had told her yesterday. Suddenly, Nanashi decides to tease Hanna and remarks that perhaps she does know something, but she forgot.

Upset, Hanna goes to rip her card causing Nanashi to sarcastically cry out for her to stop, though Hanna just sighs and stops. Taking the opportunity, Nanashi asks Hanna if she is still mad about what happened when she revealed the memory of what happened to her brother since Hanna didn't do anything to her back then. Hanna doesn't reply so Nanashi offers Hanna the chance to torture her all she likes, but Hanna simply refuses because to her remembering her brother’s death was a necessary experience for her and that she is grateful to Nanashi for telling her. Nanashi just simply remarks, "What a shame."

Meanwhile at Rūko's school, Rūko is sadly thinking back on Kiyoi's words to her about the Selector Battles. Seeing her face, Yuzuki remarks that she got a text from Hitoe saying that's she taking the day off from school because she caught a cold, however, ends up calling out her name when she sees Rūko spacing out. Snapping out of her trance, Rūko apologizes in a fluster and asks Yuzuki, "What is it?" Seeing her friend's state, Yuzuki simply sits down in the desk in front of her and remarks that she is always here to talk to her, if she needs to. Touched, Rūko tells Yuzuki about her meeting with Kiyoi, where she revealed that the Selector battles have not ended. Hearing that, Yuzuki is shocked and remarks that Rūko stopped them, however, Rūko replies that Kiyoi told her that they are not over.

Concerned, Rūko remarks that Kiyoi had asked her to help her end them for real this time, but she had rejected her, so Rūko is unsure if that was the right action. As this is going on, the voiceover scene changes to Tama helping out Hatsu and Ayumu clean the apartment. Yuzuki replies that it was and that she already has done enough in the grand scope of things, so it's not her problem anymore. Smiling, Rūko agrees. Meanwhile in Hitoe's bedroom, Hitoe is sitting at her desk reading the latest WIXOSS card magazines.

Looking at her with a concerned expression, a green LRIG asks her if she is okay, Grabbing the LRIG's card, Hitoe remarks that she is fine addressing her as "Midoriko." The LRIG remarks that her name is "Midori" not "Midoriko," but states that its fine as she fully knows that Hitoe can't break her habit of calling her that. Hitoe still apologizes, remarking that she wasn't thinking, but Midori still remarks that its fine. Midori then asks Hitoe about the reason why she stayed home from school today and Hitoe replies that she just wanted to study up on the latest cards and prepare for the Selector Battles. Hitoe continues that are so many new aspects to the game, so she's got to get ready for battle.

Midori concernedly asks if she is really going to do this and Hitoe replies with a smile that she is, because she has a lot of precious memories now that she doesn't want to lose. Midori just stares at her. Meanwhile over at Kiyoi's school, Kiyoi is texting Amika who is worried about her in a shadowed part of the roof during lunch. In her last text, Amika offers to help Kiyoi if she needs it. Happy, Kiyoi texts her she's grateful, but nothing is going on right now. Putting, her phone away, Kiyoi looks at Piruluk and asks for confirmation about the coin rule which states that every Selector starts with three coins now.

Piruluk confirms it and states that each Selector starts with with 3 Coins. Kiyoi asks if these coin contain her memories from last time and Piruluk replies they don't and explains that each coin represents a fifth of the Selector’s current memories, however if she wins the battles then she can alter one of her memories like last time. Piruluk continues that in theory, Kiyoi should be able to recover her lost memories that way. Piruluk then moves to the "Key" Card which manifests in Kiyoi's hand and explains that while the basic rules of the battles haven't changed, the "Key" Card allows Selectors to change their Coin Skill (Berserk, Joker, Honest).

Interested, Kiyoi asks her about that, but Piruluk remarks that she doesn't know what will happen, but these cards will probably determine the winner. Kiyoi then suggests that they will have to find out in a battle then and Piruluk apologizes and confirms it. Kiyoi tells Piruluk that there is no need for her to apologize and informs Piruluk that she has another wish now to end this cycle of darkness. Worried, Piruluk tells Kiyoi to be careful because she feels that there is more to the battles this time than it looks like.

Later after school, Suzuko and Chinatsu meet at a cafe and chit chat about Basketball practice. As Chinatsu is regaling Suzuko about how she almost fell half-asleep in class, Suzuko remarks that she shouldn't fall asleep in class, but Chinatsu remarks that it was okay because she was half awake too. Giggling, Suzuko remembers when she almost did the same thing in math class when she was little and that Chinatsu was the one who woke her up that time. Suddenly inquisitive, Suzuko calls out to Chinatsu and asked why she believed her when Suzuko told her that they were childhood friends. Thinking on it, Chinatsu replies that she didn't think Suzuko was the type who'd lie about stuff like that and that the "old self" that Suzuko keeps on telling her about really seems like herself, so it's probably true. Chinatsu then declares that she'll remember her someday for sure and that when that happens, she'll make sure they'll talk a lot more about the past. Suzuko sadly agrees.

Later that evening, Rūko goes home to find Tama asleep next to the Kotatsu table. Seeing her like that, Rūko goes to scold her, but her grandmother tells her to just let her sleep there until dinnertime because she's tired out from helping with the cleaning today. Rūko then notices how clean the apartment is and Ayumu teasingly remarks that Tama is more useful than her. Offended, Rūko angrily remarks that she helps out plenty too and smiles. In another part of the city later that night, Hitoe and Yuzuki meet at a different cafe. At the cafe, Hitoe introduces Yuzuki to Midori, her new LRIG and informs her that Selector battles have really begun again.

Staring at Midori, Yuzuki remarks that it was true and informs Hitoe about the conversation she had with Rūko today. Hearing that, Hitoe asks if Rūko has been chosen as a Selector again, but Yuzuki remarks that she probably hasn't been yet. Yuzuki then informs Hitoe about Kiyoi and about what she said to Rūko about helping her out and how Rūko refused her. Hitoe remarks that she was probably right considering that she now has Tama to look after now. Yuzuki then suggests that they probably shouldn't tell Rūko about this and Hitoe agrees that they shouldn't tell Rūko that the Selector battles returned, otherwise, she'd definitely find some way to get involved again. Yuzuki then declares that she will gather some information and Hitoe thanks her.

A while later, Yuzuki says goodbye to Hitoe and starts heading home. Looking at the WIXOSS ad on the public television screen, Yuzuki silently thinks to herself about how insane it is that the Battles haven't ended yet even though they have suffered through so much the last time and asks why it came back. The next day, Hanna goes around to all of her usual card shops, hoping to find information. While on the street, Hanna remarks that she hasn't gathered any useful information yet. Nanashi suggests that they give and fight a battle instead, but Hanna refuses and thinks to herself that she'll over to that place today since she has some free time.

Hanna then heads over to the Card Luck shop. Upon arriving, Hanna is happily greeted by Yuzuki who asks why she has come all the way to Shinjuku,revealing that the two know each other. Hanna replies that she is here for research about a rumor that could be used for her column and wonders if Yuzuki has heard of it. Yuzuki asks what rumor is it and Hanna responds by asking if she has heard about the Selector Battles. Yuzuki reacts and Hanna internally takes it as confirmation that she has heard of them. Yuzuki replies by denying any knowledge about them and asks if its a new card game. Hanna replies that its just hearsay about a rumor she heard about and repeats what she knows about Selector Battles that chosen Selectors are made to battle and that the loser forfeits part of their memories.

Hearing that, Yuzuki is shocked and remarks that the memory thing wasn't part of the rules. Seeing Yuzuki's reaction, Hanna presses her about the original rule and Yuzuki blatantly lies and remarks that she heard a different rumor. Hanna immediately sees through Yuzuki’s facade and calls her on her lie, causing Yuzuki to remark that she just remembered a similar story and states that its probably just another urban legend. Annoyed, Hanna keeps on pressuring Yuzuki who sighs and warns Hanna that she probably shouldn't get involved in these things.

Hanna thanks Yuzuki for her concern, but remarks that she is already involved and has already reached the point where she can't turn back. Hanna then asks Yuzuki as a favour to immediately contact her if any information worth knowing comes her way. Yuzuki agrees and Hanna leaves the shop.Outside the shop, Hanna remarks that she was successful and met an information source. Nanashi rebuts that Yuzuki isn't a Selector though, but Hanna hypothesizes that Yuzuki was a Selector during the first set of battles. Nanashi praises Hanna for being smart.

The second act opens on Akira Aoi who is applying make-up to her scar and leaving her apartment to head to a modelling gig. On the subway train, Akira overhears some girls talking about a photo she is in. The girls comment on how cute the outfit is, but doesn't comment on Akira herself who is dressed as a pineapple. Quietly thinking to herself, Akira laments that she didn't achieve anything in the Selector Battles and gets infuriated with herself as she thinks back to the shoot of that photo. In her flashback, the photographer asks Akira to make a funnier face. Later the girls who she modelled with, tease her about how Akira is being made to do a lot of comic character ads.

Back in the present, Akira gets off the subway and starts to head out of the platform, when a man bumps into her and knocks her into the wall. The man apologizes, but Akira gets angry as her makeup came off when she was pushed, revealing her scar under her makeup. Infuriated, Akira calls the guy an "asshole" and asks what's his problem is. The man replies that he had apologized, but Akira won't accept it and threatens to cry out that he touched her inappropriately. Offended, the man goes to stop her, but she threatens to ruin his life and blackmails him. The man gives Akira money and runs off. Unimpressed, Akira tosses the money and puts on a cold mask to cover her scar. Inside her mind, Akira remarks that the scar is the only thing that she has left now.

Meanwhile in the same part of town, Kiyoi is wandering around searching for selectors to battle. In the midst of her search, Kiyoi asks Piruluk if she can sense any of the other Selectors nearby. Piruluk remarks that she can get a general sense of their location and remarks that she wasn't able to do it last time. Kiyoi surmises that it's probably another feature that was added to encourage more battles and asks where the closest Selector is. Complying, Piruluk leads Kiyoi to the roof of a building.

On the roof, Piruluk suggests that they stop and Kiyoi asks "Why?" Nervously, Piruluk points out that this place is the same rooftop where she once fought Kou Satomi. Kiyoi then continues her sentence that Piruluk probably thinks that if they were able to sense a Selector here, then its probably Carnival and that this whole setup is a trap to make Kiyoi lose the battle. Kiyoi replies that Satomi was the bookmaker and Carnival was his former LRIG, so she must know a lot about what's causing this and she needs that information.

Seeing her response,Piruluk remarks that Kiyoi doesn't really care that much about her own life and Kiyoi replies that she just wants to atone for her sins. Piruluk continues remarking that even though Kiyoi talks like a cold person, she is really actually kind and it's because of that she'll do whatever she can for her, but she won't help Kiyoi commit suicide. Hearing Piruluk's response, Kiyoi gets reminded of Amika and happily thanks Piruluk for her kind words and says that she won't. As Piruluk smiles back, she suddenly senses the presence of an inbound Selector and alerts Kiyoi.

Looking around, Kiyoi turns to the door and prepares herself. Suddenly, Akira comes through the door surprising Kiyoi. An infuriated Akira asks Kiyoi if she is a Selector and suggests that they battle because she is really having a bad day today. Kiyoi calls Akira by name and Akira asks who she is. Kiyoi introduces herself as "Piruluk" and states that she was Akira's LRIG. Hearing the name "Piruluk," Akira starts raging as she remembers Kiyoi who remarks her surprise that Akira was chosen as a Selector again.

Akira though falls back to her fake sarcastic self and remarks that it has been a while and of course she remembers her. Akira then remarks that Kiyoi hasn't changed before reverting back to her angry self and says "Yeah, right......" Akira then lashes at Kiyoi for not changing and asks why she had to become like this while ripping off her cold mask and revealing her scar. Seeing her scar, Kiyoi is surprised, Akira though continues saying that everyone has been using her as a stepping stone since then and asks if she was laughing at her.

Pulling out her LRIG card, Akira tells her to do it. But, Kiyoi remarks that continuing this will only hurt everyone in the end. Akira shouts that she doesn't care and yells at Kiyoi to fight her. Akira then blames Kiyoi for her scar by saying that Kiyoi was weak, but Kiyoi rebuts that she lost that battle because she underestimated Rūko. A raging Akira tells Kiyoi to "Shut up!" and that its her own fault for being weak, so don't try and blame her. Kiyoi rebuts that she is only telling her the truth. Calming down, Akira remarks that Kiyoi used her and tells her to feel some responsibility for ruining her life as she walks up to her.

Seeing that any further talk is pointless, Kiyoi pulls out her card and cries out, "Open!" opening up a battlefield. In the battlefield, Akira and her new LRIG, 'Milulun' marvels at the new one and remarks how the place has changed. On her platform, Kiyoi instructs Piruluk to just deal with the stuff that they don't understand as they fight together causing Piruluk to happily nod in compliance. From her platform, Akira remarks that she always hated Kiyoi's self-satisfied look on her face. The dial on the turn clock then turns and the new Milulun declares that Akira starts first.

Akira declares to Kiyoi that she'll make her face twist with pain soon and starts her turn by growing Milulun. She then summons two Nihoniums, Natural Source, draws MAGIC HAND, NOISY and STAR ARROW and activates all of their effects to deal damage to Piruluk. As the blast hits Piruluk, Kiyoi calls out her name. Regaining her composure, Kiyoi remarks Akira is clearly different from before as she never used Combos back when she was her LRIG. Hearing Allos Piruluk's name, Akira sarcastically comments on how creepy it is that Kiyoi named her LRIG after herself. Seeing Kiyoi's anger, Akira asks if that hurt her and if it did, then it makes her happy.

Finally serious, Kiyoi begins her turn by growing Piruluk. She then summons Manomin, discards her hand and then orders Piruluk to attack Milulun. Piruluk destroys one of Akira's SIGNIs causing Milulun to scream excitedly. Akira just jabs that Kiyoi stills like tossing away cards and guesses that she is too stupid to learn more than one trick. Kiyoi returns the jab by saying how Akira still likes provoking and distracting people during battle. Offended, Akira sarcastically remarks that she isn't trying to provoke her, but help her out because if she keeps on doing the same thing, she is going to lose. Akira then begins her turn by growing Milulun and summoning some black SIGNIS like Code Art SC, surprising Kiyoi.

Akira gleefully comments that when Kiyoi was with her, she used a blue deck, but the black one suits her better now. Akira then activates Bloody Out and attacks Piruluk, causing her to collapse on the platform. On their platform, Milulun turns to Akira and asks if she wants to follow up with another attack, but Akira just ends her turn. On Kiyoi's platform, Piruluk comments that Akira's fighting style has changed and Kiyoi agrees stating that she just used brute strength before. Piruluk asks what they should do and Kiyoi uses her Coin Bet to activate 'Peeping' in retaliation.

As Piruluk activates the ability, Akira then retaliates by activating her own Coin Skill. A light shines above Akira's heart and PIruluk ends the skill; surprising Kiyoi by replying that she can't read Akira's heart. Laughing maniacally, Akira rhetorically asks if Kiyoi is panicking now and gloats that Kiyoi can't help but panic, because her Coin Skill 'Happening' is a Coin Skill that causes random card effects to happen, making it impossible to predict even by Piruluk's 'Peeping.' Milulun then activates Akira's coin skill 'Happening' which summons stars that erases all of the SIGNIs on Kiyoi's field.

Seeing the display, Akira gleefully taunts Kiyoi on the dramatic irony of situation of her using Kiyoi's favourite tactic against her. Remaining calm, Kiyoi orders Piruluk to attack Milulun which she blocks with Happening. The battle then continues until Piruluk collapses on the field with two life cloths left. Happy as she has the upper hand, Akira teases and taunts Kiyoi asking if she is okay, because if she's strong with a LRIG that's not Kiyoi, then it means that Kiyoi really is the useless weakling. Hearing that, Milulun comments that if she goes by that comment then Milulun is the smart one. Akira though just lashes out at Milulun and yells at her to "Shut Up!", warning her that if she keeps it up and continues to interrupts her boasts, she'll rip her in half.

Milulun just fakes being scared and attacks Piruluk, knocking her back and lowering her life cloth to one cloth left. Seeing Piruluk in such a worn out condition, Kiyoi cries to Piruluk, but Piruluk just stands up and declares that she's fine and can still fight. Looking at Akira, Kiyoi remarks that she is really strong, however, Piruluk reminds Kiyoi that they still have one last trump card up their sleeve, reminding Kiyoi of the "Key" Card. Unerstanding, Kiyoi asks Piruluk to teach her how to use the "Key" Card and Piruluk explains that use it, Kiyoi must say "Unlock" and bet a coin.

Betting on her final chance to win, Kiyoi does as Piruluk's instructs and cries out "Unlock! Coin Bet!" The Key Card then glows and Kiyoi sees an image of an white-colored prism with a few multi-colored prisms on it surrounded by chains. The multi-colored prisms then detach themselves and the main prism starts unfolding, revealing its core. Kiyoi's eyes then go dark and she blacks out. Suddenly, a light shines behind Allos Piruluk and as she turns around, she, Akira and Milulun are surprised to see the Key card land on the field with Kiyoi in her original "Piruluk" LRIG form appearing on it.

Opening her eyes, Kiyoi looks at herself and turns around to see her soulless body. Piruluk then turns to Kiyoi and tells her to make the next move. Kiyoi activates another Card Bet and she and Piruluk activates the dual Card Skill "Catharsis" which they then use to summon and launch a massive water blast at Akira and Milulun. The attack wipes out all of Akira's remaining life cloths and causes her to lose the battle. As Akira's platform breaks apart, Milulun starts glowing and fades away into sparkles.

Back in reality, a faded sleeping Milulun appears on Kiyoi's key card and is absorbed into it. Kiyoi hypothesizes that if a Selector loses a battle this time, then they lose their LRIG. Piruluk agrees saying that it seems that way. Akira gets up and asks what Kiyoi just did and yells at her to give Milulun back as she runs up and grabs Kiyoi's key card. As Akira goes to grab it, her hand is rebounded by black lightning coming off the Key card and reels back.

Upset Akira curses Kiyoi for everything she has done to her. However, Kiyoi calmly recognizes that she used Akira once and even understands why Akira hates her, however, she now has a responsibility to end the Selector battles. Akira doesn't listens and angrily yells out that she doesn't care, before vowing to destroy Kiyoi and make her feel absolute despair.and walking away in a huff. Kiyoi then spends the next couple of hours on that same roof thinking about what she did to Akira. As the sun is about to set, Carnival appears behind Kiyoi stating that it has been a while with the same pet name that Satomi gave her.

Kiyoi addresses Carnival by her real name and Carnival remarks that it is her and hopes that Kiyoi will keep calling her that because while she did like the name "Kou," she doesn't want to be saddled with the name of a loser. Kiyoi asks what Carnival means by that and Carnival explains that because Kou lost the battles, he can't have anymore fun now, so now she intends to keep the battles going forever and enjoy them for eternity. Kiyoi gets upset, but Carnival continues explaining that the world is too boring, but "that (battles)" are different. Carnival then states that Kiyoi knows what she is talking about and remarks that she had fun battling Akira, even if she won't admit it.

Carnival then asks Kiyoi to begin a battle with her where the weak will be devoured by the strong and remarks that she's excited because she can hear those girls cries even now. Fully resolved, Kiyoi agrees to Carnival's battle, but boldly declares that she won't let her have her way, because she will end the Selector battles and its cycle of despair. The episode ends with Carnival remarking that it sounds fun and tells Kiyoi to try it, if she can.

Meanwhile, in Suzuko's room, Ril re-appears in front of Suzuko........

Featured Battles Edit

Layla vs Carnival - Winner Unknown

Kiyoi Mizushima vs Akira Aoi - Kiyoi Wins

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Trivia Edit

  • One of the new rules is that all Selectors must start with 3 Gold Coins.
  • Akira's Coin Bet skill 'Happening' is a Coin Skill that causes random effects to happen, making it unreadable by Piruluk's 'Peeping.'
  • The 'Key Card' allows a Selector to materialize their soul on the battlefield in an LRIG form and use a Dual Card Bet Skill with their LRIG. To use the "Key Card," a Selector must say "Unlock" and activate their Coin Bet Skill at the same time. While the Selector's soul is out on the field, the Selector's body is rendered lifeless. If the Selector wins using this skill, they can take their opponent's LRIG as their reward, however what happens if a Selector should lose in their 'Unlocked State' is still unknown.

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