Gathering / Vortex and Dirty Waters
Lostorage conflated WIXOSS - 05
集結 / 渦と濁流
Shuuketsu / Uzu to Dakuryuu
Japanese Air Date

May 4, 2018

Opening Unlock
Ending I
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Gathering / Vortex and Turbid Water (集結 / 渦と濁流, Shuuketsu / Uzu to Dakuryuu) is the fifth episode of Lostorage conflated WIXOSS. It premiered on May 4, 2018.

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Yuzuki Kurebayashi's Red Hanayo Deck





Layla's Red Deck





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  • Doping

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Official Japanese Synopsis:

Selectors who were once LRIGs are able to fight as LRIGs themselves by “Unlocking.” Knowing the new rules, Yuzuki tries to take back the stolen Midoriko……

Around that time, Kiyoi and Hanna hold concerns about Suzuko’s return to the battlefield, and about her trying to take back Chinatsu’s memories. However, irrespective to Suzuko’s wishes, Chinatsu is also trying to head to the battlefield as a Selector. In order to reclaim her own memories…….[1]

Crunchyroll English Synopsis:

Selectors who were once LRIGs can "Unlock" to fight as LRIGs once more. Yuzuki uses this power to try and get Midoriko back, but... Meanwhile, Chinatsu wants her memories back, and is willing to do whatever it takes to get them.[2]

Recap Edit

The episode begins with Kiyoi Mizushima meeting up with Suzuko Homura and Hanna Mikage reviewing the changes in the Selector system and revealing themselves as Selectors to Suzuko (whom they were previously trying to keep it a secret from). Kiyoi remarks that she doesn't know who is responsible for it, but Suzuko then interjects asking if they were Selectors already. Kiyoi nods that they are and that they are now unable to escape from the battles. Hanna unhappily chips in that it's inevitable as that's what the Selector Battles are for in the end. Suzuko sadly replies that she knows and boldly announces that she's going to compete in them to get Chinatsu Morikawa's memories back.

After the Opening, the trio are sitting down and eating Suzuko's cookies as they try to figure out what's going on. Hanna remarks that she was a bit nervous about Suzuko competing, considering her mental state since Suzuko had previously stated that she didn't want to be involved in the Battles. Suzuko replies that she was really shocked by it too and Kiyoi guesses that they needn't have been worried in the first place. Curious, Suzuko asks "Why?" and Hanna replies that if she can bake cookies in this kind of situation, then she's probably not that worried about it. Kiyoi agrees and Suzuko retorts that they both liked the cookies from last time. A joyful Hanna remarks that they are delicious and Kiyoi compliments the perfect use of cinnamon in them. Suzuko, however, remarks that she is serious about this, so serious that she can't go to sleep at night. Ril teasing replies that she did get up early to bake the cookies though, causing Suzuko to yell at her in embarrassment.

After the cookies are all gone, Hanna asks for confirmation about how far Kiyoi had predicted this situation and Kiyoi replies that she had planned on becoming a Selector again, no matter what, but she didn't expect to be dragged into it again and was completely surprised by it. Hearing that, Suzuko asks if all of the Selectors are veterans and Kiyoi remarks, "Probably" and tells them about her battle with Akira Aoi who was a veteran from the First Selector Battles. This leads Suzuko to ask if all of the veterans from the previous battles will be forced to compete in them, but Ril remarks that she doesn't think so and reveals that the number of Selectors are far lower than the total number of Selectors in all of the previous battles. Allos Piruluk also agrees with Ril and states that the numbers might increase later, but Hanna interject and replies that Piruluk has doubts that it will and asks if Chinatsu will really get her memories back if Suzuko competes. Suzuko worriedly replies that Ril said it was possible, but Ril interjects stating that she's not so sure about it and that the only thing that she can state is that the memories don't have to be hers.

Piruluk cautiously remarks that all LRIGs should have the battle rules imprinted on their minds prior to the battles, but this time, the rules are vague and it feels like a lot of them are being purposely hidden from them. Hearing that, Hanna suggests that their first priority should be to recover her LRIG from Carnival. Kiyoi then suddenly produces a Key Card with Milulun in it and states that she recovered Milulun during her last battle with Akira and suggests that Hanna try to touch it. Hanna tries, but her hand gets knocked back by the black lightning being emitted by the card, causing Hanna to state that LRIGs can't be handed over in the new rules.

Meanwhile at Yuzuki's, Hitoe's and Ruko's high school, Yuzuki Kurebayashi is having a private meeting with Hitoe Uemura and reels back in shock when Hitoe reveals that Layla was able to turn herself into an LRIG. Hitoe continues that Layla didn't have an LRIG at first, but then she used her Key Card to turn herself into an LRIG and participated in the battle directly after that. Surprised, Yuzuki wonders if that is how you use the Key Card and Hanayo replies that it means that the Key Card has the power to unlock the hidden power inside of the Selector. Surprised, Yuzuki cries out if that means that she can become an LRIG to fight too and happily cries out that she can beat anyone if she has Hanayo with her. Hanayo nods in agreement.

Getting fired up, Yuzuki happily declares that she will be the one to beat Layla and get Midoriko back. Touched, Hitoe asks that Yuzuki be careful because that Layla girl is really dangerous. Yuzuki replies that she will and states that they should find her first. Suddenly, Ruko Kominato appears and asks what they are doing. Panicking, the two pretend to be talking about a new cake store and how Hitoe wanted to try their products. Ruko gets happy and states that they should go, but Yuzuki backs out saying that she has work and they'll do it tomorrow. Yuzuki then states that she's gotta jet and and leaves after saying her good-byes. After an awkward silence, Hitoe quickly remarks that she is going home to do some homework and leaves too. Ruko nervously remarks that she'll see them tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Kiyoi, Suzuko and Hanna are at the same cafe where Kiyoi had coffee with Amika Hashimoto in Episode 2, talking about the consequences of losing in the battles and states the main objective in these current battles must be to claim all of the LRIGs. Hanna agrees that it is inevitable because the weight of each individual battle is going to become greater as time goes on. Suzuko asks Hanna about what she is going to do now and Hanna remarks that she has an idea. Hanna explains that even if she can get an LRIG for nothing, she might be able to get an LRIG for a price. Kiyoi wonders what would happen if she purposely lost in a battle and Hanna brings up the issue of losing a memory coin. Kiyoi remarks that they should probably get some more information before trying that and Hanna agrees saying that she still has 90 days left. Suzuko agrees and Kiyoi states that regardless of what they do, they should probably work as a group from now, as that is more advantageous right now. Joyful, Suzuko remarks that they'll have the advantage now. However, looking at the look on everyone's faces, Suzuko states that they are comrades, right?

Smiling, Hanna and Kiyoi calmly asserts that they are. A little later at Ruko's apartment, Hatsu Kominato (Ruko's grandmother) notices that she is out of eggs, so Tama happily declares that she'll get some for her. Hatsu agrees and Tama grabs a shopping bag before heading out. On the way to the store, Tama is happily singing about eggs when she notices a huge tree with orange leaves. Smiling Tama runs up to it until she hears a female voice (apparently Mayu's) calling out to her, calling her by the name "Shiro." Tama starts getting scared and asks who is there, but the voice keeps on calling out for Shiro to come to her, freaking Tama out even further. Covering her ears, Tama curls up on the ground, until Ruko's voice suddenly calls out to her. Opening her eyes, Tama turns around and sees Ruko staring worriedly up at her, asking her what's wrong.

Relieved to see Ruko, a panicking Tama runs up and hugs her, declaring that she heard a weird voice and that she's scared. Ruko asks what sort of voice was it and a shivering Tama replies that she doesn't know. Looking around, Ruko reassures Tama and tells her that there is no one else here, but them. Tama asks if that is true and Ruko nods in confirmation. Rest assured, Tama welcomes Ruko home and Ruko asks if she is out on an errand. A happy Tama replies that she is going to buy some eggs and Ruko replies that she will go with her. Tama smiles and they go off to the supermarket together.

Later that afternoon, Suzuko and Hanna are patrolling for Selectors together. Though the two are silent as both of them are reviewing what they so far know about the Battles. Hanna quietly thinks to herself about the current Selector Battle which only has a few participants in it and how the winners and losers are decided by one battle. As Hanna goes to finish her thoughts, Suzuko remarks that this might actually be fun. Shocked, Hanna asks if she thinks Selector Battles are fun, but a panicking Suzuko apologizes and corrects her statement stating that though she's scared, she's happy about how she working together with Hanna and Kiyoi to stop the Battles, rather than battling this by herself. Still worried, Hanna asks Suzuko, if she really intends on fighting to reclaim Chinatsu's memories and Suzuko states that she is and asks "Why?"

A concerned Hanna replies that it's because she knows the risks involved in restoring a person's memories. Hearing that, Suzuko becomes surprised and remembers how Hanna broke down after reclaiming her own memories. As this goes on, Hanna reminds Suzuko about how Satomi used Chinatsu to set up battles between Selectors and how she caused great sorrow to them and even destroyed Shohei Shirai's personality in the process. Hanna then states that when Chinatsu gets her memories back, she's gonna have to deal with the pain and trauma of reclaiming those memories and knowledge, and asks Suzuko if she really wants Chinatsu to go through all that asks if she honestly thinks that Chinatsu will forgive herself after all that. Speechless, Suzuko is disturbed that she didn't think about all of that. Hanna then remarks that something else is bothering her and remarks that she's worried that Chinatsu will also be chosen as a Selector. Shocked, Suzuko starts get worried when Ril alerts her to the fact that a new Selector has been born.

At the same moment in her bedroom, Chinatsu reunites with Mel who greets her despite knowing that Chinatsu has no memory of her. Chinatsu notices that she has the same name as her bag accessory plushie and Mel happily remarks that she was the one who named her and remarks that she probably doesn't remember her though. Mel replies that it's okay though because she has all of Chinatsu's memories within her. Mel then tells Chinatsu about how she disappeared at the end of the last battles, but now that she's back,she still has all of Chinatsu, so that means that her memories didn't disappear and that Chinatsu can now reclaim those memories back. Chinatsu asks if that includes her memories of Suzuko and Mel states "Yes," she can reclaim them all back if she wins enough battles. Chinatsu's eyes ominously lights up at the mention of that. Meanwhile, in Carnival's lair, Carnival is moving chess pieces around on her chessboard and welcomes Chinatsu back to the battles silently to herself. Carnival remarks that since she was Satomi Kou's favourite, she wonders if she should bring her to her side or use her as a pawn again, while staring at a white pawn.

In Suzuko's location, Suzuko starts panicking and quickly rings up Chinatsu. The phone dials for a bit, but Chinatsu finally picks her mobile up and says hello to Suzuko. Concerned and panicking, Suzuko asks where Chinatsu is right now, but Chinatsu instead announces that she has become a Selector and that it was just like Suzuko told her about how if she wins, then she can reclaim her memories back. Chinatsu remarks that it's amazing how she can remember everything that she has forgotten. In response, Suzuko pleads for Chinatsu to stop because she doesn't remember anything about the battles, but Chinatsu then calmly explains that she is fine because Mel is with her. Suzuko screams that its dangerous, but Chinatsu insists on not making Suzuko sad anymore because she wants to laugh and share treasured memories with her again. Suzuko bites her lips before imploring Chinatsu to listen and declares for her not to do the battles, because she'll her memories back for her. However, Chinatsu just thanks her and declares that she has to be the one to do it before hanging up and placing her phone into her pocket.

Chinatsu then continues looking for Selectors with Mel on the street while on Suzuko's side, Hanna remarks that this is dangerous because Chinatsu is vulnerable and if she runs into Carnival then......Suzuko remarks that they have to stop her and asks Ril if she knows where Chinatsu is. Ril replies that she can approximate a Selector's location, but she won't know if it will be Chinatsu or not. Taking command, Suzuko states to tell her anyway and Ril replies that there's one towards the station. Hanna suggests that they should contact Kiyoi and start looking for Chinatsu immediately. Hanna then calls up Kiyoi and informs her as to what's going on. On Kiyoi's side, Kiyoi replies that she'll help and asks Piruluk to track down any Selectors. Piruluk nods in affirmation.

The scene then switches to Hanna and Suzuko running over a bridge towards the station with Suzuko asking Ril which direction they should go. Ril then gets strange causing the two to stop and ask Ril what's wrong. At the same time, Piruluk senses the same thing and tells Kiyoi that Selectors are converging on this town as Hitoe and Yuzuki arrive at the station. At the station, Hitoe remarks that she hates having to lie to Ruko, but Yuzuki interjects that this is for her safety, so they can't tell Ruko about it. Picking up Hanayo, Yuzuki asks which way they should go before noticing Hanayo's strange expression and asks what's wrong, are there no Selectors here. Hanayo replies that it's the opposite and that Selectors are now everywhere.

On the street, Chinatsu is walking around, when Dona suddenly notices her and starts following her out of concern. Looking around, Dona is about to head back when she literally bumps into Kiyoi. Recognizing her, Dona goes to talk with Kiyoi, but Kiyoi states that she is in a hurry. Dona stops her and asks if something happened because she just saw Chinatsu. Panicking, Kiyoi fills Dona in on what's happening as they head towards where Chinatsu was last seen. Dona remarks her disbelief about this, but Kiyoi states that the Selector Battles have already begun.

In another alley, Akira Aoi is cursing her luck and wonders how she is to fight without her LRIG, cursing Kiyoi again. Suddenly, Chinatsu appears and asks Mel if Akira is an Selector. Mel confirms and Akira approaches them in her cute act after hearing their voices and challenges them to a battle. However, Mel senses that she has no LRIG and states that they should go since they can't battle. Angry, Akira tries to force the two into a battle, yelling "Why is this happening to me!?" and asks if she is supposed to disappear. Hearing that, Chinatsu begins remembering one of the Selectors that she beat and introduced to Kou Satomi, as the Selector was asking the same thing. Freaking out, Chinatsu then runs away with Akira cursing her.

In another part of the city, Ril alerts Suzuko to two Selectors on the other side of the building. At the same time, Hitoe and Yuzuki are on the other side of the building detecting Suzuko's and Hanna's presence. On their side, Hanna cautions Suzuko that they might have to battle them, if they are different Selectors. Suzuko also remarks the possibility of one of them being Chinatsu. Suddenly, Hanna gets a phone call from Kiyoi saying that she saw Chinatsu and Suzuko declares that they should go and they leave.

On the other side of the building, Hanayo tells Yuzuki that the two Selectors (Hanna and Suzuko) are gone and Yuzuki wonders who were they. Suddenly, Hanayo senses the presence of another Selector approaching them and Layla appears. Layla joyfully declares that they finally came, because she was tired of waiting for them. Hitoe nervously calls out Layla's name, causing Yuzuki to face her. Layla asks if she is Yuzuki Kurebayashi and Yuzuki asks how she knows who she is. Layla cheekily replies that someone was nice enough to tell her a whole bunch of things and asks if she's come to battle her while showing the Key Card with Midori in it.

Seeing Midori, Hitoe cries out for her and Midori calls back. Seeing the pair's reactions, Layla states so her name is Midoriko and urges Yuzuki to battle her. Hitoe looks at Yuzuki worried, but Yuzuki reassures her that she'll win and get Midoriko back. Yuzuki then turns to Hanayo and Hanayo agrees to fight. Holding up Hanayo's card, Layla and Yuzuki cry out "Open" and open up a battlefield. In the battlefield, Yuzuki and Layla prepare to fight with Hitoe watching the two from the audience zone. On Layla's battlefield, Midori cries out and warns Yuzuki that an LRIG must obey their Selector, so she shouldn't hold back and fight with everything she's got. Yuzuki replies that she understands and the battle dial turns and states that Layla goes first.

Layla starts the battle by using her Key Card to turn herself into an LRIG and forces Midori to step aside, because she'll be battling by herself. Layla then ends her turn and implores Yuzuki to come at her. On their platform, Hanayo replies that she never expected for Layla to take over the battle on Turn One. Yuzuki then begins her turn by growing Hanayo and summoning two Flathro Lance Corporal, Small Flames. Yuzuki then uses their abilities to add SIGNI to her hands and fires an flame attack on Layla. The flame bird attack Layla, but Layla states that their attacks are wimpy.

Layla then starts her turn by growing herself and launches an attack while crying out that they are wimpy. Layla punches and kicks Hanayo to ground. Layla then torments Yuzuki by urging her to use her trump card soon, otherwise she will crush Hanayo. Taking her taunt, Yuzuki uses her Key Card to turn herself into an LRIG. Offering a hand to Hanayo, Yuzuki pulls her up and summons Flathro Sergeant, Explosive Flame and Flathro Captain, Roaring Flame. She then uses all of their effects to power the two of them up and activates the ARTS: Thunderclap of Violent Supremacy. They then launch the entire weight of the attack onto Layla who gets fired and happily declares that this is what a battle should be. On her turn, Layla grows herself and activates 'Doping' powering herself up. Layla then summons Code Accel F1, Code Ride Romen and Ride to power herself up further before launching a devastating attack on the two of them.

Meanwhile, Suzuko and Hanna are still chasing after Chinatsu. On the way, Hanna comes up with a theory that the goal of the battle is different and Suzuko asks about it. Hanayo re-analyzes the situation they are in and if she includes the minimal numbers of Selectors, the harsh rules, the quick removal of losers and the destruction of the coin winning rule, the only conclusion that she can draw is that this is a battle royal meant to decide only one winner. Suzuko contemplates on this.

At the same time, Hitoe watches in horror as Yuzuki and Hanayo lose their battle to Layla and become Key Cards as result of Yuzuki using the Key Card to turn herself into a LRIG. Layla shows Hitoe the unconscious Yuzuki and Hanayo inside their cards and mourns their loss. Layla though just jovially remarks that this is how it goes and waves 5 gold coins in front of Hitoe. A surprised Hitoe asks how this could be as the rules state that you're supposed to get out of the battles once you win 5 coins, but Layla remarks why would she because she hasn't had enough yet. Layla then asks Hitoe to bring all of her strong friends to her because she has a very strong one. As Layla leaves, Hitoe collapses on her knees and cries for her lost friends.

In another part of the city, Chinatsu is walking down an alley when she bumps into Carnival. Greeting her, Carnival asks if she remembers this face and announces that they were partners once. Carnival then offers to stimulate her like she did back then, but Mel interrupts and tells Chinatsu that Carnival and her partner manipulated and used her once. Carnival remarks that it is her choice to join or battle her and disappear. Thinking about it, Chinatsu decides to battle Carnival, but then Dona and Kiyoi appear and cry out for her to stop.

Seeing the pair, Carnival gets joyful at this reunion and gets especially excited at seeing Kiyoi. Instead, Dona runs up to Chinatsu and tells her to stay away from him. Chinatsu asks who he is and Dona states that it doesn't matter and tells her not to do anything dangerous. Chinatsu remarks that this is her chance to reclaim her memories, but Kiyoi then interrupts and advises Chinatsu to be more careful about who she battles. Chinatsu asks if she knows about her because she definitely doesn't know them. Chinatsu then laments how she doesn't know anything anymore and wants all of her memories back. In response, Kiyoi remarks that Suzuko sent her here to stop Chinatsu and Chinatsu asks if this is true.

Dona remarks that its true and implores her not to do anything dangerous if Suzuko is a dear friend to her. Dona then mentions about how Shohei would've gone nuts if anything happened to her. Suddenly, Chinatsu starts remembering Shohei in flashes and Chinatsu collapses to knees in pain. Mel and Dona become worried about her, but Carnival happily remarks that her lingering memories are reacting to him. Kiyoi steps in front of Chinatsu and declares that she won't let her touch Chinatsu. Carnival goes "I see......." and after a brief pause, Piruluk admonishes Kiyoi. Kiyoi replies that it had to happen sometime and Dona asks if she can beat Carnival.

Kiyoi replies that she couldn't last time, but she's not in a position to lose this time. Carnival then makes it clear for Kiyoi that she is not the 'Queen,' but a 'Pawn' that needs to leave the board. Worried, Dona looks at the pair and laments her helplessness in her mind. As she's wondering if she can only watch, Dona is transported in her LRIG form to the White Room. Looking at her state, Dona wonders what is going on when suddenly the Spirits of the White Room call out to her, asking her what her wish is. Dona asks who are they, but they just keep on asking her what her wish is.

Making her decision, Dona states that her wish is to save Chinatsu in Shohei's place. The spirits respond by turning Dona into a Key Card in front of Kiyoi and the others, much to everyone's shock. Dona then appears in the card and announces to Kiyoi that she is going to fight too with her card going into Kiyoi's hand. Carnival announces that she better entertain her and the episode ends with Kiyoi and Carnival crying out "Open!" opening a battlefield that sucks up everyone in it.

Featured Battles Edit

Yuzuki Kurebayashi vs Layla - Layla Wins (Both Yuzuki and Hanayo are taken)

Kiyoi Mizushima vs Carnival - Battle still in continuance.

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  • There is a slight change in the condition of the LRIGs. According to Allos Piruluk, all LRIGs should have the battle rules imprinted on their minds prior to meeting their Selector, however in this case, that function is being blocked by Carnival and the Spirits of the White room.
  • In the new rules, LRIGs are not transferable and cannot be lent out to other Selectors.
  • If a Selector and their LRIG lose a battle when they are both in their LRIG forms via the Key Card, then both of them are taken by the Victor.
  • The goal of this third Selector Battle is hypothesized to be a battle royal to discover who the strongest Selector is and make them the new Queen of the White Room.
  • Former LRIGs can willingly become LRIGs again using the power of the White Room. They are also able to merge with a specific desired person's Key Card.

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