Determination / Warmth and Pain
Lostorage conflated WIXOSS - 06
Ketsui / Nukumori to Itami
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May 11, 2018

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Determination / Warmth and Pain (決意/温もりと痛み, Ketsui / Nukumori to Itami) is the sixth episode of Lostorage conflated WIXOSS. It premiered on May 11, 2018.

Appearances Edit

Based on order of appearance:


Kiyoi Mizushima's Blue Deck





Carnival's Black Deck





Chinatsu Morikawa's Green Deck





  • None

Suzuko Homura's Red Dual Blood Deck





  • None

Coin Bet Skills Used:

  • Holograph
  • Escape
  • Catharsis

Synopsis Edit

Official Japanese Synopsis:

In order to save Chinatsu from Carnival’s temptations, Donor who has transformed into a Key Card, entrusts herself to Kiyoi. Piruluk and Donor take on Guzuko and Aya who are controlled by Carnival, dodging their fierce blows with their splendid coordination. But then, Carnival bets a coin again calls herself as the 3rd LRIG.

In front of 3 LRIGs who hold an overwhelming power, Kiyoi and the others surrender to the absolutely dangerous crisis. But then, the battle is forcibly interrupted through the intervention of the unseen figure of someone.[1]

Crunchyroll English Synopsis:

Donor transforms into a keycard to save Chinatsu from Carnival. Donor and Piruluk manage to stave off Slow-ko and Aya's attacks, but then Carnival summons herself into the game! [2]

Recap Edit

Lostorage conflated WIXOSS 06 - 03

Tama, Ruko, Yuzuki and Hitoe at the beach.

The episode begins where the previous episode left off with Dona transforming into a 'Key Card' and offering to join Kiyoi Mizushima's battle as Kiyoi's second LRIG. Kiyoi accepts and as she lifts her card up, Carnival tells Kiyoi that she'd better "entertain her, at least a little," before lifting up her own LRIG card. The two cry out "Open!" and a battlefield opens up. In a different part of the city, Ril senses the battlefield and alerts Suzuko Homura and Hanna Mikage to it. Worried, Suzuko asks if it is Chinatsu battling and Ril replies that she doesn't know. Hanna replies that they should hurry to the battle site and the three of them run off towards it. Meanwhile, at Ruko's apartment, Ruko Kominato and Tama have just arrived home after buying some eggs at the supermarket. As Tama removes her shoes and run into the lounge/dining area, a photo gets knocked over. Picking it up, Tama looks at the photo of Ruko and herself at the beach with Hitoe Uemura and Yuzuki Kurebayashi. Remembering that day, Tama giggles and put its back.

After the Opening, the scene changes to the battlefield where Carnival, Guzuko, Kiyoi and Allos Piruluk are getting ready to battle with Chinatsu Morikawa and Mel watching them on the audience platform. From her vantage point, a confused Chinatsu asks what is going on before suddenly remembering moments from her previous battles in Lostorage incited WIXOSS and remarks that she has fought Selector Battles here in this place as well. Mel looks at her concerned as Carnival declares that she will go first. On her first turn, Carnival uses her Key Card to summon Aya to the playing field. A happy Aya greets everyone in her usual cute magical girl manner before suddenly breaking it to grumble about being the support again.

Carnival then ends her turn and asks Kiyoi if she knows how to use the Key Card. Kiyoi doesn't respond, but Allos Piruluk comments on the strangeness of summoning a second LRIG already and urges Kiyoi to use hers as well. Kiyoi replies that she knows and uses her Key Card to summon Dona onto the playing field. Appearing, a puzzled Dona remarks that she feels strange as if she's having an out of body experience even though it hasn't been that long since she was an LRIG. Turning to Dona, Kiyoi quietly remarks that she is going to asks for Dona's help right away and Dona happily gives a thumb up to her.

On Carnival's platform, Guzuko and Aya look on concerned and Guzuko asks what they should do. Aya tells her Guzuko not to panic because it just means that its an equal battle now. Calmly, Carnival orders Aya to use her Coin Bet skill 'Holograph' to create multiple Guzukos and then orders the Guzukos to attack. As the Guzuko clones prepare to close in, Aya yells at them to get their butts in gear and get them. In retaliation, an equally calm Kiyoi orders Donor to use her Coin Skill 'Escape' to summon a cloth allowing them to dodge the Guzukos attacks. Seeing the display, Aya angrily yells at Guzuko, causing the Guzukos to apologize as Dona unravels the cloth.

On the audience, Chinatsu remarks that Kiyoi is strong and a concerned Mel asks if she can tell. Chinatsu remarks that she still doesn't remember all of the rules yet, but she can somehow tell that Kiyoi is strong and that she has a strong desire to win, no matter what it'll take. As all of this is going on, Piruluk, Dona, Guzuko and Aya are exchanging powerful blows against each other. Suddenly, Carnival tells Kiyoi that she wants to check something with her and asks if she is fighting to beat her. Confused, Kiyoi asks what Carnival means by that and Carnival explains that Kiyoi can't win like this and suggests that she work a little harder, calling her by Kou's nickname for her in jest.

Hearing that, Allos Piruluk yells at Kiyoi and Dona chips in suggesting to Kiyoi to not let Carnival provoke her as it is what she wants her to do. A calm Kiyoi replies to the two that she knows and that they shouldn't worry. However, Kiyoi does continue that Carnival is right about one thing and that she doesn't stand a chance against her like this. Hearing that, a concerned Allos Piruluk asks if Kiyoi is planning to become the third LRIG which causes Dona to yell out that it's too dangerous. Kiyoi calmly replies that if she wants to win then she has to gamble on it, causing the two LRIGs to nod in understanding. Reluctantly agreeing, Allos Piruluk and Dona allow Kiyoi to turn herself into an LRIG. However, upon activating the Key Card, Dona starts disappearing as Kiyoi materializes onto the playing field in her Piruluk form and wakes up.

Opening her eyes, Kiyoi hears Allos Piruluk yelling at her that Dona just disappeared, causing Kiyoi to remark her belief that only two LRIGS can appear on the field at once. Smirking, Carnival sarcastically laments that Kiyoi's plan didn't work out and Kiyoi calmly replies that it's not really a problem as she now knows the rules now. Kiyoi then motions to Piruluk and activates their joint coin/key combo 'Carthasis' which unleashes a devastating blast onto Guzuko and Aya. Seeing Kiyoi's attack, Carnival thinks to herself that Kiyoi Mizushima's power could be a problem and decides to get serious. Carnival then announces to Kiyoi of her intent to "crush you hard. So you can never stand up again." and uses her Key Card to manifest herself on the playing field in her LRIG form, shocking both Kiyoi and Allos Piruluk - as it is now three against two.

Surprised, Allos Piruluk questions how this is possible and Kiyoi asks Carnival why she can use three LRIGS at once. Carnival smilingly boasts that she is special and telss Guzuko and Aya that they should finish this. Carnival then summons Hariten, Large Trap and Tsunawata, Medium Trap and uses their effects to empower herself. Taking in the two cards effects, Carnival asks how Kiyoi is planning to stop her as she launches an attack on her, sending both Allos Piruluk and Piruluk flying into the ground, much to Chinatsu's worry. Seeing the pair on the ground, Carnival muses what happens to a Selector who has lost all of their coins and replies that she can't wait to find out. However, as Carnival goes to attack Kiyoi, Carnival is suddenly stopped by something. After a moment's silence, Aya asks Carnival what's wrong and tells her to finish the battle. Instead, Carnival clicks her teeth and frowns in frustration, muttering, "Now, of all times......" to herself before suddenly disappearing. The battlefield then disappears.

Back in the real world, Kiyoi wakes up to find Chinatsu Morikawa standing next to her and Carnival in Kou Satomi's body gone. Looking around, Kiyoi quickly turns to her LRIGs and asks what happened, if the battle was forcibly annulled without being interrupted by a Non-Selector. Dona instead asks where Carnival is and Allos Piruluk surmises that they were perhaps saved by someone. Interrupting, Chinatsu asks if Kiyoi would've lost if the battle had continued. Kiyoi bitterly replies that she would've lost. Suddenly, a voice calls out to Chinatsu and as the two of them look up, Suzuko and Hanna are revealed to have just arrived. Worriedly running up to them, Suzuko asks if the two of them are alright and if they have fought yet. Chinatsu nervously replies that they have and Dona explains that Carnival came after Chinatsu, but Kiyoi came in on the last second and fought Carnival on Chinatsu's behalf. Remarking her understanding, Suzuko suddenly notices Dona in her LRIG form and yells what's going on. Hanna in turn asks Dona why she became an LRIG again causing Dona to nervously stutter for a bit.

On the other side of the city in Carnival's lair, Layla drops her Key Cards and collapses into her chair, choosing to stare up at the ceiling. From her Key Card, Yuzuki asks what she is planning to do with all of these LRIGs. Hearing that, Layla groans and asks what she is getting at and Yuzuki further explains that her point is that she doesn't need the other LRIGs to fight because her style is to become an LRIG herself and fight all by herself. Yuzuki then urges Layla to give back Hanayo and Midori to Hitoe and Layla replies that she can't because the rules state that she can't give someone an LRIG unless she loses in battle and that she has no intention of losing deliberately. Layla continues that if Hitoe wants Yuzuki, Hanayo and Midori back then she just needs to get strong enough to beat her and stipulates that the weak don't have the right to say anything.

Staring at Layla, Yuzuki asks Layla with a serious expression on her face about what her overall goal in doing all of this is and Layla replies that she wants to beat that monster Carnival. Layla then recalls how Carnival crushed her and had planned it out so that the battle would be annulled instead of ending in Layla's loss, through the timely intervention of the pizza guy who she had rung up earlier. Paying for the pizza, Carnival sets the pizza done and offers it to Layla saying that she has passed the test. Furious, Layla asks if Carnival is screwing with her and Carnival replies that she likes the self-destructive way that Layla fights and asks Layla if she wants to fight strong opponents. Layla doesn't respond, so Carnival continues by offering to set Layla up with as many fights as she wants.

Suspicious, Layla asks Carnival about what she is planning to do and Carnival tells her while biting the pizza that she is going to liven up the Selector Battles and make them fun and cheerful in the way that she likes them. Hearing that, Layla grins and agrees to help. The flashback then ends with Layla remarking to Yuzuki that she can't beat Carnival like this so she is going to fight more battles and become strong enough to beat her, no matter what, causing Yuzuki and the other LRIGs to become worried.

Meanwhile, in the White Room, an irritated Carnival is asking the Spirits of the White Room about what they were thinking when they interfered with her battle. Carnival continues to tell them that she doesn't want them interfering with her plans and battles. The Spirits simply reply that the door won't open, causing Carnival to ask what they mean by that because she thought that all they needed was enough keys to open the door with. The Spirits explain that the keyhole is broken, but that a new one will appear soon. The Spirits continue explaining that the first door was the door to the outside world and to the girls and that the girls opened the door and left. The Spirits then order Carnival to bring the girls to the room.

A little later, Suzuko, Hanna, Kiyoi and Chinatsu gather together in the playground to explain and brainstorm on what just happened. After hearing Kiyoi's story, Hanna remarks that Carnival really is an unique being. Suzuko then turns to Chinatsu and implores to Chinatsu to not get involved in dangerous situations anymore. Suzuko then argues that it's because she doesn't know what will happen if she loses her memories again and she knows that Chinatsu won't escape unscathed this time. Happy, Chinatsu thanks Suzuko for her concern, however, remarks that the same goes for her as well. Chinatsu explains that she also doesn't want Suzuko involved in these battles, but she wants to get her memories back too and she couldn't stand it especially if Suzuko was fighting for her sake, so she will fight too. Suzuko is touched by this causing Dona to remark that the both of them are very kind.

Suddenly, Hanna makes a proposal on the spur of the moment. Hanna proposes that if they are both aiming for the same thing, then the two of them should battle and the one who wins claims the other's LRIG as their prize. Surprised, Suzuko and Chinatsu ask why and Hanna argues that if they can't avoid the battles, then the best thing to do is to minimize the risk of defeat and maximize your chance of winning. Upon hearing that, Kiyoi remarks that if they battle, one of them will lose their coin. However, Hanna rebuts that if that person were to fight someone they trust, they can fight to get the coin back again. Dona exclaims that this was Shohei Shirai's never-ending draw plan that he had during the last battles. Hanna remarks that it does carry some risk, but it's a very effective method for stalling for some extra time.

Upon that, Suzuko and Chinatsu both nod to each other that they want to do it. However, Mel is still concerned as Chinatsu had lost most of her memories about the battles, she's worried that if she fights then she won't be able to fight at 100%. Chinatsu argues that she still needs to win otherwise Suzuko will fight in her stead, so she'll just have to win it. Chinatsu then asks for Mel's help and Mel happily agrees. Suzuko and Chinatsu then raise up their LRIG cards and cry out "Open!" summoning a battlefield.

Inside the battlefield, everyone is getting ready for the fight. Suzuko then proposes that since neither of them want to lose their coins, neither of them should do a Coin Bet. A confused Chinatsu asks what she means by that and Mel explains that its the technique that Kiyoi and her opponent used during the last battle and suggests that she asks her if there's anything that Chinatsu doesn't understand. Chinatsu thanks Mel and Suzuko starts her turn by growing Ril and summoning Flambe, Medium Attire, Kukri, Small Attire and Nuncha, Small Attirebefore ending her turn. Chinatsu then starts her turn by placing some Ener, and orders an attack. Hearing that, Mel panics and tells Chinatsu that she hasn't grown her yet.

Chinatsu gets confused as a concerned Ril and Suzuko look on. Ril turns to Suzuko and motions Suzuko to continue and Suzuko remarks that she knows and begins her turn by ordering a full attack without growing Ril. The attack hits Mel causing her to reel back in pain. Chinatsu panics and apologizes to Mel, but Mel remarks that its okay and asks if Chinatsu remembers a little more now about the times when they fought together. Affected by Mel's words, Chinatsu begins remembering about some of her previous battles with Mel and remarks that she does and that Mel was always there for her and still is now. Mel replies that's how WIXOSS is, you fight together with your LRIG. Chinatsu then begins her turn by growing Mel to her level 2 form.

In retaliation, Suzuko activates Fiery Morning, Moonlit Night and attacks Chinatsu. Chinatsu then activates Three Orders, Five Explanations and launches a counter-strike on Ril. On her platform, Suzuko thinks to herself that this is her third battle with Chinatsu and recalls all of her battles with Chinatsu. Suzuko then calls out to Chinatsu that this is the first time that she is having fun battling with her and activates the ARTS: Pulling Chestnuts out of the Fire. Chinatsu replies that she's having fun too and orders Mel to guard. The two of them then continue trading blows and having fun with even Kiyoi and Hanna getting into the spirit of it. Kiyoi remarks that the two of them both look so happy and Hanna comments that even she's envious of them and suggests that this is what a battle should be.

The battle eventually winds down and after a brief silence, Mel turns to Chinatsu and asks if she is okay. Chinatsu nods that she is fine, but she feels strange as even though she had lost all of her memories about the previous Selector Battles, she wants the match to keep on going, but she knows it can't. Looking at Suzuko, Chinatsu then thanks her and Suzuko responds by promising to play WIXOSS together with her when these Selector Battles are over and activates the ARTS: See Through the Fiery Ambition to launch a final attack on Chinatsu which she doesn't block. After the battle, Chinatsu and Mel have a private discussion in their own space as Mel fades away. In that conversation, Chinatsu apologizes to Mel for losing. However, Mel replies that it was fun fighting with her again and tells Chinatsu to leave the fighting to her, Ril and Suzuko now. Chinatsu nods in agreement and Mel thanks her as she finally fades away.

Back in the real world, Chinatsu wakes up to see Mel's Key card in Suzuko's hands and asks Suzuko to take good care of her. Seeing Chinatsu's smile, Suzuko remembers what Hanna told her about the risks of getting Chinatsu's memories back and reluctantly asks Chinatsu to leave it to her. Seeing Suzuko's hesitation, Hanna furrows her eyebrows as Chinatsu declares that she is still not going to be a bystander though and will find her own way to help the group and states that she wants to help Suzuko as she fights. Happy, Suzuko declares Chinatsu to be one of her comrades now, the same as everyone else there. In response, Hanna and Kiyoi both welcome Chinatsu to the group and Chinatsu smiles in agreement.

At the same time, at Ruko's apartment, Ruko is pulling down the laundry from the balcony washing line as Tama is running around the house with the dried underwear. Seeing Tama's display, Ruko scolds Tama and yells at her to fold them up. Ruko then turns around to pull the last shirt off when she notices Hitoe struggling to enter the front of the apartment building. Ruko then runs down and tries to greets Hitoe. Hitoe, though is too scared to speak and when Ruko notices that she has two bags runs off in a panic. Catching up to her, Ruko grabs Hitoe shoulders and asks what is wrong and if something has happened. Hitoe doesn't respond, so Ruko offers Hitoe some hot milk so that they can discuss it.

Unable to bear it any longer, Hitoe whispers Ruko for her to help her and breaks down crying on Ruko's shoulders. After Hitoe stops crying, Ruko escorts her inside and gets Tama to start making the hot milk. As Tama is cautiously pouring the milk into the mugs and bringing it into Ruko's room, Tama overhears the conversation. In this conversation, Hitoe tells Ruko that she and Yuzuki had been chosen as Selectors for the new battles and that with the new rules, Selectors can now become LRIGs and if they lose then their LRIG is taken away. Understanding, Ruko asks if this means that Yuzuki lost a battle and got taken away and angrily yells at Hitoe asking why she didn't tell her this from the start. Hitoe cries that she didn't want to get Ruko or Tama involved.

In the hallway, Tama remarks that she knows that voice and both she and Ruko begin remembering all of the fun times that the group and Ruko's family spent together since Tama became a human. Tama then remembers her true form as a monstrous LRIG and cries as Ruko thinks to herself that this is all her fault for running away from the battles. In the kitchen, Tama stares at the beach photo again and simultaneously and unknowingly makes a silent decision with Ruko to fight again. Tama then runs into Ruko's bedroom and declares that she'll help too because she wants to help Yuzuki, Hitoe and Ruko too because all of them are her precious friends.

Panicking, Ruko asks if she knows what she is saying and Tama nods that she does. Tama explains that she heard a voice calling her over and over again and if she can everyone, then she wants to fight in the battles again too. Ruko tries to rebut, but Tama declares that it'll be okay because she has everyone with her. Hearing those comforting words, Ruko hugs Tama and remarks that they will be together forever and they'll fight together from now on. Tama happily agrees and in a flash of light, suddenly transforms back into an LRIG again and flies into Ruko's hands. Seeing the display, Hitoe remarks that Ruko has been chosen as a Selector again and Tama reaffirms their resolve with Ruko nodding in agreement.

Later that night, Carnival is placing another white pawn onto her chessboard and the episode then ends with Carnival stating that everything is going to plan as all of the last pieces and the Keyhole are in place now too.

Featured Battles Edit

Kiyoi Mizushima vs Carnival - No count - Battle is interrupted by the Spirits of the White Room.

Layla vs Carnival (Flashback of Episode 2) - Officially annulled due to the intervention of a third party.

Suzuko Homura vs Chinatsu Morikawa - Suzuko Wins

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  • Only two LRIGS can be present on the battlefield at the same time. However, Carnival can subvert this rule, due to being protected by the Spirits of the White Room.
  • Carnival as the envoy of the Spirits of White Room basically has the ability to subvert most of the new rules.

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