Bond / Crime and Punishment
Lostorage conflated WIXOSS - 08
Kizuna / Tsumi to Batsu
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May 25, 2018

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Bond / Crime and Punishment (絆/罪と罰), Kizuna / Tsumi to Batsu) is the eighth episode of Lostorage conflated WIXOSS. It premiered on May 25, 2018.

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Akira Aoi's White Remember Deck





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Kiyoi Mizushima's Allos Piruluk Blue Catharsis Deck





Coin Bet Skills Used:

  • Astrology
  • Happening

Synopsis Edit

Official Japanese Synopsis:

Akira and Remember have lured out Kiyoi, by kidnapping Amika. Their demands are to make Kiyoi stand on the field as Piruluk, without counter-attacking even once……... Kiyoi, whose friend has been taken hostage, obeys their demands and is lopsidedly brutalized.

However, the voice of Amika who should’ve been captured reverberates into the battlefield.  Kiyoi initiates a counterattack against Akira who has lost her hostage. Remember who acts as if she’s attacking an fleeing enemy, whispers to her about the fate that follows the loser.  “You’ll be erased. From the world.……..[1]

Crunchyroll English Synopsis:

Recap Edit

The episode begins with Akira Aoi in a garage, clicking on a grey pen. As she walks up to a tied up Amika Hashimoto, Akira remarks how surprised she is that Kiyoi Mizushima actually cares about her friends. She then tells Amika how "pissed" Kiyoi was when she found out and Remember sarcastically reiterates that Kiyoi will do anything for a friend and remarks how glad she is that Kiyoi hasn't changed at all in that aspect. Amika angrily yells at Akira, asking if she really thinks that she'll get away with this because it's a crime. But Akira goes up to Amika and replies that she doesn't care because once she's beaten Kiyoi half-to-death, she'll take some embarrassing pictures, so she can't go to the police.

Remember cheers on Akira remarking how she's such a monster, but Amika yells out asking if she's really willing to go that far just because she can't beat her. At the mere mention of her being unable to beat Kiyoi, Akira immediately gets angry and kicks Amika to the ground. While mentioning how Kiyoi always slowed her down, Akira recalls her losses to Ruko and Kiyoi and declares that she could've won if Kiyoi hadn't of slowed her down and her wish would've come true. Absolutely furious, Akira then declares that she will never forgive Kiyoi and that she'll make her suffer so much, she'll never think of disobeying her again. Akira then reveals Amika her scar while making a crazy face, leading Amika to ask what's she gonna do to Kiyoi and Akira replies that she's gonna battle with her, that's all.

Reaching into her pocket, Akira pulls out a bandana and ties it around Amika's mouth, muffling her, while remarking that she won't lose anyway with Amika as her hostage. Akira then pushes Amika to the ground and declares that she's wasting her time because no one is gonna come and save her, before leaving to meet up with Kiyoi. As Akira leaves, Amika worriedly thinks about Kiyoi who is rushing towards her location at that minute.

After the Opening, the scene shifts to Ruko Kominato's apartment where Hitoe Uemura and Ruko are holding a brainstorm session. Seated at her table, Ruko sadly remarks that though they got Yuzuki Kurebayashi back, she's still an LRIG, which causes Hitoe to wonder if they can turn her and Tama back into humans again. Ruko asks what will happen if they get 5 gold coins, but Yuzuki just remarks that Layla got 5 and nothing happened to her. Yuzuki then irately screams that there are just too many rules that they don't know about. Suddenly, Ruko recalls Kiyoi and starts searching through her bag for her phone, leaving Hitoe to ask what she is doing. Grabbing her phone, Ruko simply remarks that if they ask her (Kiyoi), then maybe she'll know what is going on and rings Kiyoi's phone. However, Kiyoi doesn't pick up

Meanwhile, at Akira's hideout, Kiyoi has just arrived as her phone call from Ruko rings. Lifting up the garage door, Kiyoi walks in carefully to find Akira clicking her pen on and off. Stopping, Akira remarks with joy that Kiyoi is finally here and states that she was tired of waiting for her. Kiyoi is about to ask Akira about Amika, but then Remember suddenly calls out to Akira, begging her to introduce her too. Complaining, Akira begrudgingly pulls out Remember's card and shows it to Kiyoi who is surprised and calls out her name in shock as Remember introduces herself. Remember continues though and remarks that she hasn't her since that day when she fought Kiyoi and Amika. As Kiyoi recalls their fight, Remember happily comments that she's been waiting to see her for a long, long time to play with her again.

Remember continues that though their positions are reversed since last time, they finally meet. Regaining her composure, Kiyoi angrily yells out asking where Amika is. In response, Akira pretends not to know and states that she might not be in this garage. Akira then slides Amika's phone over to Kiyoi's feet, before walking up to Kiyoi and demanding that if she wants Amika back then she has to do what she tells her to do. Getting into Kiyoi's face, Akira fake cheerily asks if she gets it and asks for her answer, so Kiyoi sadly responds with a "Fine." Breaking her fake smile, Akira angrily snaps and states that she means "Yes, ma'am!" Seeing that she doesn't have a choice, Kiyoi repeats what Akira tells her, causing Akira to cheerily declare that she loves girls who are obedient and suggests that its time that Kiyoi battled her, only this time Kiyoi turns into an LRIG and lets Akira just attack her.

Hugging Kiyoi from behind, Akira tells Kiyoi to guess what will happen to Amika's life if Kiyoi chooses to hit back, before pulling out Remember's card. Remember cheerily reassures Akira that Kiyoi cares about her friend, so she'll do what she says. Continuing on, Akira further suggests that since Kiyoi used her to get revenge for her friend, then it's only fair that she should what she says this time for her friend, causing Allos Piruluk to be shocked by this display. Akira then pulls out Remember again and suggests that they get started now, so Kiyoi reluctantly does the same and the two cry out, "Open!" summoning a battlefield.

Meanwhile, in Carnival's hideout, Carnival is grabbing her jacket in preparation to leave when Layla angrily demands that she tell when she is going to have a real battle with Ruko Kominato. Carnival replies "Eventually, I promise" and remarks that she did her favor and appreciates what she (Layla) did. Layla angrily lashes out that they're just empty promises and yells that she held back against a powerful foe just for her and Carnival remarks that she knows and that she ordered her a pizza to say thank you for what she did. Layla gets even further upset by this and grabs Carnival by the collar declaring that they are not friends nor is she her subordinate and yells that she shouldn't forget that.

A nonchalant Carnival continues to brush Layla off by saying "Of course. There was something I wanted to see." and that she got the confirmation which she had originally wanted because of Layla, that Tama is the keyhole. Surprised, Layla asks Carnival what she means by "Keyhole," however, before Carnival can answer the pizza guy arrives with Carnival's order leading Carnival to straighten herself up before paying and collecting her pizza, complimenting the guy for being right on time as usual. The guy thanks her and Carnival instructs Layla to just hang back until the stage is set before leaving, causing Layla to impatiently cry out "Hey, wait!" After Carnival leaves, Layla punches the wall in anger.

At the same time, over at Suzuko Homura's place, Suzuko is getting changed and preparing for bed with Ril and Mel on her table watching her from within their cards. Seeing Suzuko's bra, Mel remarks "So that's the kind of underwear you like, Suzuko?" causing Suzuko to cover up her chest and yell at Mel in embarrassment. Taking advantage of this, Ril asks Mel about Chinatsu's underwear and Mel whispers it to Ril, causing Ril to reel back in shock. Suddenly interested, Suzuko asks what they were talking about and Mel replies that its better for her if she didn't know. Ril agrees, causing Suzuko to pout and calls them mean, before bursting into laughter with Ril and Mel.

After the group stops laughing, Suzuko remarks about how strange it feels, talking to the two of them at once and Ril agrees. Turning to Mel, Suzuko remarks that she was happy when she learned her name because it made her realize that Chinatsu hadn't forgotten about her. Mel smiles at this, but Ril then gets serious and brings up the matter of Chinatsu's memories again. Suzuko replies that she knows and explains that she wants to respect Chinatsu's feelings of wanting to get them back, but she doesn't know if that's honestly for the best because not all of her lost memories are good. However, Suzuko declares that she will give Chinatsu an answer, well because they're friends, relieving both Ril and Mel.

Back in the battlefield, the match is about to get on the way with Kiyoi starting off. From her platform, Akira commands Kiyoi to turn herself into a LRIG on her first turn and Remember chips in that she can't use defensive ARTS either. Hearing this, Allos Piruluk nervously turns to Kiyoi who reluctantly complies with Akira's commands and unlocks herself into an LRIG, before ending her turn. Seeing Kiyoi's humiliated display, Akira starts cheerfully laughing and declaring how its finally time for her to get her revenge and beat the hell out of her. Remember happily agrees and declares that they should have fun until all of her Life Cloth vanishes. Akira boldly declares that she is going to pound Kiyoi until she can barely stand, before turning her into a card and ripping her in half. Remember though suggests that they should stuff Kiyoi into a diary first.

Akira then orders Remember to attack and Remember goes flying over to Kiyoi's platform, before repeatedly slapping and punching Kiyoi. As Remember unleashes her beat down on Kiyoi, Remember ecstatically goes into a lustful rant about how much she loves the look on Kiyoi's face right now and about how much she loves Kiyoi, before kicking her to the ground. Panicking, a worried Allos Piruluk cries out Kiyoi's name and runs over to check on her, but Kiyoi remarks that she's fine as Akira ends her turn. Satisfied, Akira tells Kiyoi to quit wasting her time and say it, causing Kiyoi to stand up and declare her turn over. Seeing Kiyoi badly wounded, Allos Piruluk pleads for Kiyoi to fight back, but Kiyoi remarks that she can't because Amika's life is still in danger.

Kiyoi sadly declares that she won't fight back because she has to protect Amika. Kiyoi then recalls a time when she was still Amika's LRIG and how they made a contract together. Kiyoi promises to teach Amika how to fight and use her properly, because that's the only way she'll win and promises to her help win. Amika happily agrees with her. The scene then changes to Kiyoi's last battle with Amika and Kiyoi recalls how Amika had always believed in her, even when Kiyoi made her purposefully lose so that she could grant Amika's real wish by manipulating the reversing wish rule.

The scene then cuts to a more current time, where Amika and Kiyoi are deciding on what sort of crepe to get. Amika suggests that they get the Orange Green Tea Mushroom crepe while Kiyoi insists on the Choco-Banana Cilantro Crepe. The two start arguing, but Amika eventually relents and buys the one that Kiyoi wants. After the two buy the crepe, Kiyoi curiously asks why Amika always believes in her, even during the Selector Battles. Amika replies that it's kind of hard to explain, but maybe it's because they're friends. Kiyoi asks if its really just that and Amika replies what other reason does she need after all because she believed in Kiyoi, her mother was saved and that's why they're here right now. Amika declares that she's never gone wrong from believing in Kiyoi, so why should she stop now. Touched, Kiyoi stares as Amika bites into the the crepe and is delighted by how delicious it is. Amika then offers Kiyoi it and declares that Kiyoi was right as she believed in her choice and it turned out to be delicious.

Back in the present, a disheartened Kiyoi recalls that Amika was willing to believe in a girl like her, however, she put her in danger and begins berating herself. Allos Piruluk then intervenes and declares that she told Kiyoi before that she would help in any way besides committing suicidal action, however, Kiyoi just apologizes and says that she can't and that she'd rather disappear than lose Amika. Allos Piruluk becomes disbelieved, however before she can further, Akira butts in and asks what they are babbling about before declaring that it's her turn now. Akira then starts her turn by skipping her Grow Phase and ordering a direct attack on Kiyoi. Remember consents and starts another round of beatdowns on Kiyoi, remarking on how it is to play with her. Akira though orders Remember not to overdo it otherwise she'll ruin the fun. Remember replies that she knows as the battle phase ends and she returns to her platform. On the ground, a beaten Kiyoi struggles to get up while thinking about Amika. In the real world, Amika thinks about Kiyoi and begins determinedly struggling to undo her bindings.

Time then fast-forwards to Akira's turn who has ordered Remember to begin pummeling Kiyoi again. As Kiyoi defends herself against the attacks from an psychotically happy Remember who demands that they play even more, Kiyoi finds herself being punched onto the floor again. On her platform, Akira begins chuckling and manically laughing declaring how wonderful it is. Akira then starts stating her catchphrase "Lucky, lucky, super lucky, Aki-lucky!" as Remember starts stomping on Kiyoi. Back in the real world, Amika is struggling to undo her bindings while thinking about Kiyoi. Amika thinks that if this was like normal, then Kiyoi would definitely win against Akira, however, she knows that Kiyoi won't now because she's worried about her and that's not who she is.

Amika then recalls how Kiyoi was spacing out with a seriously worried expression back at the clothes store earlier in the day (Lostorage conflated WIXOSS Episode 7). In the flashback, Kiyoi who notices Amika's worried expression asks what's wrong and Amika happily remarks that it's nothing. Back in the present, Amika reminds herself that Kiyoi has been forcing herself to carry on so many burdens and has fought all by herself, so at the very least the thing that she can do to help her is to protect herself. As she's thinking this, Amika breaks free of the ropes and runs off to the battle site where Akira and Kiyoi are battling a couple of garages down.

In the battlefield, Kiyoi has collapsed from being beaten again by Remember who gleefully asks if she's done yet. On her platform, Akira arrogantly comments on how its feels so good to beat up on someone who can't fight back because it feels like it's always her turn this way, before boastfully laughing loudly again. Fed up, Allos Piruluk yells for Akira to stop and covers Kiyoi with her body. Irritated, Remember tells Allos Piruluk not to do that because she wants to play with Kiyoi, before kicking her repeatedly. Despite being in pain, Allos Piruluk reminds Kiyoi that she has a wish that she wants granted, the wish to end this cycle of darkness, however, Akira gets even more irritated and yells at Allos to get lost, as she still has a hostage.

However, Allos Piruluk keeps on protecting Kiyoi even as she gets beaten and sarcastically taunted by Remember and Akira. Eventually, Kiyoi tells Allos Piruluk to stop because she can't bear to see her get hurt too. Just when it seems bad, Kiyoi suddenly hears Amika's voice from the sky and calls out for her. Akira gets upset that Amika got away, but Amika keeps on calling out to Kiyoi in the battlefield from outside the garage door. From her spot, Amika screams out that she is fine and not hurt at all. As Kiyoi gets up, Amika apologizes for not being able to help her because she's not a Selector and that it hurt her to let Kiyoi fight alone, but if she can help Kiyoi by protecting herself, then she'll do it.....Amika then declares that she believes in her and begs Kiyoi to believe in her too and fight.

Hearing Amika's speech, Kiyoi becomes touched by Amika's words and finds the resolve to start standing up., However, Akira is not pleased and tells Amika to butt out and "Shut up!" as it was getting to the good part. Back to her feet, Kiyoi boldly asks if her attack is over and coldly demands that Akira declare it. Slightly intimidated, Akira declares her turn over while Kiyoi begins her turn by growing herself. Kiyoi then summons two Manomins. Before declaring her next move, Kiyoi calmly reminds Akira that she has one coin left and asks if she knows what happens to a Selector who has lost all of their coins. An irritated Akira just yells at Kiyoi to "Shut up!" in response, stating that she doesn't care what happens, so Kiyoi calmly informs her that the price for losing all of your coins is that her entire existence disappears.

Confused, Akira is taken aback and asks what's going on. However, Remember just sighs and asks Kiyoi why she had to tell Akira that because she was going to tell her at the right time, Remember then re-confirms what Kiyoi said that "A Selector who loses all of their coins disappears....from this world. Literally, there's nothing left." A horrified Akira is shocked, however, Kiyoi continues on with her speech and declares that at first she was still unsure about whether she'd be willing to go that far to have her wish granted, however, Kiyoi declares that she won't hesitate anymore for the sake of herself and all of her friends. A confident and bold Kiyoi then reaffirms her oath to permanently end the Selector Battles for good and further declares that she won't lose to her. Remember asks if she is saying that she is going to make Akira disappear, however, Akira just boastfully laughs and declares that she's fine with disappearing because anything is better than her current terrible life with her scars.

Having finished talking, Kiyoi signals Piruluk and the two of them use the ARTS, Worst Condition to unleash some damage on Remember. Kiyoi then ends her turn. On her next turn, Akira starts by using Remember's Coin Bet skill 'Astrology,' which allows Remember to predict what will happen on the next turn. As Remember starts predicting using multiple fortune telling methods, Akira declares that she will find what Kiyoi's next attack will be, however, Remember declares that she can't tell her. Hearing that, Akira angrily asks Remember if she is picking a fight with her, but Remember reassures her that she isn't and that her prediction was that they won't know what Kiyoi's next attack will be. Akira asks what she means by that and Kiyoi illuminates her by using a Key Card to summon Milulun to the field.

After a flashy introduction by Milulun, Kiyoi activates Milulun's Coin Bet Skill, 'Happening' to activate a random card effect. A frustrated Akira cries out that Kiyoi stole Milulun from her, however, the card effect still hits Remember and causes her to collapse on the field, taking down Akira's last life cloth. Kiyoi then lands on Akira's platform intending to finish her off. Seeing that she is about to lose, Akira starts breaking down in disbelief that she is about to disappear and starts yelling about how it can't be over yet because she still has much that she wants to do. Akira then recalls that she's got a swimsuit photo shoot tomorrow and starts talking about how the swimsuit is a little revealing, but her manager reassures her that it will sell as she has a nice body and all of her fans are looking forward to it.

At the mention of this, Akira starts crying and screaming about how she doesn't want to disappear, however, Kiyoi keeps walking up to her. Staring at Kiyoi, Akira goes to grab her, but instead places her hand on the platform and starts crying as she restates her profile that her name is Akira Aoi, a beautiful high school girl and a popular model, whose hobbies are shopping and WIXOSS and that her favourite foods are strawberries and melons. Akira then screams that she doesn't want to disappear again over and over again before finally screaming it out, one last time. Pulling herself back up, Remember remarks that Kiyoi's face is so scary, before finally declaring that she really hates Kiyoi. Looking at Remember, Kiyoi declares that she hates her too before punching Remember's lights out and winning the match. As the platform starts disappearing, Remember and Akira start fading away into sparkle.

Realizing that she's disappearing, Akira smiles one last time as the battlefield fades away. Back in the real world, Kiyoi stares at the spot where Akira once was and picks up Akira's dropped pen. Kiyoi contemplates if this is what it means to disappear and squeezes her Key Card. Suddenly remembering Amika, Kiyoi runs outside and looks around for her. Hearing Amika calling out to her, Kiyoi turns around and sees Amika who asks if she is alright. Instead of responding, Kiyoi runs up and hugs Amika admitting that she was so scared as she thought that she was going to lose her. With tears in her eyes, Amika smiles and happily admits the same thing and asks if she understands how she feels now.

Breaking the hug, Amika places a hand on Kiyoi's cheek. Seeing the rope burns on Amika's arms, Kiyoi apologizes and thanks Amika. Grabbing Kiyoi's hands, Amika declares that she forgives Kiyoi and the two start laughing. Suddenly, Kiyoi is alerted by Allos Piruluk that something strange is going on because she should have 5 coins now and be getting her memories back. Kiyoi states that Piruluk is right, but nothing is going on and asks what is going on. Kiyoi guesses that the coins aren't the victory conditions, however, Allos Piruluk can't declare whether she's right or not because she wasn't told anything about it. Amika then calls out to Kiyoi, but Kiyoi chooses to focus on the current issue and alert Hanna and Suzuko about it via text message.

In Hanna's apartment, Hanna picks up her phone and is shocked by the revelation, while Suzuko in her own bedroom is devastated by the news. Meanwhile in Ruko's room, Tama and Yuzuki are sleeping in their cards when Carnival sneaks into Tama's card and kidnaps Tama calling her the "Keyhole" again. The episode then ends with Ruko walking back into her room after a bath and discovering an empty card with Tama missing.

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Kiyoi Mizushima vs Akira Aoi - Kiyoi Wins / Akira is erased from existence.

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  • When a Selector loses all of their coins, the Selector fades away and is erased from existence.
  • It's confirmed that the coin rule of winning by gaining all 5 gold coins is in void.
  • Akira kept the same pen that she stabbed Urith with in Selector spread WIXOSS.

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  1. English translation of Episode 8 Synopsis from the Japanese Official Lostorage conflated WIXOSS website by PhoenixRising88. Source:

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