Friends/Bonds and Chains
Lostorage incited WIXOSS Episode 5
Tomodachi / Kizuna to Kusari
Japanese Air Date

November 4, 2016

Opening Lostorage
Ending Undeletable
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Friends/Bonds and Chains (友達/絆と鎖 Tomodachi / Kizuna to Kusari) is the fifth episode of Lostorage incited WIXOSS TV anime series. The episode aired on November 4, 2016.

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Coin Bet Skills Used:

  • Blind
  • Honest

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Chinatsu and Suzuko are finally reunited, but it doesn't go like Suzuko had hoped. Chinatsu wants to be rid of her memories of Suzuko. Then the bookmaker sets Hanna up in a game with Suzuko. Suzuko is unable to refuse, and is forced to fight a superior player.  (Source: Crunchyroll Synopsis)

Recap Edit

The episode begins right where the previous episode left off with Chinatsu and Suzuko’s reunion in the playground. Shocked by the changes occurring in Chinatsu, Suzuko asks her “Why? What happened?” Suzuko then starts describing what Chinatsu was like before. However, Chinatsu just giggles and starts talking about how Suzuko hasn’t changed a bit. Chinatsu then goes on saying that there is something that she doesn’t need inside of her and that’s Suzuko.

After the opening, the episode continues with Chinatsu explaining how much she treasured her memories of their time together, and how even after all this time she couldn’t forget about Suzuko. Suzuko replies that she was the same and that she had never forgotten about her either. She further proclaims that it was because of Chinatsu that she came this far. However, Chinatsu goes on further saying that it was also hard for her because she was constantly trying to live up to Suzuko’s ideal vision of her. Chinatsu further admits that because she was doing that, she ended up tying herself down and became weaker as a result. Suzuko is in disbelief by what Chinatsu is saying.

Chinatsu then further explains that when she lost a Selector Battle, she finally realized something as her memory was slipping, having only one coin left. Chinatsu states that at that moment she felt a sense of liberation that she never felt before, like the chains that were binding her were disappearing. Chinatsu admits that she was willing to lose at that point, willing to relinquish her memories, just so that her weak self would disappear. Chinatsu then puts on creepy smile, as she recalls what Satomi told her about the punishment for losing (LRIG taking over her body) and how she deserved a better stage because if she won she could create/alter/delete or restore a memory if she wanted to.

Chinatsu continues on about how she could cut the chains that bind her and live as freely as she wants if she wins, before declaring that she is going to get stronger, win the Selector Battles and finally rid herself of Suzuko. Hearing this, Suzuko becomes saddened and upset, calling out for Chinatsu and saying how much she loves her as a friend and how much she wanted to be Chinatsu’s equal.

However, Chinatsu just gets irritated by her whining and starts yelling at her to shut up. Additionally, Chinatsu tells Suzuko to stop using her for her own purposes anymore and that she is pissing her off, stomping on the Mel doll as images of a young Suzuko is playing calling out for Chinatsu. Suzuko falls to her knees in shock of this revelation. Finally, Chinatsu welcomes Suzuko back before walking off, and saying a permanent goodbye to her friend.

During this time, Hanna is just watching the events play out, and watches as Chinatsu walks off. Hanna takes one more look at Suzuko before walking off. The scene then shifts to someone who has been recording the whole conversation on his mobile phone. That person is revealed to be Kou Satomi who was hiding inside the rocket slide. Satomi then walks away, watching Suzuko cry her eyes out.

The scene then shifts to night with Suzuko walking home in deep contemplation and crying about she didn’t want to lose the memories that she shared with Chinatsu, and how maybe she was the only one who felt this way. Ril looks at her concerned as Suzuko’s tears hit her card. Suzuko is then seen holding the Mel doll, thinking about how Chinatsu doesn’t need their shared memories, and wonders if that is how Chinatsu really feels as rain comes pouring down on her.

The scene then switches to Hanna’s room with Hanna working out strategies, while thinking about the events that have occurred and about what Chinatsu said about her real self. Nanashi notices her concern and says how Hanna is being a busybody today, and wonders if it is because of Chinatsu. Nanashi then continues by stating how Hanna and Chinatsu are alike because they are both battling for their own reasons like most people do, and that life brings all sorts of unexpected events. Hanna just pulls down Nanashi’s card in response.

Hanna then goes into the living room, sadly staring at some toys e.g. cars & robots that look like they belong to a boy. She starts remembering about a younger version of herself pulling a boy’s arm along, but when she goes to turn around, he is gone. A flashback is then seen of Hanna’s family crying implying that the boy may’ve passed away some time ago. As Hanna goes to touch the robot, she hears the sound of the door opening. Hanna’s older sister appears from the door, asking her what’s wrong. Hanna nervously makes up an excuse saying that she’s taking break, because she has writer’s block.

Understanding, Hanna’s sister offers to make her special Café au Lait, however, Hanna just states that she doesn’t have to worry, she’ll just sleep the writer’s block off. Hanna’s sister tells her goodnight, though it is obvious that she can tell that something is wrong with Hanna. Hanna’s sister sadly turns around and stares at the toys. In the corridor, Hanna just stands there silently.

The scene then switches to the Chinatsu’s school, the next day. It is a free period, and all of the girls are complaining about their tests results and their parents. However, Chinatsu is seen to be studying. Irritated at everyone else, Chinatsu goes into the hallway saying how stupid everyone is being.

The scene then switches to a store where a trio of boys are staring at magazines, two of them are staring at the models, and stating how cute the girls in the magazines are. One of the boys asks for the 3rd one’s (Shohei Shirai's) opinion on the girls, but Shohei is not paying attention as he is reading a soccer magazine. The boy notes about how much Shohei loves soccer and asks if he is gonna join their high school soccer team. But, Shohei dismisses the question, stating how he can’t anymore. The boy’s attention is then drawn away by his friend seeing another cute girl in the magazine.

As his friend goes to look, a mysterious voice (Dona) alerts Shohei to a nearby Selector. Shohei looks out the window and sees Chinatsu being harassed by two boys for a date. Seeing this, Shohei comes to her rescue, in the process Mel alerts Chinatsu to Shohei’s status as a Selector.  When it looks like the two boys are about to starts a fight, Chinatsu grabs Shohei’s hand and they run away. The two of them escape into a small alley. In the alley, as Shohei is panting, Chinatsu who is still holding Shohei’s hand begins remembering about how she and Suzuko once held hands when they were younger.

Shohei then snaps at her, to which Chinatsu rebuts saying that she saved him, but Shohei further rebuts stating that he is the one who saved her. Chinatsu then asks him if it’s okay for him to be running because she had heard that he had injured it some time ago, to which he replies that he can, but he can’t play soccer anymore because of it. Chinatsu then asks him if he is a Selector. Shohei replies by stating that she is one too. Chinatsu then asks if he wants to “do it,” by that she means a Selector Battle.

Shohei gets embarrassed by the question, and even though Chinatsu says she’s fine with doing it, Shohei states that he doesn’t fight battles. Shocked by his statement, Chinatsu reminds him about the time limit on his coins. Though Shohei states that he knows about that. Chinatsu then asks for the reason why he doesn’t battle. Shohei answers that he did do it once. He then tells her about the one time he did battle. Shohei explains that he was in a battle with a girl who used a Red deck.

In the flashback, the girl attacks him with Phosphorescent Samsara, however he cancels her attack with Pinch Defense. Dona notes that he made a good card choice. He then summons Apparition Nurari, attacks her, and wins. After the battle Shohei shows his elation at winning, as the girl drops to her knees. Dona congratulates him, saying that battles feel good in a ‘I told you so’ way. Shohei agrees even after Dona asks him if it feels better than soccer, and then goes to thank the girl for the battle.

However, the girl is bitter and snaps at him, asking him if he is really that happy to win. She then angrily tells them that because he beat her, she’s now done for. She then starts panicking repeating over and over that she doesn’t want to disappear, biting her nails until they bleed. The flashback ends with Shohei getting freaked out and running away, thinking that he is better off not fighting those battles.

The scene switches back to Shohei in the alley telling Chinatsu that he doesn’t want to win if it means hurting others. He then tells that he’ll still win if he still has coins at the end of the 90-day time limit. Chinatsu appears confused by his statement, but Shohei explains that he’ll still lose part of his memories by winning that way. Chinatsu tries to ask him something, but Dona interrupts explaining how she accidentally blurted it out when both she and Shohei got into a fight about whether he should fight or not, and how he stopped wanting to fight after hearing that.

Shohei winds up getting upset at Dona, slamming his hand over her card and telling her to “Butt out”. Still confused, Chinatsu asks him if he’s really okay with winning that way, as he can’t choose which memories will he’ll get to keep that way. However, Shohei shrugs it off saying that it’s better than fighting battles. Shohei then reminds Chinatsu of what she had once told him.

The scene then cuts to a flashback from when Shohei and Chinatsu were at the same middle school. Shohei is seen sitting at his deck listening to other students whispering about how he hurt himself before a big tournament and how his chances of getting a scholarship are now down to zero because of it. Hearing them pity him, he walks out into the hallway with his crutches where Chinatsu spots him. At the soccer field, a soccer ball comes rolling towards Shohei who grimaces at it. Chinatsu then comes and picks up the ball to Shohei’s surprise.

They are next seen sitting down with Shohei explaining to Chinatsu that his leg got broken because he was practicing too much and he injured it. Shohei admits that he brought it upon himself, and that he’s planning on forgetting soccer in order to enjoy lots of other stuff from now on. He then invites Chinatsu to join him, but she just replies by asking him if he can really forget soccer so easily. She then states that forgetting is wrong, because it would put all of the hard effort and all of the important deep emotions that he had invested in it to waste and that he can still love soccer even if he can’t play it. She then leaves telling him to cheer up, leaving behind a blushing Shohei. The flash back ends with Shohei telling Chinatsu that what she told him, saved him that day.

Back in the present, Shohei and Chinatsu are walking across a bridge at sunset with Shohei telling Chinatsu that it’s because of what she said, that he doesn’t want to lie to himself in these battles. Blushing, he then states that all of his memories with Chinatsu is important to him too, and that if given the option, he hopes that he could maybe change the memory of when Chinatsu turned him down.

Hearing that, Chinatsu apologizes as she wants to get rid of her memories of Suzuko, although she says it to him as "something that she doesn’t need". She goes on saying to the confused Shohei that it’s because of that, that she is betting everything on this fight. Chinatsu then reconfirms her resolve to win the battles and to get rid of the thing that binds her. Chinatsu then walks away saying to him that the version of her that he knew wasn’t really her.

Hearing that, Dona suddenly yells out that Shohei got rejected again, irritating Shohei. Dona yells it out again, but Shohei tells her to shut up, clamping his hand over her card. Shohei then looks on at the departing Chinatsu. 

In Satomi's shop, Satomi is scribbling in his notebook about the nature of Chinatsu’s and Suzuko’s relationship with a note next to Chinatsu’s name stating that it may be too soon for something. His mobile then rings with Hanna’s name popping up on the screen. Satomi answers the call. He responds saying that he was thinking it was about time to arrange Hanna with an opponent. He then states that he’ll set her up with the perfect opponent, before asking her who is it that she wants to fight.

The scene then shifts to Suzuko’s school, the next day, with school having just ended. Suzuko is staring out of the window at her desk, remembering all the things that Chinatsu said to her about wanting to be rid of her. Suzuko mentions how Chinatsu thinks that she is no good right now, asking herself what it is that she should do now. The Mel doll is seen attached to her bag with the Ril doll. Ril then tells her that she should battle, Suzuko turns and looks at her sadly. The scene then cuts to Hanna walking past the shoe lockers, she looks up and sees Suzuko waiting for her. Suzuko turns to Hanna and says that she wants to talk to Hanna about something. Hanna agrees.

The scene then changes to Hanna and Suzuko walking together, with Hanna asking her what did she want to tell her. Suzuko says that she wants to know Hanna’s opinion on the whole Chinatsu issue. Suzuko states her disbelief at Chinatsu’s words and thinks that Chinatsu doesn’t really feel that way, however, Hanna expresses her doubts. Hanna asks Suzuko about what she means by “really” and if the answer that Chinatsu gave her is really that bad. In fact, Hanna says that she sympathize with her, as she believes that it’s good for a person to realize who they really are. Hanna continues on by saying that if a person decides that friendship is unnecessary then they as their friend should respect that decision. However, despite Hanna’s opinion, Suzuko rebuts by saying that she can’t ignore her friend exactly because they’re friends. Hanna is mystified by the word “Friends……”

Suddenly, Suzuko hears the beep from her mobile. Hanna tells her to go ahead and check the message, so Suzuko pulls out her mobile and looks at it. She sees that it’s one of Satomi’s notification of a match texts. Suzuko is confused by the text, saying that it has to be some sort of mistake. However, Hanna reminds her of the conditions of the contract that she signed with Satomi, that once she entered she couldn’t turn down a battle. Opening and reading the text, Suzuko is surprised to see that Hanna is her next opponent.

At Chinatsu’s apartment, Chinatsu has just returned home. There are piles of boxes in the hallway as her family is preparing to move to a new house. Sighing, Chinatsu puts on a fake smile and greets her parents who look troubled. Chinatsu’s mother welcomes her back home, noting how early she is, and asks if she finished her shift. Chinatsu says “yes” and notes that her father has come home early today too. Chinatsu’s mother tells her that they have something that they want to talk about concerning the university that Chinatsu wants to attend. 

Chinatsu’s father tries to tell her that because of financial troubles, they won’t be able to send her to the university that she wants to go to. But, Chinatsu stubbornly proclaims that she won’t give up on it. Her mother tries to calm her saying that they’re not telling that she can’t go to university, it’s just that they can’t send her to a top-class one. However, Chinatsu continues to proclaim that she won’t give up. Chinatsu then runs out of the apartment with her mother calling after her.

Back in the battlefield, Suzuko has just been attacked. Suzuko and Hanna each have 3 gold coins. Suzuko is stunned at having to fight Hanna, however, Hanna demands that she fights her seriously especially if she has something that she wants to take back. Suzuko rebuts saying how she can’t fight Hanna, but Hanna states that its only reasonable that they fight because they’re both Selectors. Hanna further states that it is their responsibility as Selectors to use the battles to get what they want, and that her other reason for fighting Suzuko is that she has a pure interest in battling her as a player.

Suzuko is shocked by Hanna’s declaration, but then Ril calls out to her, Ril asks Suzuko why she fights. Suzuko goes to say that she fights for Chinatsu’s sake, but Hanna suddenly warns her that she shouldn’t underestimate this. Hanna goes on saying that Selectors must fight for their own sake not for the sake of others. Chinatsu is then seen running across a bridge. She stops mid-way, thinking to herself that she won’t lose, that she won’t let the reality of her family’s troubles beat her. She reconfirms her resolve to fight and get what she truly wants.

It then switches back to the battlefield where Nanashi is launching an attack on Suzuko with Hanna activating Spread Death. Suzuko counters with a counter strike and both attacks cancel each other out. Suzuko appears scared and concerned. On her turn, Suzuko orders Ril to grow. Suzuko then summons Garnet Star, and orders Ril to banish Hanna’s center. She then orders Ril to attack. Ril attacks Nanashi which puts her on edge, and destroys Hanna’s Parain in the process. After the attack, Nanashi drops to her knees, while Hanna is surprised by Suzuko’s strategy as she didn’t think that card could be used in a Valor deck.

However, Hanna is not dismayed, she stares at Suzuko stating that power is just a vessel that’s meaningless without a strong will backing it up. Hanna then proclaims that she is different than Suzuko. Hanna then grows Nanashi and activates her Coin Bet Skill “Blind” which covers the battlefield in a dark mist. Suzuko notices how she can’t see a thing, as Hanna ends her turn. Hanna then asks what Suzuko will do now.

On her next turn, Suzuko is contemplating whether to attack or defend. On Ril’s suggestion, she activates her own Coin Bet Skill “Honest.” Hanna is surprised by the sparkles, however, Nanashi states that she'd probably activated her coin skill. Suzuko then boldly asks Hanna if there are any traps hidden in her cards. Hearing the question, Nanashi makes a sarcastic remark asking Hanna if she is really going to answer her, but when she turns around to look at Hanna struggling to not answer. In her mind, Hanna is grasping the coin’s effect, explaining to herself that Suzuko’s skill is forcing her to answer the question truthfully.

Hanna answers that Suzuko is correct, that there are traps hidden in her cards, and that she has a method of counterattacking. Based on this info, Suzuko ends her turn. At the end of Suzuko’s turn, Blind’s effect is nullified and the mist clears up, however to Suzuko’s surprise there are not traps on Hanna’s field. Suzuko then realizes that she should’ve attacked, as Hanna explains that she didn’t lie, but that the proper question that Suzuko should’ve asked was "Where are your traps?" Suzuko is in a state of disbelief by this, but Hanna states that it’s a certainty and proclaims that it’s her win. Hanna then attacks with the support of two Oigona. As Ril gets hit and collapses, Suzuko cries out for her.

Shocked by the sudden turn of events, Suzuko drops to her knees. Giving up, Suzuko asks Ril what should she do. Seeing this, Hanna gets mad at her for letting her weakness of over-relying on others control her. Hanna then gives Suzuko some advice, that since Suzuko is the Selector, she should be the one fighting. Hanna then asks Suzuko if she intends to keep on averting her eyes from this fact.

Ril gets up, asking Suzuko for her next command, but Suzuko just ends her turn. Ril yells out Suzuko’s name, upset at how Suzuko has given up. Hanna states her conclusion that they are Selectors and that at all times, there are only winners and losers. Hanna then activates Ancient Gate and attacks. As Suzuko and Ril are falling from the crumbling battle platform, Suzuko starts recalling Chinatsu’s words again, about how Suzuko hasn’t changed a bit, how Chinatsu told Suzuko to not use her for own purposes anymore, and Chinatsu’s farewell. The screen then goes black, and both Hanna and Suzuko are returned to reality.

The scene then changes to Hanna exiting the old factory where she and Suzuko were having their battle in. Hanna looks back at the factory thinking about Suzuko before walking off. Inside the factory, Suzuko is on her knees asking herself why does she have to fight battles, why is all of this happening to her. She then starts crying on Ril’s card. As she’s crying asking herself why again, Ril answers saying that she just has to prove it. Ril continues saying that if Suzuko thinks that she’s correct, that if she really doesn’t want to lose, then she should use her. Suzuko is surprised by that answer.

The scene then swaps to a busy crowded street. The sound of a phone dialing is heard. It is Chinatsu making the call. She replies saying that she will take on that job for the mysterious person on the other end of the line. Ending the call, Chinatsu stares at her phone. As the scene pans back to street, the episode ends with her saying to herself that she won’t lose.

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Hanna Mikage vs Suzuko Homura - Hanna Win

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  • It is revealed that when a Selector bets a coin and loses, they end up losing one coin and the amount of coins that they bet. However, if a Selector bets a coin and wins, then that Selector will not only keep the coin that they bet, but get one coin for winning. For example, both Suzuko and Hanna both had 3 coins at the start of the battle. However, because Suzuko bet one of her coins and lost, she loses two coins, leaving her with only one coin left. Whilst Hanna keeps the coin she bet and gains one coin for winning leaving her with 4 coins at the end of the match.

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