Battle/Past and Present
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Batoru / Kako to Genzai
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November 11, 2016

Opening Lostorage
Ending Undeletable
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Battle/Past and Present (バトル/過去と現在 Batoru / Kako to Genzai) is the sixth episode of Lostorage incited WIXOSS. The episode first premiered on November 11, 2016.

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Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Chinatsu is determined to be rid of her memories of Suzuko, and she'll do whatever it takes to make that happen. Even if that means working with the bookmaker, and forcing other selectors to sign contracts that could cost them their memories. When he sets up a fight between her and Suzuko though, will she really be willing to make her old friend disappear? (Source: Crunchyroll Synopsis)

Recap[edit | edit source]

The episode begins with a guy walking in the street among a crowd of people. As the guy walks down an alley, a female voice calls out to him by name. Turning around the guy sees that it is Chinatsu as she addresses him as Hidehiko Kanae, the Selector.

Hidehiko asks her if she is one too and further asks how it is that she knows his name. But, Chinatsu interjects asking if he has heard of the Bookmaker, to which he replies that he’s heard the rumors of him, at least. Chinatsu then goes on explaining what the Bookmaker does, and how he won’t have to worry about finding an opponent when his time limit draws near in a seductive voice. She then says that if he likes, she could introduce Hidehiko to him.

However, despite Chinatsu saying all of this though, Hidehiko gets freaked out by her because of the bad vibe coming off her. He wonders who is she and how does she know so much about him, as Chinatsu smiles creepily. Hidehiko then tells her that he’ll pass on her offer, as it looks like she’s planning something. Chinatsu says “That’s a shame.” She then re-introduces herself, by challenging him to a battle, and asks him “Want to do it with me? (Battle)” in a seductive manner again.

The episode then properly opens on a battlefield with Hidehiko launching an attack on Chinatsu and Mel. He has 2 gold coins with him, while Chinatsu has 3. As the attack is about to hit Chinatsu, she initiates Guard blocking the attack. Frustrated, Hidehiko launches a string of attacks against Chinatsu, but all of them fail. Slamming his hand against the battle platform, Hidehiko then ends his turn.

On Chinatsu’s turn, Chinatsu grows Mel and proceeds to summon 2 SIGNIs. She then activates her Coin Bet Skill “Berserk,” and launches a full attack against Hidehiko and his LRIG. She then ends her turn. On Hidehiko’s next turn, Hidehiko recklessly attacks with everything he’s got due to Berserk’s effect. Despite his LRIG turning around and trying to get him to see reason and to use his coin, Hidehiko just ends up telling his LRIG to shut up and attacks anyway. He does this on the misguided belief that if he hits Chinatsu one more time, he can win the battle. He then summons three SIGNI and launches a full attack. However, as his LRIG goes to attack, Chinatsu then activates the ARTS End of Heart,” which reflects his attack back onto his LRIG who screams as one of Hidehiko’s cards turn black. The battle then ends.

Back in the alley, Chinatsu states that Hidehiko has only one coin left now. She then suggests that if he can’t find an opponent then she could always introduce to the Bookmaker if he wants. Despondent, Hidehiko lowers in head having given up.

The scene then shifts to Satomi’s shop where Satomi is clapping, congratulating Chinatsu on a job well done. Satomi then talks about how moved he is by her, because she already obtained a contract for him. He then suggests that she might be cut out for this job and that he may’ve found some unexpected talent. Though, Chinatsu rebuts by saying that she only did as she was told, Satomi replies by saying that only doing what she was told was the amazing part. Satomi continues on saying that not everyone is cut out for this job, and that in order to do you have to be strong in battles and in your heart too.

Satomi then asks Chinatsu why she accepted the job in the first place, to which she replies that she wanted to get a job quickly, in other words, she wanted fast money. Satomi notes the irony of it, before stating that he will of course, pay her the money as promised. He then gives Chinatsu a slip of paper and tells her that it has the name of her next target on it.

The scene then shifts to an elementary school, the next day. Students are walking out of it, so it’s about 3-4 o’clock in the afternoon. We then see Rio walking out of the school with one of her friends, who tells her that she’ll see her tomorrow. Rio replies with an “Okay, bye,” before walking off in a different direction. Before she gets too far though, she bumps into Chinatsu who greets her. Rio recognizes that she’s the Selector lady that she had previously battled, keeping her guard up. Rio then asks her, if she is here for a rematch, but Chinatsu says no. Chinatsu tells her that she is here because she wanted to play with Rio today. Rio is confused by this.

After agreeing, the pair then go to an arcade where they play on many of the machines there e.g. crane game and Taiko Drums game. The pair even go into a photo booth together and take cute pictures together. After playing for a while, they then go to a playground where Rio tells Chinatsu about her deceased mother who died when she was in the 3rd grade. Rio states her desire to see her mother again, and how she kept on praying to God to let her see her again, but she ended up becoming a Selector. She then goes on explaining how she named her LRIG Mama, because she was similar to her Mama. Mama then says that it makes her happy that Rio thinks of her that way.

Rio then starts talking about how Mama scolds her like a Mama too, to which Mama replies that she can’t help but say those things whenever she sees Rio doing stuff like that. Rio giggles and then replies that she can’t but listen to her when she does tell her off.  Rio then makes a sad face, and mentions that Mama isn’t her real Mother, so she’s decided to use the Selector Battles to get her real mother back. Rio then reminds Chinatsu of the reward for winning the battles, before going on to mention that she is going to win the battles and erase the memory of her mother’s death. She thinks that if she does then her mother will come back to life.

Chinatsu is shown to be a bit sad because she knows the truth, that even if you erase a memory of a person’s death, it doesn’t mean that they’ll come back to life.  Mama is then shown smiling, as Mel compliments Rio on how smart she is. Smiling at Chinatsu, Chinatsu begrudging invites Rio to join Satomi’s network by talking about how if she wants to do that then she’ll have to fight battles, and to do that she needs to find Selectors first. She then talks about how convenient it’ll be for her, if she has someone who can book matches for her, instead of having her going around looking for Selectors. As Rio agrees, Chinatsu asks her to join Satomi’s network. Rio elatedly asks Chinatsu for Satomi’s location.

The scene then cuts to Suzuko walking up some steps in her high school. She bumps into Hanna on the way up, but she can’t bring herself to talk to her and walks away. During lunchtime, Suzuko is seen talking to Ril while eating her lunch outside. Suzuko asks Ril if she is dependent on her, and if she has then has been dependent on other people as well, like Hanna said. She then further says that if that’s the case, then is it the reason why Chinatsu suddenly hates her. Suzuko then tries to confirm that Ril is made up of her memories of Chinatsu, to which Ril replies that its true. Upset, Suzuko continues asking Ril if she is helping her because she is Suzuko’s friend or if it is because……Suzuko then stops her sentence there and apologizes saying “What am I saying?” to herself. She then apologizes again.

Back at Satomi’s base, Satomi is seen giving Chinatsu her pay for the work she did. Satomi tells her that he has added a little bit extra to her pay because he’s glad to have her on board. Chinatsu places the envelope with her money into her bag, and then asks Satomi if Rio made the contract with him. Satomi admits that she did, thanks to her. He then looks at her face and asks her if she has something that she wants to say. Chinatsu then asks if it was necessary to get a little girl involved in this. Satomi replies that he doesn’t understand what she is saying. Chinatsu then replies by talking about his methods, stating that he wants to make people battle to the point of desperation, and then enjoy watching as they struggle.

Chinatsu then continues by saying how Rio only wants to win the battles to escape from the fact that her mother’s dead. Satomi then replies by stating that one should be free to wish for whatever reward one desires for victory, because after all one can’t escape from the battles. He then goes on to tell her that people like him just help them out a bit. He then asks if Chinatsu is actually developing a conscious or feeling sympathetic towards her, and asks if it is because they’re similar. Chinatsu denies this, but Satomi then accuses her of doing the same thing as Rio by getting trying to get rid of Suzuko. Chinatsu then asks him what’s he trying to say, but then Satomi repeats her declaration of war against Suzuko word for word. Satomi then asks Chinatsu if she can really give up and get rid of the chains that bind her. Chinatsu then asks what Satomi means by that. Satomi then replies that he doesn’t know if somebody who sympathizes with a little girl can actually bring herself to get rid of her best friend.

Mel can only look on with concern, as Chinatsu states that of course she can get rid of Suzuko and that she’s doing it for her own sake. Chinatsu then declares that this is the reason why she’s here. After hearing that, Satomi admits that he’s looking forward to the moment when he can see her shed her skin and transform into a truly beautiful and strong creature. However, Chinatsu disregards him saying that it doesn’t matter because she’s getting rid of Suzuko for her own reasons. Satomi then gets close to her and tells that she’s a good girl and that he’ll tell her something nice.

Using a paper fortune origami and in a squeaky cartoony voice, Satomi tells Chinatsu that Suzuko lost a battle and now has only one coin left. Surprised by that news, Chinatsu glares at Satomi who tells her not to betray his expectations of her while moving his puppet’s mouth using his regular voice. Chinatsu just continues to glare at him, with Mel looking on even more concerned. The scene then ends with a close up of a clock.

It then cuts to later, with Suzuko walking up a set of stairs on her way home. She then gets a call from someone, which she answers. The call is from Satomi who thanks her for the last battle, and says that it is too bad that she lost. Satomi then apologizes and tells her that he has another battle for her. Turning her head to the other side of bridge, Suzuko becomes shocked seeing that Chinatsu is to be her opponent. Satomi then tells her from the other side of the line, that Chinatsu requested her.

The pair then go off to a deserted construction site. When they get there, Suzuko tries to talk to Chinatsu, saying that she had a lot of stuff that she wanted to say, but all she could sometimes was send her letters, but then those letters would get sent back to her. She then tells her that as soon as she moved back, she went to her old house, but she guessed that they moved or something and tells her that she thought that Chinatsu probably wasn’t even in the city anymore. Suzuko then tells Chinatsu that she was really happy when they met again, but the Chinatsu interrupts her.

Chinatsu asks Suzuko if she thought that everything that she had told her about hating her etc. was a lie, and that she was hoping that they could go back to being friends like they were before. Shocked, Suzuko’s face tells Chinatsu that it was the case. Chinatsu then goes on saying that Suzuko hasn’t changed not since they were children and even now into the future. Chinatsu then declares that Suzuko is a chain that binds her, before telling that it’s time to begin their battle with Mel in her hand. Mel then tells Suzuko that she can’t escape from this. Upset, Suzuko cries out “Open!” with Chinatsu.

After the intermission, it then opens up with the battlefield. Ril tells Suzuko that it’s her turn first, but Suzuko can only stand there silent. Suzuko then tells Ril to "Grow," however she doesn’t make a move after that, making Chinatsu on edge. Ril then turns around and confusedly calls out to Suzuko. Suzuko then tells Chinatsu about how she waited for a letter from her every day, and then asks to confirm that she was on the Middle School Girls Basketball Team and how she thought that it was like Chinatsu to do that. Ril then yells at Suzuko telling her that the battle has started. But, Suzuko just continues her speech by saying that she read that Chinatsu hoped to get into a private prep school and how even then she thought that it was like her.

Suzuko then starts going on about Hokkaido having a lot of snow, and that it was probably melting by now. She then says to herself what is she is saying. Ril looks on concerned at Suzuko, during this time. Suzuko continues telling Chinatsu with tears in her eyes that she missed her a lot and there was so much that she wanted to say to her when they met up again. Suzuko then starts crying and screams “So----!” Suddenly, Chinatsu interject, coldly asking her “Turn End?” Shocked, Suzuko ends her turn. Ril then yells at her asking if she understands that if she loses this battle, she’ll disappear because they only have one coin left. Ril then yells out Suzuko’s nickname.

Suddenly, Ril gets attacked, but Suzuko just ends her turn again depressed. Chinatsu then starts telling Suzuko about her past, about how her father’s company went bankrupt in her 3rd year of Middle School, about how her family sold the house, and how they had to move around a lot so she couldn’t send letters anymore. Chinatsu then mentions how she kept up part-time jobs while going to high school, and then angrily states about how thin of a tightrope she was walking because one slip would cause her to lose everything. Chinatsu’s anger then increases as she tells Suzuko how hard she worked, because every day was like that, how hard she had to work just to keep up that image Suzuko had of her.

She then continues telling Suzuko about how she got nothing out of it, but that she can feel it, that the Selector version of herself is her real self. She now has no one who’ll tie her down, she’s free and that she is getting stronger because of it. Chinatsu then goes to angrily declare that she can now see the ugliness inside of her, and that is Suzuko.

Seeing Chinatsu’s coin in her hand, Suzuko becomes shocked. Chinatsu then begins her turn by growing Mel, she then summons Mayo and activates her Coin Bet Skill “Berserk.” Ril tells Suzuko that she used her coin, whilst thinking to herself that Suzuko has to attack on her next turn. Mel then launches her attack on Ril. Seeing Ril get hurt, Suzuko cries out for her, as Chinatsu coldly ends her turn. Sore, Ril gets up and tells Suzuko to use her coin, as she can still win if she learns what Chinatsu has in her hand. Suzuko starts hesitating, but Ril reminds her that she’ll lose, and asks if she is really okay with losing. Suzuko tells her even still, she can’t fight Chinatsu.

Suddenly, Berserk’s effect starts kicking in, causing Suzuko to scream as the skill forces Suzuko to point her finger at Chinatsu. Chinatsu then tells her its hopeless, as she can’t defy Berserk. But, even as Suzuko struggles to break free from its effects, she is forced to order a full attack. Ril then attacks Chinatsu, however Chinatsu activates her ARTS, End of Heart which sends the attack back at Ril with Mel punching her. Seeing this, Suzuko tries to apologize, but Ril tells to just keep looking forward. Ril continues on saying that if she has something important to her, if she has a memory that she doesn’t want to lose, then she should fight for it. Despite this speech, Suzuko still shows hesitation. Chinatsu then realizes something, interrupting the moment with an “I see….” Suzuko looks at Chinatsu surprised, whilst Ril just glares at her.

Chinatsu then asks Suzuko if that LRIG is the one holding her hand right now, showing her disgust towards Ril, whilst remembering what she and Suzuko said about always being together, on that day when she gave Suzuko, Ril the plushie. She then says that it makes her want to vomit, exploding with rage, Chinatsu activates Berserk again whilst telling Suzuko to disappear and to not let her ever see her again. Suzuko gets shocked by her making this move again, but it’s too late, and Berserk gets activated again.

As Berserk’s effects try to overcome Suzuko again, Suzuko starts struggling against it by grabbing and trying to stop her arm from moving, as Ril will get hurt if she attacks again. But, Mel tells her that they had told that it was pointless. Suzuko hesitatingly summons Armile, Nohime and Percival and orders Ril to attack……the spot below her.

Shocked by her sudden order, Ril attacks one of the old battle stations beneath her. The attack bounces off of the station and blows apart some of the red blocks that makes up Suzuko’s battle platform. Confused by her moves, Mel tells Chinatsu that she attacked somewhere that wasn’t part of the field to block the counter. Mel then notes that Suzuko is an interesting girl, as she looks at the huffing and puffing Suzuko. Having caught her breath, Suzuko ends her turn.

On her turn, Chinatsu starts smiling and then orders Mel to "Grow." She then accessorizes Teaksauce with 2 Curries to give Steak the Lancer effect, before launching another attack at Suzuko. Chinatsu says her goodbyes to Suzuko. But, before the attack reaches Suzuko, Suzuko’s platform starts breaking apart, giving way and drops, causing Suzuko to not get hit by Chinatsu’s attack. This surprises Chinatsu as she looks on watching Suzuko’s platform reassemble itself. Chinatsu then asks herself if Suzuko did that deliberately, if she purposely used Berserk to protect herself.

On Suzuko’s side of the field, Suzuko who has regained her balance asks Ril if she is alright, to which Ril replies that she is. Suzuko then tells how glad she is that Ril is alright. In Chinatsu’s mind, Chinatsu realizes that she could never have come up with that strategy, because she doesn't have Suzuko's out of the box thinking and that it has always been this way since they were kids.

Chinatsu then starts remembering about a time when she and Suzuko were younger. In the memory, it is rainy day, and the playground that Chinatsu and Suzuko normally play in is soaking wet. Holding their umbrellas and seeing the rain, Suzuko notes how everything is wet, Chinatsu then asks her if they should go play at her house. But then, Suzuko suddenly comes up with a good idea. Suzuko then throws up her umbrella, takes off her rain boots, and proceeds to run through the playground barefoot.

As she’s doing this, Suzuko cries out that the wet ground is so cold, but feels good, she then yells out for Chinatsu to join her. But, just as Chinatsu is about to join her, some other girls show up asking Suzuko what she is doing. Suzuko then explains that how good running around barefoot in the rain feels. The other girls try it, and admits that she’s right, and that it does feel good. However, Chinatsu only stares on, not bringing herself to join them. In the present, Chinatsu thinks and admits to herself that she hated it.

Back in the memory, Chinatsu is staring up at the sky, as Suzuko waves goodbye to the other kids. Turning around, Suzuko sees Chinatsu with a blank expression on her face. The scene then switches to Chinatsu lecturing Suzuko while washing her feet, explaining how she shouldn’t run in the rain, because she’ll get a cold. Suzuko asks if she is going to get into trouble, but Chinatsu says that she’ll just make up some excuse that she fell and got dirty. Suzuko gets happy by this, as Chinatsu is wiping her feet and thanks Chinatsu.

Finished wiping her feet, Chinatsu tells Suzuko that she can put her rain boots on again. Putting her boots on again, Suzuko runs around and thanks Chinatsu once more. As the water drains out of the tap, Chinatsu proclaims that she’ll protect Suzuko. Whilst gripping her dirty rag, Chinatsu then tells her not to leave her. Suzuko says “Okay.”

As all of this goes on, Chinatsu mentally explains and admits to herself that she hated it, that she hated how Suzuko could obtain the things that she wanted so easily, with no effort at all. She additionally explains that she wanted to keep Suzuko’s smile to herself and that she hated herself for the twisted relationship that she was building with Suzuko. After finishing thinking this, Chinatsu screams out that she doesn’t need Suzuko and that she wants her to disappear from inside her. Suzuko cries out for her to wait, but Chinatsu orders Mel to attack. As Mel tries to attack, the battlefield suddenly starts breaking apart, and both Suzuko and Chinatsu are brought back to reality.

Waking up, Suzuko falls to her knees. She then turns around having heard the voice of a construction worker, who asks what are they doing here and who informs the both of them that they can’t be in here because this area is dangerous. Confused, Suzuko asks what's going on. Ril then explains that if a 3rd party approaches during the match, the match is cancelled. Picking up her bag, Chinatsu further explains that their match basically doesn’t count, as she starts walking away. Before disappearing, Chinatsu tells a worried Suzuko that she wished that Suzuko had disappear.

Later on that night, at Suzuko’s house, Suzuko is in her bedroom, looking at a photo of her and Chinatsu when they were younger. Suzuko mentions how serious Chinatsu was, remembering how Chinatsu angrily told her to disappear. Suzuko then starts asking herself, if she'd disappeared, if she didn’t fight any more battles and lose her memories, then would Chinatsu be happy. But, before she finishes her sentence, Ril asks her if she could abandon Chinatsu, reminding her that she is Chinatsu’s friend. Ril then further asks her if she is really okay with disappearing and abandon Chinatsu, to which Suzuko shakes her head as if to say "No".  Ril then goes on to say that Suzuko just has to protect Chinatsu then. Suzuko then says “Me?”

Ril continues by telling her to remember how she and Chinatsu met. In the flashback, a kindergarten aged Suzuko is seen picking up a red ball. Turning around, she sees an equally younger Chinatsu making a sandcastle in the sand pit. Suzuko goes up to her and tells her how big her sandcastle is and introduces herself to Chinatsu. Chinatsu then shyly replies with her name, to which Suzuko replies by giving her the nickname “Chi-chan” and smiles. The scenes then switch to various instances where Suzuko invites her to do stuff e.g. read a book together, walk to school together etc. As time passes, Suzuko and Chinatsu get closer to the point that they start holding hands and play together.    

After the flashback, Suzuko asks Ril why she is doing all of this, to which Ril replies that it’s because she has all of Suzuko’s memories inside of her. Suzuko then smiles and thanks Ril for that. She then stares backat the photo of her and Chinatsu, and thinks to herself about how different it was at the start and about the various ‘What ifs’ that she had come up with. The episode then ends with Suzuko resolving to not run away anymore.

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Chinatsu Morikawa vs Hidehiko Kanae - Chinatsu wins

Chinatsu Morikawa vs Suzuko Homura - No Count (Interference by 3rd Party)

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  • It is revealed that the 3rd party interference rule from the 1st round of Selector Battles is still in effect.

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