Evolution/Pure White and Pitch Black
Lostorage incited WIXOSS Episode 7
Shinka / Junpaku to Shikkoku
Japanese Air Date

November 18, 2016

Opening Lostorage
Ending Undeletable
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Evolution/Pure White and Pitch Black (進化/純白と漆黒 Shinka / Junpaku to Shikkoku) is the seventh episode of Lostorage incited WIXOSS. The episode first premiered on November 18, 2016.

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After her disastrous battle with Chinatsu, Suzuko is forced to make a decision: how far is she willing to go to save her friend? She starts bribing Hanna with delicious sweets from the local bakeries, and in exchange, Hanna teaches her how to get better at WIXOSS. Chinatsu, for her part, is continuing to work for the bookmaker, and drawing ever closer to a rematch with Suzuko.... (Source: Crunchyroll Synopsis)

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The episode begins with both Hanna and Suzuko facing each other in the school hallway. Suzuko starts bowing her head, asking Hanna to please teach her how to play WIXOSS. Hanna states her shock and asks her where this is coming from, to which Suzuko replies by telling Hanna that she has thought about a lot of stuff, and that she has decided that she must get stronger, before pleading with Hanna more.

Hanna gets confused by this and initially refuses Suzuko’s request, saying that she’s busy and has no time to help others. Suzuko begs her some more, but Hanna still refuses to help her. However, Hanna changes her mind once Suzuko offers to buy her some of Monjiya’s Daifuku which is a popular sweet that sells out quickly as payment for her lessons. Intrigued by this offer, Hanna then agrees to teach her, stating that Monjiya’s Daifuku is her favourite. Suzuko starts cheering in glee, though Hanna chides her saying she should be happy once she gets them for her. Suzuko then giggles embarrassed in response.

After the opening, Chinatsu is seen getting changed in one of the many shopping mall’s bathrooms. After getting changed, Chinatsu proceeds to leave the building. At the same time, she enters into a flashback, remembering the details of her next mission as directed by Satomi. Satomi tells her that the next 2 clients that he wants to recruit are inexperienced, he then shows her two cards folded upside down, and tells her to pick one. Chinatsu picks the one on the left, Satomi then places one hand on the card and one on Chinatsu’s shoulder and tells her “Good Luck.” Chinatsu proceeds to brush his hand off, as he tells her thank. After the flashback, Chinatsu places her normal clothes into a storage locker and walks off.

It then switches to Hanna and Suzuko in a park, where Hanna is teaching Suzuko about combos and synergy cards. Hanna then asks to show her what she learned about synergy cards by using the cards on the mat to pair them up, which Suzuko successfully does by creating a combo using the cards on the mat which consist of Nohime, Akechi, Odanobu, Goku, Ranma, Sanzo and Annabelle, much to Hanna’s surprise.

Hanna tells her that she has created a combo and praises her for it. Suzuko is excited by the praise, Hanna then decides to finish the lesson for today. After saying the usual “thank you,” Suzuko then goes down on one knee, and presents the Daifuku to Hanna, like how a Servant would do it for their Queen. Hanna accepts the gift and praises her for getting them. Suzuko mentions that it was rather hard to get them because if there was one more person in front of her, the Daifuku would’ve been sold out, even though she had been standing in line for ages. Hanna sympathizes with her and thanks her for the food even though it was Suzuko’s idea to begin with.

The both of them then proceed to happily eat the Daifuku. While they’re eating, Hanna then asks Suzuko about the sudden change in her attitude towards battles, and asks if it is because of Chinatsu. Suzuko mumbles a yeah, and says that it’s because she understands now that Chinatsu is serious about getting rid of her. As the conversation continues, Hanna starts expressing her doubts because even if Suzuko does become stronger, if Chinatsu wins all 5 of her gold coins, and it’s over for her.

Suzuko then states that it is because of that the she wants to get stronger, because she wants to protect her and Chinatsu’s memories. As Suzuko says this, Hanna suddenly remembers a shadowed out little boy, Suzuko and Hanna then each go their separate ways.

Waving goodbye to Suzuko, Hanna repeats what Suzuko said about protecting their memories. Nanashi notes how noble Suzuko is being. Hanna then metaphorically asks Nanashi that she’s sure that Nanashi probably wouldn’t tell her about the lost puzzle pieces in her memory. Nanashi just smiles at Hanna’s question. Hanna then smiles back saying that it’s a stupid question, isn’t it?

It then switches to another street in Ikebukuro where someone recognizes Shohei Shirai. Shohei turns around surprised, as the kid starts addressing in a friendly manner. When the guy asks if Shohei has forgotten him, it is apparent by Shohei’s shocked expression that he has forgotten him. Realizing that he has, the guy then knocks it off as him not recognizing him due to changes brought about by puberty e.g. having grown taller etc.

Later on at night, in a nearby park, Shohei is staring at his phone, as Dona suggests that they both go home. Dona asks him what’s wrong. But, Shohei replies “So that’s how this works?” having now realized what happens to a Selector, when they start losing their memories due to not battling and what it means to disappear. On his phone is a much younger picture of the same guy along with a younger Shohei who is holding a soccer ball. Dona asks Shohei about the boy, but Shohei mentions that he didn’t really understand what it meant to lose his memories, but now he finally does.

Dona then reminds him that the time limit is about to expire again and that when it happens, he’ll lose even more of his memories. However, Shohei interjects explaining that the person from the photo was somebody from the soccer team that he was in elementary school and that they had won the city tournament. Shohei goes on mentioning that he contributed a lot to his team, Shohei then starts freaking out a bit. Panicked, Dona encourages Shohei to fight in a Selector Battle. Hearing the word “Battle,” Shohei comes up with something.

The next day, Suzuko is giving Hanna, one of Momotae’s famous cheese tarts as payment for another lesson. Hanna praises her again for the good work, and states how she never expected to get one. Suzuko mentions that she managed to reserve one this time, but she could only get one. Though, Hanna happily states that it is sufficient and thanks her.

Shohei is then seen walking somewhere, searching for Selectors, before cutting back to Hanna who is happily eating the tart, Suzuko asks if it’s good, and Hanna in response offers her a bite. At first, Suzuko is really happy by her offer, but then she tries to refuse. Hanna insists though saying that it is hard to get when Suzuko is practically drooling over the tart. Suzuko starts giggling and then remembers that she brought some tea. Hanna thanks her for it.

Suddenly, Ril and Nanashi alert the two of them to an approaching Selector. Placing their guards up, the two of them start looking around for the Selector. In that moment, Shohei starts walking up to them and asks if they are Selectors. Hanna asks if he desires a battle with them, but Shohei says that’s not his intention. Hanna then asks what does he want then, but then Suzuko suddenly recognizes him as one of the Selectors that she had met before (in Episode 3). Shohei turns to her, and appears surprised having suddenly remembered her.

Hanna then asks if she knows him, to which Suzuko replies that they had met once before. Shohei the notices the Mel doll on Suzuko’s bag and asks if its hers. Suzuko replies that it belongs to a friend, and Shohei responds by asking if that friend is Chinatsu. Shocked, Suzuko asks if he knows her, to which he replies that they were in the same Middle School together. Shohei then asks Suzuko why does she have it, before going on saying that Chinatsu always had that green doll with her. Suzuko gets happy hearing that. They then start bonding over their shared memories of Chinatsu.

In Morikawa residence, Chinatsu's mother is seen tidying up the kitchen, she tells Chinatsu that her father will be home early tonight, so they can eat dinner together. However, Chinatsu responds that she’ll be home late, because she has work, so she won’t be needing dinner. Chinatsu’s mother then gets concerned because it is a late hour to start working. Chinatsu mentions that it’s a new job, but her mother asks her what happened to the other job. Chinatsu just replies that she quit her old one.

Hearing this, her mother tries to ask her about what kind of job is she doing now, but Chinatsu quickly changes the subject saying that she is in a hurry and that they’ll talk about it later. Chinatsu’s mother further tries to tell her of her concerns, but Chinatsu just tells her that she isn’t doing anything for her to be worried about. She then walks out of the apartment.

Back at the park, Suzuko and Shohei are still bonding over their shared memories of Chinatsu. Shohei further tells Suzuko of how much a champion of justice Chinatsu was back in Middle School, even showing enough courage to tell off a teacher or an upperclassman when she thought they were wrong. Suzuko happily replies that Chinatsu has always been that way since they were little. Shohei continues saying that it was because she was like that, people thought that she was strong-willed, but the truth was she really rather kind. Hanna then interjects, asking if he had a crush on Chinatsu. Shohei starts blushing in response and starts denying it which causes Suzuko to smile.

Hanna then gets down to business and again asks what he wants with them, if he doesn’t want to battle, she then deduces that she’s sure that he didn’t come to talk about old times as well. Shohei normally replies that he has a request for them, even though Hanna look confused, he further invites them to join him. Hanna then asks what he means by that. After the Intermission, Shohei starts explaining how he doesn’t intend to battle, he then proposes that he and Hanna become partners, and occasionally battle to keep up their coins until the 90-day time limit is over where they’ll be declared winners rather than forcing themselves to get the 5 gold coins. Dona realizes that this was his plan all along.

Considering the idea, Hanna chooses to reject it. She states that she's rejecting his offer because she has a reason to battle, just as much as he has a reason not to battle. Shohei then asks what her wish is, but she states that she doesn’t have to tell him if she doesn’t want to. She then further states that there’s a gap in his logic, and explains that even if they did exchange wins, a coin will blacken each time they lose and they’ll still end up losing their memories. She further goes on mentioning the flaw, by stating that if they do it his way, they will end up losing random memories and they won’t get choose which ones they’ll keep. Dejected, Dona looks at Shohei with concern.

Meanwhile, in another part of the city, Chinatsu is seen to be recruiting another Selector. Chinatsu is explaining to the female Selector what the Bookmaker does, though the girl seems reluctant to do it. Seeing her reluctance, Chinatsu offers to battle her and lose on purpose if she agrees to sign to the contract. Happy, the girl agrees. They then battle and Chinatsu keeps her word about losing on purpose and ends up losing her 4th and 3rd coin because she bet a coin to use “Berserk.”

After the battle, the Selector girl tries to worm her way out of their deal, stating that the whole Bookmaker thing seems shady. Seeing this, Chinatsu slams the girl against the metal railing facing the water and forces her to sign it while making a twisted, ugly face. On the ground, the terrified and trembling girl is then later seen signing the contract with Chinatsu telling her to don’t think that she can get away as things are never quite that easy. With the contract in Chinatsu’s hand, the Selector girl then runs away in fear.

At that moment, Chinatsu gets a call from Satomi who asks her if she got the contract, to which she replies yes. Satomi cheers her on, and then gives Chinatsu a status update on Rio Koshiba who is seen greeting Shou Narumi, having been assigned to battle him by Satomi. Aya then notices that he’s fighting a little girl this time, and proceeds to tell him not to get any weird ideas about taking pity on her in a cute manner. However, despite Shou saying that he won’t, Aya proceeds to go berserk on him yelling that “he better not remember his little sister and start wimping out again” because she’s the one getting hurt on the battlefield not him. Rio then tells them that it’s time to start the battle. The two of them then cry open and proceed to the battlefield.

In the battlefield, Shou notices that he has 2 coins left and that if he uses one and loses then it’s game over for him, but Aya tells him to stop whining and grow her. Shou does and additionally summons two Browcras, before ending his turn. Over on Rio’s side, her and Mama are getting psyched up to battle. Rio has only one coin at this point. Rio starts her turn by growing Mama, and states to do the usual. She then summons two Fermats and then ends her turn, while making a cute pose with Mama.

Over on Shou’s side, Shou seems confused by what Rio means about the usual, but Aya just yells at him to attack because nothing happens on the first turn. Shou then grows Aya and launches a full attack on Mama, punching her in the arm. Mama notes how her arm hurts, as Rio asks if she is okay. Rio then calls Shou a "meanie" and declares that Shou is being so violent whilst calling him Big Brother. Hearing that, Aya sighs and states that those words are taboo for Shou.

It is then Rio’s turn, so she starts by growing Mama again. Rio then summons Minu and Plus and activates her Coin Bet Skill “Cunning/Cheating.” Rio then loudly shouts “Here we go!” before launching her attack. Suddenly, Mama summons a giant cartoony missile which fires in Shou’s direction only to be flung off by Aya. Rio seems stunned by this, while Shou equally stunned asks if that is her ability, not noticing that Aya’s card has begun to light up because of the sparkles.

Aya then proudly declares that it’s their turn now. Shou agrees and orders Aya to grow, however as he goes to say “Attack,” he lifts his head up and sees both Mama and Rio’s scared expressions. He then starts freezing, which irritates Aya into yelling at him to hurry up and attack, calling him a “Scumbag Sis-con” or “Sister Lover (in the Crunchyroll subs.) Over on Rio’s side, Rio asks Mama what Aya means by that, however, Mama tells her that it is something that she should never learn to say, and that it basically means people like Shou. Over on Shou’s side, Shou is stuttering to cry to out attack, which irritates Aya into losing her temper again and she proceeds to attack.

However, as she is about to leap from her card, the card that was hit by the sparkles explodes. After the smokes has cleared, it is revealed that Aya is covered in soot; and even looks like a Looney Tunes character. Rio then states that they "Did it!" and says to Shou that he fell for her trick, once again using the term “Big Brother.” Hearing those words again, Shou goes into another anxiety/panic attack which angers the blackened soot covered Aya who makes an fed-up, irritated expression, as if she was saying “Not again…….”

The scene then cuts to after the battle where Rio is seen thanking Shou, having won the battle which was partly due to Shou’s weakness and anxiety attacks. After Rio thanks him, Mama congratulates her and Rio tells her that they’ll do their best next time too. Crouched down on the bridge, Aya tells Shou if he is really okay with this, as he’ll end up disappearing like his sister, if this continues. She continues to ask him if he understands his situation, but he tells her not to say that.

At night, Chinatsu is seen entering Satomi’s shop. Satomi is telling someone that they got the wrong smokes and orders them to get the right ones. The person he is talking is revealed to be Guzuko in Sou Sumida’s body, who is now working for Satomi as his gofer (though Satomi calls her Sumida#2). Satomi then tells her, how useless she is and throws the cigarette packet at her, telling her to get the right ones. Guzuko apologizes and then walks out of the shop to get them.

After Guzuko leaves, Chinatsu presents Satomi with the contract that she just acquired. Satomi tells her how talented she is, just as he expected. He then apologizes about her last battle with Suzuko ending up as a no count, though Chinatsu states that it doesn’t matter. Satomi then notes that even though Suzuko seems so helpless, she has something about her. Chinatsu asks what he means by that, to which he replies that he doesn’t know himself, but he guesses that it means that Suzuko isn’t like Chinatsu.

Chinatsu then asks if he thinks that Suzuko is stronger than her. Satomi then rebuts that he didn’t say that, but……he then goes on telling Chinatsu that even though she speaks of chains tying herself down, he accuses her of being the one tying herself down while making an equally disturbing and creepy twisted face.

Satomi then warns Chinatsu that if she lets her guard down, she’ll be swallowed by her own inner darkness. He then gives her a slip of paper with the name of her next target on it. The scene then shifts to Shohei playing a crane game at an arcade. As he is playing, Shohei thinks about what Hanna said about his logic being wrong and the price of using such a strategy. Dropping a coin, he goes down to pick it up, not seeing Chinatsu behind him. After picking up the coin, he turns his head and sees Chinatsu and asks what she is doing here, while making himself stand up. Putting on a fake smile, she states that she was actually looking for him. She goes on saying that she is glad to have found him.

At a nearby park, Chinatsu is sitting on a bench with Shohei. Shohei is telling her that he’s realized something since losing his memories, that he originally though that even if he lost some of his memories, he thought that he would still be himself. But, he realized that he was wrong about that and that he doesn’t want to lose his memories. He then tells her of his attempts to avert / escape it, but he guesses that he can’t escape from it.

Chinatsu then replies that he has something that he doesn’t want to lose then, to which Shohei nods in agreement. Chinatsu then seduces him into battling with her. Whilst she’s doing this, Shohei starts remembering about the time in Middle School when Chinatsu gives him his towel with a smile. He was awestruck by her smile back then. They then both simultaneously say “Open,” opening up a battlefield.

In the battlefield, it is revealed that Chinatsu has 2 gold coins, while Shohei has 3. As Shohei looks on at Chinatsu, Shohei gets a bad feeling that something is wrong. He then orders Dona to grow. Dona then asks if he can fight Chinatsu, to which he says that he can. He then summons Karakasa and ends his turn.

On Chinatsu’s turn, Chinatsu has Mel activate her Ener Charge. Chinatsu then grows Mel and ends her turn. Her surprise actions shocks Mel who yells at her asking why she is doing this. Also surprised, Shohei asks Chinatsu what it is that she’s thinking. She then rhetorically states that Shou has a memory that he doesn’t want to lose, and if that is truly the case then she’ll let him win.

Dona questions if it is a trap, though soon dismisses the ideas stating that it doesn’t look that way. Regardless, Shohei then grows Dona, and attacks Chinatsu upon her suggestion. The attack succeeds in hitting Mel, though the bad feeling growing in Shohei increases as Chinatsu creepily replies yes to Mel’s question about not fighting back once again. Mel then reminds Chinatsu that she doesn’t have many coins left herself, but Chinatsu creepily continues saying that Shohei’s memories are more important than her own, which freaks Shohei out even further. Shohei ends his turn, with the bad feeling almost consuming him.

Chinatsu asks if he is sure about ending his turn, and then begins her turn again by Ener Charging and growing Mel again, before ending her turn. Shohei grows Dona again, and as they continue the same pattern for another 2 turns, Shohei asks Chinatsu if she is really okay with this, Chinatsu replies by saying that she would let him win.

Shohei grows Dona again in response to this, and activates Snow Queen, Phantom Apparition Princess. He then lines it up with Nurari and activates their Layer effect. He then orders Dona to attack. However, as Dona goes to attack Mel, a card rises up from the platform. Chinatsu says “Oh, too bad” and then activates Code Order Steak’s Burst Rush ability which blasts Dona back to her platform.

Dona then complains saying how this doesn’t make sense and that Chinatsu isn’t planning on losing to him. Dona then warns the shocked Shohei that something is coming on Chinatsu’s next turn and that he should activate his coin. Shocked by all of this, Shohei states his disbelief that Chinatsu has really become like this, However, as he looks on at Chinatsu who tells whose words will he believe while making a distorted, ugly and twisted face.

Choosing to believe Dona, Shohei activates his Coin Bet Skill “Escape” which causes Dona to wrap her scarf around her body like a cocoon and then he ends his turn. However, Chinatsu retaliates by growing Mel, accessorizing Steak with Teaksauce and then activating her Coin Bet Skill “Berserk,” which forces Shohei to disable “Escape.” Chinatsu then attacks, activating the ARTS Dust Chute as Mel slams Dona against one of the stone bricks. Crying out his partner’s name, Shohei looks at Chinatsu who tells him that the board is all clear. Chinatsu then proceeds wins the battle.

After the battle, Shohei who is leaning against the bench, accuses Chinatsu of planning all of it from the start. Chinatsu the proceeds to tell him the standard stuff that she tells all of the Selector who battle her and lost. One, that they only have coin left. Two, that he has very little time left and three, that if they can’t find an opponent before the time limit is up, all they have to do is sign the contract and she’ll introduce them to the Bookmaker.

The episode then ends with Shohei looking up at Chinatsu, asking her if she is really Morikawa. Chinatsu then smiles and replies in a creepy voice that she is finally herself now.

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Rio Koshiba vs Shou Narumi - Rio Wins

Chinatsu Morikawa vs Shohei Shirai - Chinatsu Wins

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