Darkness/Fervent Desire and Loss
Lostorage incited WIXOSS Episode 8
Yami / Katsubou to Soushitsu
Japanese Air Date

November 25, 2016

Opening Lostorage
Ending Undeletable
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Darkness/Fervent Desire and Loss (闇/渇望と喪失 Yami / Katsubou to Soushitsu) is the eighth episode of Lostorage incited WIXOSS. The episode first premiered on November 25, 2016.

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Coin Bet Skills Used:

  • Blind
  • Peeping
  • Holograph
  • Joker

Synopsis Edit

Satomi is toying with Chinatsu, but he has other projects he's working on, too. To kill some time, he decides to take one of the players who only has one coin left, and challenge them directly. As he slowly draws them closer to their doom, he reveals surprising secrets about who he really is... (Source: Crunchyroll Synopsis)

Recap Edit

The episode begins with Kou Satomi waking up to the sound of his recording of Chinatsu’s declaration of war against Suzuko from Episode 5. He gets up and starts preparing for his day. As he prepares his morning coffee with lots of coffee pots on his kitchen table, a mysterious female voice is heard. This mysterious voice notes that Satomi has changed the sound effects for his alarm.

The scene then changes to a shot of his dart board with 3 pictures of Chinatsu, Sou and someone else pinned to it. The voice continues asking if Chinatsu is his new favorite, to which he replies that she is and asks if she thinks that Chinatsu has a pretty voice. Satomi then un-pauses the recording and the voice notes how desperate she sounds. To the point that she thinks it’s cute. Satomi continues by saying that it’s hard to deal with someone so clueless, and that he wishes that Chinatsu would think about the one she’s been teasing and ‘blue-balling’ for all this time.

The female voice laughs stating that he has a sick personality, Kou agrees but he says why shouldn’t he have some fun before popping some breath mints into his mouth. Kou then buttons up his shirt, and puts on jacket. As he’s about to leave, he continues by saying that “This world is crap. You have to enjoy it.” The voice agrees and Kou leaves his apartment.

After the opening and title sequence, the scene then shifts to Suzuko and Hanna holding a mock battle during one of their lessons in the park. Suzuko is pondering her moves. She then uses Crisis Chance to play Datemasa, before taking Odanobu to activate the Rise effect. Hanna is astounded by this move, as it means that Suzuko has won the battle. Hanna notes Suzuko’s unique talent for making unpredictable moves that steers away from traditional technique, she goes on further stating that Suzuko is special because she throws her opponent off their rhythm. Suzuko asks if that is a compliment, to which Hanna says it is. Suzuko cheers a bit, stating that Hanna’s words makes her super happy. Hanna gets a bit embarrassed by this, and says that she’s only stating what she saw.

Over on another seat, Ril and Nanashi are seen watching their Selectors while strapped their respective Selector's bags.  Nanashi notices that Suzuko has really changed, and that she has become much stronger than she was at the start of her training. She then asks Ril what she did to train her to be this way. Ril merely replies that Suzuko is trying to protect something that she cares about, to which Nanashi replies “Her memories, yes?” Nanashi notes that Hanna is quite obsessed with her memories as well and wonders if memories are really all that great, as Ril looks on with longing, looking as if she wants to say something to Suzuko.

The scene then switches to later on in the afternoon, with Shohei Shirai walking across a bridge staring at his phone. He reviewing the images on his phone while thinking about what Chinatsu about having only one coin left after he lost the battle to her. He then comes across an image of his soccer team from his elementary school days, however he doesn’t remember what the photo is about. He asks his LRIG (Dona) to tell him what it is about, but being concerned, Dona suggests that they should fight. Exhausted, Shohei slumps down and grabs the signed contract from out of his bag. Later on, in front of a hotel, Shohei is seen meeting up with Chinatsu who tells to not worry about meeting the Bookmaker because she will go with him.

The scene then switches to straight after Suzuko’s lesson, with Suzuko giving Hanna some muffins. Hanna thinks that the muffins are from Muff-Muff, but Suzuko says that she couldn’t get them, and that the muffins are home-made because she spent too much money on all of the other sweets that she bought Hanna. But Hanna likes them regardless. Suzuko then goes on saying that she made it with her mother’s secret recipe, so she has confidence that the muffins are good. Giving Hanna some tea, Hanna asks Suzuko if she often cooks with her mother. But, Suzuko says no, telling her that her passed away when she was little due to an illness. Hanna becomes saddened by this, but Suzuko continues saying that even though her mother didn’t feel well, she still taught her how to cook all the time. But then, after a while, she couldn’t anymore so Suzuko spent all of her time crying. However, Chinatsu was always there to cheer her up, so it was alright. 

Hearing this, Hanna confesses that she had also lost someone precious to her. In a series of flashbacks, Hanna explains that her little brother Yuuto passed away seven years due to falling off from an apartment building that was under construction. She remembers her little brother running off and then being alone in an alley. At the funeral, little Hanna who is holding Yuuto’s toy car wonders why she wasn’t with Yuuto and why she can’t remember anything. It is then revealed that due to not being able to remember, Hanna further isolated herself from her friends until she became a loner throughout elementary and middle school.

In another flashback, it is revealed that one day after high school, Hanna entered her bedroom to see a WIXOSS Black starter deck that her older sister had bought hoping that she would make friends with it. Opening it up, Hanna finds the LRIG of the Beginning inside of one of her LRIG cards. The LRIG of the Beginning then proceeds to record her memories and creates Nanashi. Hanna then states in a voice over that she then learned the rules of Selector Battles, and of the reward for winning that she could finally find out what happened to her brother. The flashbacks end, and it changes back to Hanna in the park who admits to Suzuko that the idea of remembering is a little scary, but she still wants to get them back. That she has to get them back. Suzuko shows her understanding.

The scene then changes to Satomi’s shop where Satomi and Guzuko in Sou’s body is seen greeting Chinatsu and Shohei.  Shohei asks Chinatsu who Satomi is, and Chinatsu introduces him as the Bookmaker, Satomi. Satomi further interjects that he’s also Chinatsu’s employer. Confused by the term ‘Employer,’ Shohei turns to Chinatsu. Satomi explains that Chinatsu asked him for a job, but Shohei angrily states that wasn’t what he meant. But, Chinatsu holds him back, stating her intention to get down to business about the contract.

Hearing that, Satomi takes full advantage to tease Shohei by talking about how Shohei ‘did it (Battle)’ with Chinatsu using WIXOSS battles as a metaphor for sex. Satomi goes on stating his jealousy on how Shohei ‘did it’ with her and asks him “How was she when they were doing the deed?” further using sexual phrases as metaphors for the battle.  Flustered, Shohei gets upset and tries to punch Satomi, but Satomi just shoves him down. Satomi then apologizes, tormenting him further by saying that he’d obviously be angry, because he wants to keep the girl that he loves all to himself. Chinatsu tries to stop Satomi, but Shohei just grabs her and drags her out of the shop. Satomi is waving goodbye as he does this.

Outside the shop, Shohei is still trying to drag Chinatsu away from the shop, as Chinatsu is angrily yelling at him saying “What’s with you? Didn’t you want to make a contract!?” Still clinging onto her hand, Shohei angrily replies “What are you thinking?” He further shouts at Chinatsu, stating that she is crazy for working for a guy like that. Shohei then asks if Chinatsu is forcing herself to do this, to which she denies this saying that she asked for all of it. Shohei rebuts that the old her wouldn’t have done this, however, Chinatsu shoves him away and tells him to but out of her business. Shohei still refuses to saying that he can’t leave her like this because her words saved him. He then repeats the words that Chinatsu gave him, and tries to further say that Suzuko is trying to save her too. But, Chinatsu just puts on a pained expression, and asks if he is trying to tie her down too. Shohei becomes worried, as Chinatsu states how different she is from how she used to be. Chinatsu then puts her head on Shohei’s shoulder.

After their argument, Chinatsu is seen walking through a tunnel with Mel pitying her. Mel goes into a monologue about how nobody understands Chinatsu and that she’s all alone. Chinatsu sadly and simply states that she is just trying to move and asks why everybody is treating her like an enemy. Mel tells her not to worry because she is on her side and she knows everything about her. The scene then switches to Shohei who is still outside the shop. Dona asks him if signing the contract was the right thing to do. Holding his hand to the place where Chinatsu’s head was, Shohei replies that Chinatsu was shaking.

The scene then cuts to a bookstore, the next day, with Hanna perusing the magazines, sneakily trying to grab a baking magazine. Nanashi asks her what she is planning to make, causing Hanna to freak out. Flustered, Hanna states in a contrary that she’s not planning on returning the favor for Suzuko buying her all of those sweets or anything. But, Nanashi states that wasn’t what she was asking at all. In the card game section of the store, Nanashi asks her if she’s not giving another lesson today, but Hanna tells her that Suzuko had other plans. Nanashi asks Hanna if that is that why she seems so bored, to which Hanna gets flustered again stating that it’s not case. However, as a result of her out lash, Hanna gets weird looks from a customer.

Turning around, Hanna states that Suzuko is just useful as a sparring partner considering her current skill level. Nanashi notices how enthusiastic, Hanna seems. Hanna replies that of course she is as she is so close to getting the prize as she has 4 gold coins and only needs one more win in order to get the prize. Nanashi states that its good because there is a Selector nearby.

In Satomi’s shop, Chinatsu is seen giving Satomi a bunch of newly signed contracts. Satomi tells her to keep up the good work as she leaves the shop. On her way home, Mel calls out to Chinatsu. Chinatsu tells her not to talk to her so much outside, but Mel reminds her that she forgot to give Shohei’s contract to Satomi. Chinatsu suddenly stops at that remark and pulls it out. Mel asks her why she didn’t give it to Satomi, to which Chinatsu replies that she doesn’t need to know. Concerned, Mel then asks her if the reason she did it was because she thinks that she shouldn’t involve Shohei in her mess. However, Mel quickly dismisses that idea stating that of course she wouldn’t do that, because once she makes a decision, she never goes back on it because Chinatsu is not weak enough to do that. Chinatsu objects stating that she isn’t weak, but Mel tells her to prove it by renewing her resolve to the passing by Suzuko. Turning around, both Suzuko and Chinatsu are shocked to see each other.

The scene then changes to an underpass with Kiyoi Mizushima walking home. Hanna is then seen catching up to her asking if she is a Selector. She then challenges Kiyoi to a battle.

The scene then swaps back to Suzuko and Chinatsu staring at each other. Seeing the Mel and Ril dolls on Suzuko’s bag, Chinatsu gets irritated and tries to leave. Suzuko yells at her to stop, saying that she won’t give up her memories of Chinatsu and that she’ll even win battles to do it. Chinatsu turns around and tells her to do as she likes, before starting to walk away. But, Suzuko further cries out that she’ll get stronger, strong enough so that she won’t have to rely on her. She states that if she does that, then Chinatsu won’t have to throw away her memories that way.

Surprised by her sudden words, Chinatsu turns around seemingly happy. She then starts remembering a moment from when they were younger, with Suzuko pulling her hand and smiling as she turns around while they are running. Chinatsu appears touched by her words, and it looks like they’re working until Mel interjects. Mel continues her interjection by talking about how strange light is because it can either blind or make something stand out. She then reminds Chinatsu that she can’t turn back, because she’s already made her choice, and coerces Chinatsu into telling Suzuko something. Depressed, Chinatsu tells Suzuko that her actions won’t change anything and that if Suzuko won’t disappear, then she’ll make her and her own memories of her disappear. However, this does nothing to dissuade Suzuko, as she puts on a brave face. Chinatsu then walks away.

At the bottom of the staircase, Guzuko is seen hiding and recording the entire conversation on her phone, also streaming in real-time to Satomi’s phone who has been watching the entire thing. As Chinatsu is walking away on his phone, Satomi starts laughing and turns his phone off. He then starts loosening his tie, declaring how much he loved the entire thing. He then states that it can’t be helped, and he’ll just have to ask him to make him feel better as he has a lot of excitement built up. He then sends a message to someone.

Back at Kiyoi and Hanna’s location, Kiyoi asks Hanna about her reason for investigating Selector Battles. Hanna asks her why she is suddenly asking her this, but Kiyoi just demands that she answers her. Hanna then replies that if she wants an answer, then she’ll have to battle her to get it. Kiyoi agrees to do it. As Kiyoi is approaching her, Hanna asks that she introduces herself, introducing herself at the same time. Kiyoi introduces herself.

The scene then changes to an empty building with Shou Narumi asking if they’re in the right place. He mentions that in the message that he got, it stated that his opponent was a secret. Though, Aya just states to forget that and asks if he understands the situation that he is in. Shou replies that he does restating that he has only one coin left and that his back is up against the wall. Aya then proceeds to say that if he understands that then he’d better give this battle his all. Shou interjects that he still doesn’t know anything yet, so he won’t let it end here. Suddenly, Aya alerts him to the fact that his opponent has arrived. However, to his surprise, the person who has arrived into the room is Satomi is greets him friendly as Narumi big brother. Lowering his guard, Shou goes to greet Satomi asking what he is doing her. Suddenly Aya cries out that Satomi is a Selector, shocking Shou. Satomi though does nothing to deny it and introduces Shou to his LRIG, Carnival.

As Satomi walks up to him, Shou is shocked by this revelation that Satomi is his opponent and asks him if he is really his opponent. Carnival jovially says to Satomi that he should explain himself, considering how he kept his status as a Selector hidden for all this time. Satomi agrees. Carnival then further suggests that he should tell Shou about his little sister. Satomi recalls that battle and says “Oh, about my battle with Aya?” Confused by the mentioning of his sister, Shou angrily grabs Satomi by the collar and asks him to explain himself. Satomi then violently grabs Shou’s hand telling him that they should talk about it while they battle since he’s in a violent mood today.

In the playground from Suzuko’s memories, Suzuko is seen waiting for someone. Ril expresses her concern for Suzuko, but Suzuko states that it is alright since she won’t hesitate anymore. A woman then shows up asking if Suzuko is a Selector. Suzuko tells the woman that if she wants a battle, then she’ll accept. The both of them then open up a battlefield.

In another battlefield, Kiyoi and Hanna are seen on their battle platforms. It is Kiyoi’s turn, and she starts off by growing her LRIG, Piruluk before ordering her LRIG to attack with Destruct Through. Hanna takes the attack, though one of her SIGNIs get banished as a result. Hanna shows concern for the hurt Nanashi, but Nanashi states that she is fine, getting up. Hanna then admits to Kiyoi that she is a powerful opponent and that she has the upper hand in this battle. However, Hanna declares that she can’t afford to lose, as she deploys a SIGNI and activates her Coin Bet Skill “Blind” which covers the field in a dark mist. Hanna then ends her turn.

At the start of Kiyoi’s turn, Piruluk tells Kiyoi to use her coin.  Kiyoi activates her Coin Bet Skill “Peeping,” which allows her to see her opponent’s hand and banish all of the cards of the level she states. Kiyoi declares level 4 and decimates all of the cards in Hanna’s hand.  As Blind’s effects clears, Piruluk reveals the other ability of “Peeping” which allows her to see the deepest desires and wishes in a person’s heart. In Hanna’s case, she reveals that has an attachment to lost memories and an excessive curiosity about the Selector Battles, which shocks Hanna as realizes what “Peeping” does.

Kiyoi then admits that is right. She then goes on mentioning that she has seen the many wishes and seriousness of all of her opponents, as well as the terrible end that all of those feelings met. She then tells Hanna that she doesn’t know the horrible truth behind these battles, and that she is still capable of turning back. She continues on saying that she mustn’t proceed further into the truth of these battles.

The scene then switches to Suzuko who has won and reclaimed her second gold coin. Suzuko then turns around and tells Ril that she will get stronger. Ril consents to her desire still looking troubled.

The scene then changes to another battlefield where Satomi is battling Shou. It is Satomi’s turn. But, before he starts, Shou demands that he tells her about Aya, as she is the only thing that he cares about. Satomi states that he’d like to, but he doesn’t know how to explain it. He then simply states that they fought, she lost and she disappeared. Shou and Aya become shocked by this. Although Aya tells him to calm down and that’s he’s in the middle of a battle, Shou just gets obsessed with finding the truth and asks if Satomi erased her and what did he do to her.

Confused, Satomi sarcastically restates Shou’s question, and then asks if Shou wants him to show him the exact same battle as his sister. Satomi begins his battle reproduction by mentioning how Aya had started with a terrible hand, and how he took advantage of it. He then puts his finger to his lips, and mocks Shou by teasing him with a cute “Big Brother” pose like Shou’s LRIG Aya does.

Satomi then starts his turn by summoning Antares, initiating an additional draw. He then orders Carnival to attack Aya. Shou tells Aya to defend, but his defense fails and Aya gets hit. Aya gets angry at yells at him stating that if he is gonna block, do it right, however, before she finishes her sentence, Shou tells her to “Shut Up!” not to tell him what to do. Satomi then gets dramatically elated saying how much he loves Shou’s reaction, as his younger sister Aya also stunk at defending too. Shou then loses control of his anger, crying out how he won’t forgive Satomi for what he has done and that he’ll make him pay.

During this rant, Aya notices that Shou is falling for Satomi’s taunts. Shou then grows Aya, summons Comrus and tries to set a trap. Suddenly he notices that he has no traps. Seeing this, Aya tells him to “Snap out of it!” Watching this spectacle, Satomi claps, saying “Bravo!” and stating how much alike Shou and his sister are, because they are making the exact same mistakes. Carnival then states that it was worth recreating the battle.

In anger, Shou activates his Coin Bet Skill “Holograph,” summoning Team Aya. Satomi gets giddy with excitement, once again, declaring how much he loves Shou’s reactions and how he’s materializing his desires as her big brother.Satomi then starts his turn by growing Carnival. Faking doubt, he attacks one of the Ayas who turns out to be the real one. As the clones disengage, Shou screams out his concern for his LRIG, as Satomi shouts out his joy for being right and additionally providing commentary on how Aya’s Coin Bet Skill got defeated right away. He then states that Shou’s sister was just as mentally weak as him. Shou gets upset, asking how he could possibly say that about his sister.

Satomi tells Shou not to get the wrong idea about him, explaining that he was an LRIG back then. Shou becomes surprised by that news. But, Satomi states that he was truly an LRIG who followed the orders of his Selector, that was until his Selector lost and he ended up taking over his Selector’s body. Carnival then interjects asking if he is telling Shou too much. But, Satomi just blows it off, stating that Shou is just gonna end up disappearing like his younger sister anyway, to which Carnival agrees with his statement. During all of this, Shou backs away terrified. Seeing his retreating figure, Satomi proclaims that Shou should be crying and begging for mercy right now like Aya did when she was about to lose. Satomi licks his lips and then repeats Aya’s last words which were “Save me, Big Brother.”

With those words, Shou starts suffering a mental breakdown, crying and banging his head against the blue stone blocks, screaming his lungs out. Taking delight from Shou’s suffering, Satomi takes off his tie and unbuttons the top buttons of his shirt, saying that he is glad that Aya’s brother finally heard her last words, even if he didn’t make it in time. Satomi then ends his turn.

On Shou’s turn, Shou skips most of his phases and attacks with Out Dust, sending several frozen blue blocks at Satomi. Satomi relishes his madness, but nevertheless, he defends with Moridra. Making a refreshed face, Satomi exclaims that he has finally gotten rid of all of the excitement building inside him and suggests to Carnival that they end the battle now, grabbing and stretching his tie with both hands. Carnival then states there is no point in asking, as Shou has been broken to the point of tears, giving up, and depression, simply stating his sister’s name over and over again.

Seeing Shou’s expression, Satomi states that humans really do respond in the greatest ways. Blowing a kiss, he says to Carnival that since Shou followed him all the way to the end, he’ll let her finish him off. He then activates his Coin Bet Skill “Joker” which allows him to swap out/rewrite one of his SIGNIs or ARTS on the field with a card in his deck. He uses this skill to change Garnet Star to Kosaki which is the same card that his Selector used to erase Aya. Seeing his skill, Aya angrily cries out that his moves are pretty much cheating. Satomi then activates Supernova and finishes Shou off.

The scene then switches to the aftermath of Hanna’s and Kiyoi’s battle, with Hanna admitting her complete defeat at Kiyoi’s hands. Kiyoi then advises Hanna to stop investigating Selector Battles, otherwise she’ll end up being consumed by the darkness. Hanna then asks her why she is telling her this, and asks if she is…… But, before she can finish asking, Kiyoi walks off.

Back in the empty building where Satomi and Shou were battling in, Satomi is reveling in the aftermath of his battle with Shou. He then turns to Aya who has taken over Shou’s body and asks her opinion on how the air feels in the real world. Aya declares that it is disgusting. Aya then further states her disgust about being locked in a guy’s body, and starts complaining about how she doesn’t want to stare at her Selector’s face in the mirror when she gets up in the morning. Satomi tells her to not say that, but if she really hates it that much, she could always fight him again. However, she can’t reverse the result if she loses.

Satomi then furthers continue his speech by stating that the world isn’t that bad, and if she thinks it bland then she could add some spice to spice it up. Aya asks him how. Satomi then goes to the window and looks down at the people walking in the street. The episode ends with Satomi putting on a malevolent face, saying that Aya could ally herself with him to repay him, as he’s planning on paying back the humans who used LRIGs for their own ends, in the worst and best way possible.

Featured Battle Edit

Suzuko Homura vs Hanna Mikage (Unofficial) - Suzuko Wins

Suzuko Homura vs Unnamed Selector - Suzuko Wins

Hanna Mikage vs Kiyoi Mizushima - Kiyoi Wins

Shou Narumi vs Kou Satomi - Kou Wins

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  • Kou Satomi is revealed to be a Selector with Carnival as his LRIG. He also reveals that at one point in time, he was an LRIG who took over his Selector's body when he/she lost all of their coins.
  • Shou Narumi is the 3rd Selector to lose all of his coins and wind up getting possessed by his LRIG.

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