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Machine Spirit: Electric Machine (精械:電機 Sei Kai: Denki) is a SIGNI class associated with blue SIGNI. Most Electric Machines are titled "Code Art" (コードアート Kōdo Āto) and named after an abbreviation of assorted electrical appliances or other electric-related objects or machines. Their names are written as abbreviations.

Electric Machines are based on various types of electronics or things relating to electronics, most notably household appliances or computer hardware. There are a few Electric Machines that are named after affiliated groups or programs instead, such as technology concept groups or movies featuring advanced technology.


Electric Machines focus on the control aspect of the color blue.

There are multiple subsets of Electric Machines with different focuses. One is focused on having a large hand advantage over the opponent and having a conditional Power boost based on your hand advantage. Electric Machines commonly do not have a way for the player to draw large amounts, meaning they need support from Electric Machines focusing on the opponent discarding, if not the LRIG, spells, or other SIGNI classes such as Living Spirit: Water Beasts that can generating hand advantage.

Another group of Electric Machines focuses on inflicting Freeze on the opponent's SIGNI. Commonly, these SIGNI do not cause the opponent's SIGNI to down themselves, meaning the player must target already downed SIGNI, or use other supports to force the opponent's SIGNI to down. In addition to this, Electric Machines will gain benefits based on how many of the opponent's SIGNI are frozen. In some cases, it becomes more beneficial to retain these impaired SIGNI on the field, while in other cases Electric Machines are capable of outright removing frozen SIGNI from the field.

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