Gender Female
  • Non-Human
  • LRIG
Selector Rio Koshiba
Anime Lostorage incited WIXOSS - Episode 2
Sayumi Watabe
Mama (ママ) is Rio Koshiba's LRIG.

Appearance Edit

Mama looks like the very image of an ideal mother. She has pink shoulder-length hair and wears a green flowery dress.

Personality Edit

She acts very kind and gentle towards her Selector, but can be quite strict like a mother would be.

Background Edit

Mama is an LRIG mostly likely created from Rio's memories of her mother.

Chronology Edit

Lostorage incited WIXOSS Edit

Throughout the series, Mama acts as a support and surrogate mother to Rio. She will cheer her up when it looks like Rio will lose, and will scold her if she thinks Rio is doing something bad e.g. not doing her homework just like a real mother would.

Relationships Edit

Rio Koshiba Edit

She treats her Selector Rio as if she were her own daughter.

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