Miyu Yoshii
Personal Information
Name (Kanji) 吉井美結
True Name Miyu Yoshii
Other Names Myu (ミュウ)
  • 14
  • Female
  • Human (formerly)
  • LRIG
LRIG Unknown
Deck Unknown deck
Family Older sister (deceased)
  • Middle School Student
  • Selector (formerly)
  • Kuromi's LRIG (currently)
First Appearance
For TCG information, see Myu.

Miyu Yoshii (吉井美結 Yoshii Miyu) later known as Myu (ミュウ Myū) is one of the protagonists of selector stirred WIXOSS . She is a Selector during the first two chapters of Selector stirred WIXOSS-, but then later becomes an Eternal Girl, becoming a LRIG herself.


Miyu has long hair and wears cat hood jacket. As a LRIG, she wears lolita fashion, and cat ears.


Myu is a quiet girl known to have sharp tongue, and would not hesitate to scold Yura, telling her that she was mean to use her sister as a guinea pig.


When she was in elementary school, Miyu lost her sister. This accident gave her deep emotional wounds. This is why she despise Yura, who was not appreciating her sister much, among other thing. As a LRIG, she doesn't hesitate to give her Selector Kuromi a sharp gaze, causing Kuromi to apologize at Myu for her action.


She hates Yura being so close to Sara, and want them to break up. Her wish comes true because of Mihiro (in Sara's body)'s action.


Yura ShiratoEdit

Yura is Miyu's friend from Table Top club. Despite going along, Miyu despises Yura for mistreating her sister Sara.

Sara ShiratoEdit

Sara is Miyu's friend from Table Top club. Her wish is related to her, since she is rather obsessed with sisters, due to losing one when she was little.

Kuromi ChoukyuujiEdit

Kuromi is Myu's Selector. Miyu is angry at Kuromi for refusing to do selector battle with Yura.

Rumi SagaraEdit

Airi ManoEdit

Ui MatsunoEdit


  • It was thought that Miyu's wish is related to Sara, because she is thinking of her during the flashback.


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