Kana (仮名) リョクゲンジュウモモ
Romaji (ローマ字) Ryokugenjū Momo
Color GreenIcon Green
Card Type Resona
Level 3
Power 10000
Class Living Spirit: Sky Beast
Living Spirit: Earth Beast
Card Abilities
Play Condition Main Phase Put 1 of your "Hachi, Phantom Beast", 1 of your "Monkey, Phantom Beast", and 1 of your "Kiji, Phantom Beast" from the field into the trash
Constant: During the attack phase, this SIGNI can't be banished.
On-Play: Put the top 3 cards of your deck into the Ener Zone.
Action Green: Until end of turn, this SIGNI gets [Lancer].
Card Abilities (JP/日本語)
Play Condition Main Phase《幻獣 ハチ》1体と《幻獣 モンキ》1体と《幻獣 キジ》1体をあなたの場からトラッシュに置く
Action Green:ターン終了時まで、このシグニは【ランサー】を得る。
WX-09 Reacted Selector (WX09-013 - LC - 9/17/2015)
  • Flavor: 貴女に呼ばれたから、いざ参らん。 ~モモ~
  • Illust: しおぼい

WX-19 Unsolved Selector (WX19-Re13 - Re - 6/29/2017)

  • Flavor: 見ろ!クジャクに乗ってモモが奇襲かけてくるぞ!~監視部隊の鬼~
  • Illust: しおぼい
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