Neon, Natural Source Princess

Nature Spirit: Atom (精羅:原子 Sei Ra: Genshi) is a SIGNI class associated with blue and red SIGNI. They were introduced in WX-04 Infected Selector. Atoms are titled "Natural Source" (羅原 Ragen). They are named after the atomic symbols for the chemical elements of the periodic table.

Atoms are often designed based on the chemical element of their name. Usually they are depicted and characterized by how, where, or what they are commonly found as, such as causing a voice change or being a common cleaning ingredient.


Blue Atoms are closely linked with Milulun. Along with Milulun's spell theme, Atoms are also based around low-cost banishing effects and generating and protecting other Atom SIGNI.

Red Atom SIGNI are associated with Hanayo.

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