Orichalc, Natural Stone

Nature Spirit: Ore (精羅:鉱石 Sei Ra: Kouseki) is a SIGNI class associated with red SIGNI. Like Nature Spirit: Gem, Ores share the same title of "Natural Stone" and are all named after ores.

With the exception of Kohaku, Natural Stone, all Ores are based on different kinds of alloys that consist of the ore in which they are named. They are often depicted having bodies made of that alloy or surrounded by the ores.


Ores are high Power SIGNI, all of its members having average to above average Power. To balance it out, the SIGNIs of above average Power tend to force the player to discard a card on play, quickly damaging a player's hand.

Ores and Gems are very closely related and support is often shared between the two.

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