Kana (仮名) ダラクノキョムパイモン
Romaji (ローマ字) Daraku no Kyomu Paimon
Chinese (中文) 堕落虚无 派蒙
Color BlackIcon Black
Card Type SIGNI
Level 4
Power 12000
Limiting Condition Urith limited
Class Image Spirit: Devil
Card Abilities
On-Play: You may put the top card of your deck under this card as [Charm].
Constant: If 1 of your <Devil> SIGNI would be banished, you may put that SIGNI's [Charm] into the trash instead. (Each SIGNI can have up to one [Charm] card, and it is placed face-down under the SIGNI)
Life Burst Life Burst: Put the top 3 cards of your deck into the trash. Then, add 1 <Devil> SIGNI from your trash to your hand.
Card Abilities (JP/日本語)
Life Burst:あなたのデッキの上からカードを3枚トラッシュに置く。その後、あなたのトラッシュから<悪魔>のシグニ1枚を手札に加える。
Card Abilities (Chinese/中文)
Life Burst:从我方牌组顶将3张牌放置到废弃区。之后,从我方废弃区将1张<恶魔>精灵牌加入手牌。
WX-04 Infected Selector (WX04-052 - R - 10/23/2014)
  • Flavor:
    Gyahaha, whooooo called me!? ~Paimon~
    ギャハハハ、私を呼ぶのはだーれーだー! ~パイモン~
  • Illust: イシバシヨウスケ

WXD-22 Black Conflation (WD22-020-U - ST - 4/26/2017)

  • Flavor:
    Ariton, you chose me, thanks! ~Paimon~
  • Illust: pepo
Sets (Chinese)
WX-04 Infected Selector (WX03-052 - R - 5/24/2015)
  • Flavor:
    Gyahaha, whooooo called me!? ~Paimon~
    嘎哈哈哈,呼唤我的是·谁·呀~! ~派蒙~
  • Illust: イシバシヨウスケ
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