Puppet (傀儡 Kugutsu) is a mechanic associated with Alfou and black Beautiful Technique SIGNI.

If a SIGNI is puppeteered (傀儡状態 Kugutsu jōtai), whenever that SIGNI would leave the field, it is put into its owner's trash instead, for example if it would be banished or returned to the hand. If a puppeteered SIGNI is banished, it is still treated as being banished for the purpose of effects.

Alfou and her cards use the puppet mechanic to steal the opponent's SIGNI, putting them from the opponent's trash onto Alfou's field in the puppeteered state; they return the opponent's trash if they would leave the field.

When a stolen SIGNI that has a "when this SIGNI is banished" ability is banished, the SIGNI's current controller, not its owner, is the one that benefits from the effect.

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