Kana (仮名) マカイノセンインラカム
Romaji (ローマ字) Makai no Sen'in Rakamu
Color BlueIcon Blue
Card Type SIGNI
Level 3
Power 8000
Limiting Condition Piruluk limited
Class Image Spirit: Devil
Key Selection Legal? Key Yes
Card Abilities
Auto: When this SIGNI attacks, you may discard 1 card from your hand. If you do, until end of turn, 1 of your opponent's SIGNI gets −4000 power.
On-Play: If you have 0 cards in your hand, draw 1 card.
Life Burst Life Burst: Choose 1. ① Down and freeze 1 of your opponent's SIGNI. ② [Ener Charge 1]
Card Abilities (JP/日本語)
Life Burst:どちらか1つを選ぶ。①対戦相手のシグニ1体をダウンし凍結する。②【エナチャージ1】
WXK-P01 Klaxon (WXK01-052 - R - 4/26/2018)
  • Flavor: 力だけが全てではない。勝算は必ずあるさ。~ラカム~
  • Illust: 村上ゆいち
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