A refresh (リフレッシュ Rifuresshu) is an action taken immediately when a player's deck has run out of cards.

Refresh is done immediately when a player's deck has run out of cards, regardless if it is during the Draw Phase, an ability, or the opponent's turn. When a player's deck has run out of cards, the player shuffles his trash then replaces it as the new deck. Then that player moves 1 of their Life Cloth, if any, to their trash.

If a player runs out of cards in their deck in the middle of drawing their second card during their draw phase, or during the resolution of a card's ability or effect, the player resolves as much of the ability or effect as they can, then that card's effect is considered resolved, after which the player then refreshes. That ability or effect of that card that activated prior to the refresh does not continue after refreshing, as it was already resolved. For example, if THREE OUT is used while you have two cards in your deck, you draw two cards, discard one card, and refresh. You do not draw the third card. If your deck would run out of cards after drawing the first card during your draw phase, you refresh immediately after drawing that card. You do not draw a second card after the refresh.

If a player has 0 Life Cloth while refreshing, they refresh normally, without putting a Life Cloth into the trash. They do not lose the game or suffer any penalties.[1]

If a player runs out of cards in their deck and they have no cards in their trash, the game continues without the player refreshing. The player does not lose the game. They refresh the moment a card is put into their trash.

Whenever the turn player refreshes for the second time in one turn, their turn ends immediately. This does not apply to the non-turn player.


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