Mercury, White Natural Star

Resona (レゾナ Rezona) is a card type in the WIXOSS TCG.

Resonas are a type of SIGNI, except they are placed in the LRIG Deck during deck construction. As such, they have a white border instead of a black one. Alongside regular SIGNI-playing conditions such as your LRIG's level and limit, each Resona has a Play Condition that must be fulfilled before the Resona can be played.

Since Resonas are a type of SIGNI, they are affected by any effects that can affect SIGNI.

When a Resona leaves the field, it returns to the LRIG Deck instead of going anywhere else. This includes by being banished (by battle, by an effect, or by having its power reduced to 0 or less), being trashed (by an effect, or by exceeding your LRIG's level or limit), or by being put into your Ener Zone during the ener phase. Unlike normal SIGNI, Resonas cannot be removed during your main phase to send them back to the LRIG Deck. However, if a Resona is put into the LRIG Trash, it will not be sent to the LRIG Deck.

Double-Faced Resona

Example of a double-faced Resona check card, in this case for Full Moon, White Natural Star / New Moon, White Natural Star

WX-13 Unfeigned Selector introduced the concept of a double-faced Resona (両面レゾナ Ryōmen Rezona), a card with a Resona on both card faces instead of having the regular white card back.

If the conditions for either side of the Resona are fulfilled at any particular time, that side of the Resona can be put onto the field. While on the field, a double-faced Resona cannot be flipped to the other side.

While not on the field, double-faced Resonas can be represented in three ways. Transparent sleeves are the simplest, allowing both sides to be used easily, but may render the card visible while it is in the LRIG Deck. Using opaque sleeves necessitates that the Resona be removed from the sleeve and manually turned over every time the side not currently facing the front is used. Finally, a check card can be used, allowing a player to easily check the effects of the card without revealing the Resona. However, a player must have the actual card to use a check card.

Check cards can be downloaded at the official site here.

Parts of a Resona Card[]


  • Located in the top-right corner.
  • Determines the color of the Resona card.


  • Located in the top-left corner.
  • For all intents and purposes, functions similarly to SIGNI.


  • Located in the bottom-left corner.
  • For all intents and purposes, functions similarly to SIGNI.


  • Located in the center-right.
  • For all intents and purposes, functions similarly to SIGNI.

Limiting Condition

  • Located in the center-left.
  • Like ARTS, spells, and SIGNIs, Resona are restricted and only usable by certain LRIG Types.

Play Condition

  • Listed above the abilities.
  • Unlike SIGNI, each Resona has a specific Play Condition that must be fulfilled before it can be played.


  • Will be shown in the textbox of the card.
  • For all intents and purposes, functions similarly to SIGNI.
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