Ride Ride (ライド Raido for the keyword, 乗 for the action) is a keyword found on Layla LRIG cards and associated with Riding Machine SIGNI.

Ride is an Action ability that costs Red0 and can be used once per turn. When you use a LRIG's Ride ability, put it on top of one of your Riding Machine SIGNI, and until end of turn, as long as the LRIG is on the SIGNI, both enter the drive state (ドライブ状態 Doraibu jōtai). If a LRIG is already in the drive state, its Ride ability can't be used. A LRIG in the drive state can't attack, although a SIGNI in the drive state can attack normally. Many Riding Machine SIGNI have abilities that trigger or become active while they are being driven, such as Drive Constant Drive Constant and Drive Auto Drive Auto abilities.

Effects that affect a SIGNI in the drive state don't affect the LRIG riding it, and vice versa. They are still considered to be two separate entities.

If a SIGNI in the drive state leaves the field, the LRIG driving it is removed from the drive state.

If you use the Ride ability on a SIGNI already in the drive state, it remains in the drive state throughout, so effects that say "When this SIGNI enters the drive state" don't trigger.

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