Ririka Souma
そうま りりか
相馬 梨々花
Img chara02
相馬 梨々花
Souma Ririka
Gender Female
Classification Human

Ririka Souma (相馬 梨々花 Souma Ririka) is one of the protagonists of the selector battle with WIXOSS game.


Ririka has long twintailed red hair. She wears the same school uniform as Hero, Hanayo and Chihiro.


Ririka is a cheerful and patient girl. She also doesn't want other people to get worried about her.


Ririka is hero's best friend who went missing.


Ririka taught hero how to play WIXOSS, and on their way home, they go home and going to the card shop. Ryouhei gave Ririka and Hero free starter deck. A few days later, she went missing. Hero asked Ryouhei if he knows of her whereabouts, in which he told her that he had no idea and that she hasn't visited the card shop.

It turns out that Ririka gave the hero a letter given to Reiko Kenjoh, making the hero stop looking for her after reading it.



Hero is Ririka's childhood friend. She scolded her for not knowing how to play the super popular game, WIXOSS and taught her to play. It seemed that the hero is infatuated and obsessed with her.

Reiko KenjohEdit

Ririka trusted Reiko so that she will give hero her letter.


Ririka used Red deck when fighting against the hero, giving her a tutorial, while she lets the hero used Blue deck.


  • Hero's obsession with Ririka is nearly the same of how Kiyoi and Yura felt for their important person, in which she has no qualms of beating other selectors in Selector battle.


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