Alexand, Peerless Conquest

Rise (ライズ Raizu) is a keyword ability found on SIGNI.

Rise SIGNI are played differently from regular SIGNI. For a Rise SIGNI to enter the field, it must be put on top of a SIGNI already on the field, with the type of SIGNI required differing from card to card. This condition must be fulfilled no matter how the SIGNI enters the field.

Unlike other black-bordered SIGNI, the name, power, and level areas of a Rise SIGNI card are white like those of Resona SIGNI.

Rise Put on top of your (condition) SIGNI (If this SIGNI leaves the field, put all cards under it into the trash.)

Rise SIGNI do not inherit any lingering effects from the SIGNI it was put on top of, including abilities given, up/down state, and power increases and decreases; however, if a Rise SIGNI is placed on top of a Rise SIGNI, all cards under the previous Rise SIGNI remain under the new one. Rise SIGNI enter the field upped like any SIGNI put onto the field unless an effect says otherwise.

The SIGNI under the Rise SIGNI is ignored for the effects of most cards. They do not count as SIGNI on the field. However, if a Rise SIGNI is put on top of a SIGNI, that SIGNI is not treated as having left the field, and any "leave the field" abilities do not trigger. Whenever a Rise SIGNI leaves the field, all cards under it are put into the trash; this is a form of rule processing.

When a Rise SIGNI is put onto a SIGNI marked with a Charm, the Charm is put into the trash.

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