Rule processing (ルール処理 Rūru shori) refers to game actions that occur when certain conditions arise in a game.

There are six types of rule processing:

  1. When a SIGNI's power is 0 or less, that SIGNI is banished.
  2. If your SIGNI's total level exceeds your LRIG's limit, or if the level of one of your SIGNI exceeds your LRIG's level, put 1 of your SIGNI into the trash. If your SIGNI's levels exceeds both your LRIG's level and limit, first place all of your SIGNI whose level exceed your LRIG's level into the trash, then put SIGNI from the field into the trash until the total level of your SIGNI do not exceed your LRIG's limit.
  3. If a SIGNI marked with a Charm leaves the field, or if a Rise SIGNI is put on top of a SIGNI marked with a Charm, put that Charm into the trash face up. (This also applies to other cards that place cards underneath themselves, such as Uranium, Natural Source and Code Heart MPP.)
  4. If a card without Life Burst is crushed, or if a card with Life Burst was crushed and its Life Burst wasn't used, put that card into the Ener Zone.
  5. When a player's deck has 0 cards, that player refreshes.
  6. If a SIGNI with Rise leaves the field, put all cards under it into the trash.

Characteristics of rule processing include:

  • Rule processes always check the state of the game and will apply to cards that meet the conditions. However, rule processes are not checked during the middle of an effect.
  • Some rule processes (2 and 4 above) involve choices made by players.
  • Rule processes are done simultaneously to cards that meet the conditions. However, if a card is moved to a different zone by multiple rule processes, the owner of the card chooses the order in which the rule processes are applied.
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