Rumi Sagara

Rumi 01

Lalaru 01

Personal Information
Name (Kanji) 相良瑠海
True Name Rumi Sagara
Other Names Rararu (ララ・ル)
  • 14
  • Female
  • Human (formerly)
  • LRIG
LRIG Unknown
Deck Unknown deck
  • Middle School Student
  • Selector (formerly)
  • Rena's LRIG (currently)
First Appearance
For TCG information, see Lalaru (TCG).

Rumi Sagara (相良瑠海 Sagara Rumi) later known as Lalaru (ララ・ル Rararu) is one of the protagonists of selector stirred WIXOSS . She is a Selector during the first two chapters of Selector stirred WIXOSS-, but then later becomes an Eternal Girl, becoming a LRIG herself.


Rumi is a beautiful girl with big breasts, and has a complex about it.


Rumi has low self-esteem, thus she is jealous of Yura. Plus she was not good with people and is embarrassed when Yura was groping her.




She hates Yura for being selfish and is being so confident. Her wish is that she wanted Yura to get hurt.


Yura ShiratoEdit

Yura is Rumi's friend from Table Top club. Despite seemingly getting along, Rumi hates Yura for being clingy and confident. Enough that she wants her to get hurt.

Sara ShiratoEdit

Sara is Rumi's friend from Table Top club. She thinks Yura should go easy on Sara since she is new at WIXOSS.

Miyu YoshiiEdit

Miyu is Rumi's friend from Table Top club.

Airi ManoEdit

Airi is Rumi's friend from Table Top club.

Ui MatsunoEdit

Ui is Rumi's friend from Table Top club.

Rena MochizukiEdit

Rena is Lalaru's selector. She is aggressive when battling, but she shows concern when Lalaru is hurt, and they both apologizes to each other.


  • Despite the fact that she has complex with her big breasts, her outfit as Lalaru is revealing
  • Her tarot card is The Chariot



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