A SIGNI Zone (シグニゾーン Shiguni Zōn) is where SIGNI are placed on the field. Each player has three SIGNI Zones, located in front of the LRIG Zone; as a result, each player can only have up to 3 SIGNI on the field at one time.

The three SIGNI Zones, along with the LRIG Zone, constitute the field.

Whenever a SIGNI attacks, if there is an opposing SIGNI in the SIGNI Zone across from it, those two SIGNI battle. If there is no opposing SIGNI in the SIGNI Zone across from it, that SIGNI crushes one of the opponent's Life Cloth.

Colors White WhiteRed RedBlue BlueGreen GreenBlack Black
Not a Color Colorless Colorless
Card Types LRIGARTSSIGNISpellResonaKeyCraft
Parts of a Card LevelLimiting conditionUse Timing
Game Zones Check ZoneDeckEner zoneField (SIGNI zone, LRIG zone)
HandLife clothLRIG deckLRIG trashTrash
Game Mechanics AbilityAttackBanishCoinConvertCostCrushDamageDiscardDraw
ExcludeEner ChargeExceedFreezeGrowLife BurstUp/DownRefreshRemove
Keywords AccessoryAssassinBlood crystal armBeatBetChainCharmCross (Heaven)
DecorateDouble CrushEncoreGateGuardLancerLayerMulti EnerRide (Drive)
RiseSeed (Bloom) ● ShadowS LancerSubscriberTrapTriple CrushVirus
Miscellaneous FAQsFormats (Key SelectionAll-Star) ● Mayu's RoomRule processingTrigger ability
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