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Sachi Togasaki
Togasaki Sachi
Age 16-18
Gender Female
  • Human (originally)
  • LRIG
Anime Selected Destructed WIXOSS
Yoko Hikasa

Sachi Togasaki (戸賀崎幸), also known as the LRIG Hanare (ハナレ), is a character introduced selector destructed WIXOSS.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Sachi originally had short grey hair when she was younger. In her LRIG form, she is seen wearing purple eyeshadow and wears a scarf.

Personality[edit | edit source]

She's a gentle LRIG that worries for her partner but when she calmly assesses the situation in battle she shows a cold face.

Background[edit | edit source]

She's the LRIG of Hiroko, a girl that challenged Iona (Urith). Under pressure due to a difficult battle against a combination of Urith and Tama, she kept encouraging Hiroko as they fought.

Chronology[edit | edit source]

She is a girl from the Togasaki family that took in Rumi. Unlike her cousin Rumi, Sachi is an honest and kind girl. Additionally unlike the adults, Sachi was accepting of Rumi, but due to her parents forcing Rumi to go to an institution, they were separated. She met Ruuko Kominato when they were children.

At some point, the LRIG that inherited Sachi's body attempted to commit suicide. She didn't succeed, but she has been in a coma for a year since then.

At the end of the movie, she reunites with the defeated Rumi and chooses to stay with her inside of the darkness. From Sachi's statements at the end about not being able to return to her body, it is implied that her human body either died or that she permanently gave her body to Tama for granting her wish.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Ruuko Kominato[edit | edit source]

She meets Ruuko when she was younger while searching for Rumi. Not wanting to state her real name, she introduces herself as Tama. They then spend the day playing around together. However, after this day, they don't hang out any longer.

Rumi Igarashi/Urith[edit | edit source]

She knew Urith from before she was an LRIG, when she was Rumi. At first Rumi doesn't like her. However, even after they were separated, Sachi still longs to be with her friend, even going to the extent of becoming a LRIG to have her wish granted.

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