Season Level 0 LRIGs/PR Cards
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Release Date April 1, 2019
Formats All-Star
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SPK-15 Welcome LRIG Pack SPK-17 555 Yen Deck Bonus

The SPK-16 designation includes two different sets of cards; the Season Level 0 LRIGs (シーズンLv0ルリグ Shīzun Lv0 Rurigu) and the generically named PR Cards (PRカード PR Kādo). Both sets of cards are given out with the same method; they are CONGRATULATION!! cards distributed at WIXOSS Party events, with a different set of three cards being given out each month. This distribution has been used to reprint All-Star cards n Key Selection.

Note that distribution ceased from all of June to July 15 due to WIXOSS Parties stopping during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Card List[]

No Card Name Color Type Level Time Period
SPK16-1A Umr-Noll, Wielder of the World Instrument Key Blue.png LRIG 0 April 2019
SPK16-1B Urith, Enma of Refined Bullets Black.png LRIG 0 April 2019
SPK16-1C Guzuko, Useless Princess Black.png LRIG 0 April 2019
SPK16-2A Allos Piruluk Blue.png LRIG 0 May 2019
SPK16-2B Remember, Next Dream Miko Blue.png LRIG 0 May 2019
SPK16-2C Eternal Colorless.png LRIG 0 May 2019
SPK16-3A Hanayo Zero Red.png LRIG 0 June 2019
SPK16-3B Mel-Ready Green.png LRIG 0 June 2019
SPK16-3C Myu-Hatch Black.png LRIG 0 June 2019
SPK16-3D Tamayorihime, Moon Key Miko White.png Key - June 2019
SPK16-4A Carnival †0† Black.png LRIG 0 July 2019
SPK16-4B Ril, Memory of Innocence Red.png LRIG 0 July 2019
SPK16-4C Yuzuki Zero, Claw and Fang Green.png LRIG 0 July 2019
SPK16-5A Next Ready Colorless.png Spell - August 2019
SPK16-5B Until My Bones Burn and My Body Breaks Red.png ARTS - August 2019
SPK16-5C Bad Choice Black.png ARTS - August 2019
SPK16-6A Don't Rush Blue.png ARTS - September 2019
SPK16-6B Number Bind White.png ARTS - September 2019
SPK16-6C Tactical Punish Black.png ARTS - September 2019
SPK16-7A Jealousy Gaze Black.png ARTS - October 2019
SPK16-7B Penalty Chance Colorless.png ARTS - October 2019
SPK16-7C Code Art IZRH Blue.png SIGNI 4 October 2019
SPK16-7D Code Piruluk KEY Blue.png Key - October 2019
SPK16-8A Three Burning Gathered Steps Red.png ARTS - November 2019
SPK16-8B Hashmal, Authority of the Holy Scepter White.png SIGNI 2 November 2019
SPK16-8C #Tipsu#, Burial of Time Wisdom Green.png SIGNI 3 November 2019
SPK16-8D Hanare, Dark One of Fascination Black.png Key - November 2019
SPK16-9A Don't Fight Blue.png ARTS - December 2019
SPK16-9B Halo Effect Black.png ARTS - December 2019
SPK16-9C Benzaiten, Phantom Spirit White.png SIGNI 2 December 2019
SPK16-9D Hanayo and Midoriko, Combat Girls Type Flame Red.pngGreen.png Key - December 2019
SPK16-10A By the Way Colorless.png ARTS - January 2020
SPK16-10B Quartz, Natural Crystal Red.png SIGNI 2 January 2020
SPK16-10C Tsubaki, Natural Plant Green.png SIGNI 3 January 2020
SPK16-10D 5th Anniv. Heroines White.pngRed.pngBlue.png Key - January 2020
SPK16-11A Double Chakram Colorless.png ARTS - February–March 2020
SPK16-11B Hanayo, Acting in Perfect Harmony Red.png Key - February–March 2020
SPK16-11C Rahab, Noise of Demonic Seas Blue.png SIGNI 2 February–March 2020
SPK16-11D Doarf, Phantom Spirit Green.png SIGNI 2 February–March 2020
SPK16-11E Ice Finger Black.png Spell - February–March 2020
SPK16-11F Guzuko, Useless Princess of Cheering Black.png LRIG 4 February–March 2020
SPK16-11G Era Otogibara White.png LRIG 0 February–March 2020
SPK16-12A Duranda, Greatsword White.png SIGNI 3 April–May 2020
SPK16-12B Destructive Flame of Insane Thoughts Red.png Spell - April–May 2020
SPK16-12C PRAYING Blue.png Spell - April–May 2020
SPK16-12D Splendid Banquet Green.png ARTS - April–May 2020
SPK16-12E Mimic, Super Trap Black.png SIGNI 4 April–May 2020
SPK16-12F Tamayorihime, Moon Key Miko White.png Key - April–May 2020
SPK16-12G Ancient Groove Blue.png ARTS - April–May 2020
SPK16-13A Xeno Multiple White.png ARTS - July 2020
SPK16-13B Deciding Horse Burning Red.png ARTS - July 2020
SPK16-13C Kayappa, Natural Plant Green.png SIGNI 1 July 2020
SPK16-13D Code Anti Elechair Black.png SIGNI 3 July 2020
SPK16-13E Counter Vamp Colorless.png ARTS - July 2020
SPK16-13F Flaming Innocence Red.png ARTS - July 2020
SPK16-13G Toko, Lize, and Ange White.png LRIG 0 July 2020
Booster Packs
All-Star Selector Saga
WX-01 Served SelectorWX-02 Stirred SelectorWX-03 Spread Selector
WX-04 Infected SelectorWX-05 Beginning SelectorWX-06 Fortune Selector
WX-07 Next SelectorWX-08 Incubate SelectorWX-09 Reacted Selector
WX-10 Chained SelectorWX-11 Destructed SelectorWX-12 Replied Selector
WX-13 Unfeigned SelectorWX-14 Succeed Selector
Lostorage Saga
WX-15 Incited SelectorWX-16 Decided SelectorWX-17 Exposed Selector
WX-18 Conflated SelectorWX-19 Unsolved SelectorWX-20 Connected Selector
WX-21 Betrayed SelectorWX-22 Unlocked Selector
All-Stars Series
WXEX-1 Unlimited SelectorWXEX-2 Unbreakable Selector
Key Selection Lostorage Saga
WXK-P01 KlaxonWXK-P02 Full ScratchWXK-P03 UtopiaWXK-P04 Wiles
WXK-P05 RhetoricWXK-P06 AlternativeWXK-P07 ExplodeWXK-P08 Unrealistic
WXK-P09 DissembleWXK-P10 CollisionWXK-P11 Re:incarnation
Diva Selection DIVA (A) LIVE Saga
Constructed Decks
Selector Saga
WXD-01 White HopeWXD-02 Red Ambition
WXD-03 Blue AppliWXD-04 Green Wanna
WXD-05 Black DesireWXD-06 Blue RequestWXD-07 Black CraveWXD-08 Black Will
WXD-09 White PrayWXD-10 Red HopeWXD-11 Black NeedWXD-12 Green Dream
WXD-13 White Hope -movie ver.-WXD-14 Black Desire -movie ver.-
WXD-15 Red PromiseWXD-16 Blue Petition
Lostorage Saga
WXD-17 Red HonestWXD-18 Green BerserkWXD-19 Black Blind
WXD-20 Green CunningWXD-21 Red JokerWXD-22 Black Conflation
WXD-23 Blue Conflation
5th Anniversary Series
WXA-DF01 Start WIXOSS All-Star with Tama and Win with Intense Consecutive Attacks!
WXA-DF02 Start WIXOSS All-Star with Piruluk and Win with Intense Hand Destruction!
WXA-DF03 Start WIXOSS All-Star with Yuzuki and Win with Intense Incineration!
WXA-DF04 Start WIXOSS All-Star with Dona and Win with Intense Overall Reinforcement!
WXA-DF05 Start WIXOSS All-Star with Guzuko and Win with Intense Cooperative Attacks!
Key Selection
Lostorage Saga
WXK-D01 Red DopingWXK-D02 Blue CatharsisWXK-D03 Green Tentacle
WXK-D04 Black DirectWXK-D05 Dual PalenessWXK-D06 Dual Blood
WXK-D07 Dual PlantWXK-D08 Dual BlastWXK-D09 Blue Umr
WXK-D10 Black UrithWXK-D11 White EmmaWXK-D12 Green Mel
WXK-D13 Black MyuWXK-D14 Red TawilWXK-D15 Black Nanashi
WXK-D16 Nijisanji WIXOSS Battle SetWXK-D17 Black Alfou
5th Anniversary Series
WXK-DF01 Start WIXOSS with Piruluk and Win by Discard!
WXK-DF02 Start WIXOSS with Guzuko and Win by Deck Manipulation!
WXK-DF03 Start WIXOSS with Tama and Win by Returning Cards to the Hand!
WXK-DF04 Start WIXOSS with Ril and Win by Evolution!
WXK-DF05 Start WIXOSS with Carnival and Win by Using the Graveyard!
Diva Selection
WXDi-D02 DIVA DEBUT DECK Nijisanji ver. Sanbaka
WXDi-D05 DIVA DEBUT DECK Universe's Beginning
WXDi-D07 TOP DIVA DECK Deus Ex Machina
Promotional Cards
All-Star Promotional Cards
SP-01 spec selector: Rūko KominatoSP-02 spec selector: Hitoe Uemura
SP-03 spec selector: Iona Urazoe • SP-04 Everyone's Lottery/selector infected WIXOSS
SP-05 selector spread WIXOSS Card Gum ~Collector's Assort~
SP-06 spec selector: Akira AoiSP-07 spec selector: Fumio Futase
SP-08 Everyone's Lottery/selector spread WIXOSS • SP-09 3D LRIG Cards Set of 5
SP-10 Selector's Pack Vol. Eldora & Yuzuki • SP-11 Selector's Pack Vol. Christmas
SP-12 Congratulation Pack • SP-13 Selector's Pack New Year Fortune Ver.
SP-14 Piruluk Illustration Book
SP-15 selector destructed WIXOSS Theater Attendance Cards
SP-16 Selector's Pack Party Ver. • SP-17 Selector's Pack Vol. Umr & Tawil
SP-18 Summer LRIG Pack Vol.1 • SP-19 selector destructed WIXOSS Blu-ray/DVD Cards
SP-20 Winter LRIG Pack • SP-21 Lostorage Tour • SP-22 Lostorage League
SP-23 spec selector: Suzuko HomuraSP-24 spec selector: Chinatsu Morikawa
SP-25 Congratulation Pack Vol.3 • SP-26 Lostorage incited WIXOSS Blu-ray/DVD
SP-27 Selector's Pack Vol.15+ • SP-28 WIXOSS Fun Pack
SP-29 2017 WIXOSS Battle Chocolate • SP-30 Congratulation Pack Vol.4
SP-31 Congratulation Pack Vol.5+SP-32 Selector Selection
SP-33 Base LRIG Campaign • SP-34 WIXOSS Limited supply set Vol.2,Vol.3
SP-35 2019 Valentine's Pack • SP-36 5th ANNIVERSARY 5 Strong Promo Cards
SP-37 Legend ARTS Pack
Key Selection
Key-Selection Promotional Cards
SPK-01 WIXOSS Party Pack • SPK-02 Congratulation Card/Pack
SPK-03 Wedding LRIG • SPK-04 Wedding LRIG (Congratulation Ver.)
SPK-05 Akihabara Restaurant Collaboration Campaign
SPK-06 Lostorage conflated WIXOSS Blu-ray/DVD • SPK-07 Tanabata LRIG Pack
SPK-08 Halloween LRIG Cards • SPK-09 2018 Christmas LRIG Pack
SPK-10 WIXOSS Cup 2018 Participation Awards • SPK-11 WIXOSS Cup 2018 Top Prizes
SPK-12 Side B WIXOSS Cup Participation Awards • SPK-13 Variable LRIG Pack
SPK-14 Marathon LRIG Pack (2019 Ver.)/WIXOSS Great Thanksgiving Promo Card
SPK-15 Welcome LRIG Pack • SPK-16 Season Level 0 LRIGs
SPK-17 555 Yen Deck Bonus • SPK-18 School Trip LRIG Pack 2019
SPK-19 Summer Vacation Pack • SPK-20 555 Yen Deck Bonus 2
SPK-21 Mito Tsukino Special Pack • SPK-22 LRIG Comes to You!? Campaign Part 9
SPK-23 WIXOSS Limited supply set Nijisanji ver. vol.2
Diva Selection
Diva Selection Promotional Cards
SPDi-01 Chibi LRIG Level 0SPDi01S • SPDi-02 WIXOSS CEREMONY Gift PR Cards
Diva Special Sign Pack Vol.1 • SPDi-03 LRIG Comes DIVA Debut Campaign
SPDi-04 No Limit Xmas Present CampaignDiva Special Sign Pack Vol.2
SPDi-05 Valentine's Choco LRIGs DIVA Ver.
SPDi-06 WIXOSS DIVA (A) LIVE WIXOSS Archive Exhibition
SPDi-07 WIXOSS DIVA (A) LIVE Blu-ray BOX First Edition Limited Privileges
SPDi-08 Diva Special Sign Pack Vol.3
SPDi-09 Duel Masters Play's × WIXOSS Collaboration Commemoration Campaign
Diva Special Sign Pack Vol.4
SPDi-10 Selector Point System Limited Special PR Cards • SPDi-11 Hot Spring LRIG Pack