This Warmth Is At Its Limit
Selector Spread WIXOSS EP Title - 10
Kono Nukumori wa Genkai
Japanese Air Date

December 6, 2014

Opening world's end, girl's rondo
Ending Undo -Memories of Tomorrow-
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This Warmth Is At Its Limit (このぬくもりは現界 Kono Nukumori wa Genkai) is the tenth episode of Selector Spread WIXOSS. It premiered on December 6, 2014.

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Akira, holding a warped sense of affection towards Urith, faces her in battle. Meanwhile, Rūko and friends are led to someone they didn't expect. (Source:

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The episode begins with Chiyori waking up after her battle with Hitoe. Opening her eyes, Chiyori sees Rūko and Hitoe smiling at her. Chiyori then starts getting panicked making false accusations e.g. asking if they’re from a cult/pyramid scheme, and asks Rūko and Hitoe who they are, having forgotten all about them. Rūko and Hitoe try to get her to calm down, and eventually Hitoe declares that they want to be friends with her. Hearing this, Chiyori starts panicking even more, despite Hitoe’s and Rūko’s attempts to calm her down. Chiyori then runs from the pair.

After Chiyori is far enough away, Eldora comforts Rūko and Hitoe, saying that at least they tried. Picking up Eldora, Rūko states how bad she feels at not being able to keep her promise with Eldora, but Eldora tells them to just give Chiyori some time and she’ll come around eventually. Eldora then starts imitating Chiyori, and as a result Hitoe gets embarrassed. Eldora then tells the pair that when that does happen, just promise to treat Chiyori well; before jumping out of the card, much to Rūko’s and Hitoe’s surprise.

Jumping to the ground, Eldora says her goodbyes and walks away, disappearing when a gust of wind blows. Seeing that Eldora is gone, Rūko declares that Eldora really did care about Chiyori after all. Hitoe then states that it’s not just her, and that Yuzuki is a nice LRIG as well, as well as many other LRIGs. Yuzuki gets flustered, and then states that it’s only natural because LRIGs are real girls, so they do get hurt, and end up making the ultimate sacrifice for their Selectors. Saddened, Rūko, Hitoe and Yuzuki start thinking about their old LRIGs.

Rūko agrees with Yuzuki’s statement, but Iona objects saying that there is one girl who is different from the others, and that’s Mayu. Iona admits that Mayu is jealous of all of the other girls, and that’s the reason why she crushes all of the other girls’ wishes and dreams. Iona then asks Rūko to take her to Urith.

After the opening, at the construction site where the battle tournament was held, Urith is seen entering a room with Akira. She tells Akira how this huge room is meant to her room when the construction is done, and that this is the building where she fought Rūko in. Staring out of a window, Urith continues by telling Akira, how beautiful and powerful Rūko was during the battle, and how she is the exact opposite, ugly and pathetic. Urith then states that despite her tough talk, Akira is incapable of killing anyone.

Akira then rebuts by reminding Akira about the one girl she beat (the one who ended up scarring her). Urith states that she doesn’t count, because she was already dying, but Akira declares that she doesn’t care about that. Akira then tells Urith that it never mattered to her whether that girl was alive or dead, to her, a win was just a win back then. Akira then talks about how different she was back then, while reminiscing on the moment just after that she got her scar.

In the flashback, Akira is staring at her scar in the mirror, when an image of the girl she defeated appears in the mirror. The girl tells her that she’s now just as ugly as she is on inside and that she’s most disgusting person in the world. As Akita’s blood covers the mirror, the girl tells her that she shouldn’t worry about her face when her entire skull is twisted, before smirking at her. Akira then screams.

Back in the present, Akira admits that girl was right about her, that she was filthy and disgusting. But even so, Akira states, that Urith still held her hand out and reached deep into her soul. Crying, Akira then admits that she thought Urith was trying to help her back then, but now she realizes that Urith just likes to take beautiful things and break them into pieces, to take truly lovely things and make them filthy and corrupt. Akira continues her speech by talking about how Urith used her to get what she wanted, to fight Rūko by using Akira as a pawn and states how Urith only thought of her as a tool.

Urith states her surprise considering that she thought Akira was a hopeless idiot, and that perhaps she should’ve given her more credit. Urith then asks if Akira now wants to get revenge on her, though the odds of Akira defeating Urith in a Selector Battle is laughable. Urith then asks Akira what does she hope to get out of the battle, does she wish to ruin her or to plant a scar on her like her own. Akira admits that she does want to scar her, but that she also wants to heal it. Approaching Urith, Akira then states her intention to repeatedly scar Urith and then use her wish as an Eternal Girl to heal it, going through an endless cycle of switching between Selector to LRIG in order to do so, that way Urith won’t be able to get rid of her. Akira further declares that she’ll leave a permanent mark on Urith, so as to not make Urith forget her.

Urith scoffs at her declaration, stating that Akira is an interesting girl. Urith then tells Akira to get the battle rolling now and pulls out Tama out from her pocket. In the darkness of her card, Tama apologizes to Rūko for having a selfish thought during Urith’s last battle. Tama continues on mentioning that when those dark feelings took control of her, she had though that if her wish could come true, if she could become a human and hang out with Rūko, Yuzuki and the others, then she’d be willing to do anything to make it happen, even if it makes people cry. Akira then pulls out her card and then both Urith and Akira open up a battlefield.

At the modelling studio, Rūko and Hitoe are talking to two of the staff who tells them that Iona/Urith had been stabbed. Out on the street, Hitoe recalls what the staff had told them and states how odd it is. Rūko starts wondering what happened, while Yuzuki states that she’s getting a bad feeling about this. Yuzuki starts expressing concern for Tama.  Suddenly, Yuzuki senses a battle, and Hitoe asks Rūko if they can find out who’s battling. Rūko pulls out Iona who tells her that the battle signal is being jammed by something or someone, so she can’t sense who’s playing. Hearing this, Rūko asks if it could be Tama.

Back in the battlefield, Milulun has just gotten blasted by Tama, and it seems like Akira is losing. Akira screams in anger, as Urith smirks and orders Tama to “grow” into her tainted level 5 form. As she begins transforming, Tama starts begging in her mind, telling Rūko not to come to this field, because she doesn’t want Rūko to see her like this.

On another street, Kazuki and Hanayo in Yuzuki’s body are walking and talking about the collection of singles in that shop, though Hanayo seems to be in a daze. Kazuki notices Hanayo’s day-dreamy state, and suddenly yells out and grabs her when a car is about to hit her. Seeing him hold her, Hanayo suggests getting a drink, but Kazuki states that something is wrong with her. Kazuki mentions that Hanayo or Yuzuki (in his eyes) has been acting strange for a while now, and asks if she is aware of that.

Hanayo then realizes that this is the reason why he’s been giving her all of those weird looks at her lately. She then asks him, “How long has she been acting strange? A week ago, 2 weeks ago?” and which version of her is better, the old her or the new her, confusing Kazuki. Hanayo then tries to tell him that she’s not Yuzuki, but then, she sees Iona who is struggling to walk, to her surprise.

After the intermission, Rūko and Hitoe are seen running towards the battle site; being guided by Iona. Rūko starts calling out for Tama, when suddenly Hitoe gets an email from an unknown sender. Hitoe reads out the message that states “If you want to meet Iona Urazoe, head here,” with a map underneath it.

Staring at the message, the two then decide to go to that location, which is located in a big playground. Looking around, they spot Urith/Iona at a small bench. Rūko and Hitoe then run up to her calling her Urith, and ask her where Tama is. When Urith starts saying Tama’s name as if she doesn’t recognize her, Iona tells them that the email was being literal, because the girl in front of them is not Urith, but the real Iona Urazoe.

Getting confused, Hitoe asks Iona if she means the actual Iona Urazoe, the first one. But, before Iona could answer, the real Iona starts saying “LRIG.” Hearing this, Rūko shows LRIG Iona to the original Iona who greets her in a familiar tone. The real Iona then notes the strangeness of it considering LRIG looks like her now. Surprised, Rūko and Hitoe asks why she calls LRIG Iona “LRIG.” The real Iona then tells them that she went by that name when she was her LRIG. The real Iona then tells the group about her story through flashbacks.

In the flashback, LRIG Iona (who was sporting a different look back then) introduces herself to the real Iona as “LRIG.” Peeked by the name, Iona asks LRIG/Iona if that is her real name, LRIG/Iona states that it’s not, but it’ll do for now in a not caring tone. The real Iona notes that she is a strange girl. In response, LRIG asks Iona about her wish, Real Iona responds that her wish is to not be Iona Urazoe anymore. The scenes then shift to the real Iona in a photo shoot.

As the flashbacks of her lonely life continues, Real Iona tells Rūko and the others, that back then all of the people around her had such high expectations of her, that she had little time for herself, so soon she got fed up with her life. Real Iona continues on saying that LRIG was the closest thing to a friend for her, but LRIG hardly talked much and Iona didn’t pressure her to answer anything. She then admits that WIXOSS was her escape from life, and that she found it to be relaxing and even fun.  Eventually, she became an Eternal Girl, and got to go to the White Room and meet Mayu who explained to her what happened.

In the White Room, Mayu is seen sitting on her throne asking Iona if she understands what has happened to her now that she has explained it. She then asks if Iona is upset or angry about the whole lie of having her wish granted. She tells Iona that she needs to do to become free, is to drag someone else here. Iona, though, acts complacent and says that it doesn’t matter, since her wish already came true, so she has no reason to battle any longer.

Hearing this declaration, Mayu gets upset and angry, and yells at Iona if she is really okay with that. Iona replies that she is fine with not becoming human again, which upsets Mayu even more. Mayu then tells her that the way she is acting is wrong and that she should be crying and screaming at her, she should hate her or else its completely wrong.

Back in the present, Real Iona explains that after that she was turned into an LRIG, and became an LRIG to two other Selectors. Real Iona continues that she never coerced her Selectors to battle, but they still did anyway. However, in order to punish her, Mayu would set her up with only weak Selectors who weren’t suited to battle, and as a result, they easily lost and had their wishes reversed. Real Iona states that it was sad that Mayu didn’t like her very much, and states that it makes sense that Mayu would punish her in this manner.

Iona then admits that she didn’t care that much about herself or the other girls, but over time her Selectors’ and the other Selectors’ tears became hard to bear. In that moment, Iona felt her real body become hollow as if it was calling her soul back to it for some reason. Iona explains that in that moment she knew what to do and went back to her real body because Iona Urazoe would die and cease to exist if she didn’t do that.

As they hear this, Hitoe realizes something about Urith. Hitoe explains that if Urith is no longer inside Iona’s body, then she must’ve become an Eternal Girl. However, this leads Rūko to ask what happened to Tama, since he’s supposed to be in Iona’s body now, and if she’s not in Iona’s body then what happened to her. Turning to her card, LRIG Iona postulates that Tama must’ve refused to take possession of Iona’s body.

In the White Room, Mayu appears before Tama and asks her why she didn’t take Iona’s body as no one would want to stay as an LRIG. Tama tells Mayu that she doesn’t want to become human, but Mayu calls her on her lie. Mayu states that she wants to become human in order to hang out with Rūko and eat ice-cream together. Tama admits that she does want that, but she’s a card, not a human, and if she did take a body, she could someone to feel sad and lonely.

Hearing this, Mayu yells at her to stop making excuses because she knows how Tama really feels and that she would do anything to make that wish come true, even make someone miserable. Tama expresses to Mayu her fear over her dark half and how she doesn’t want that dark side of her to come out again. Tama then senses Rūko searching for her. As Rūko is searching for her, Tama thinks to herself that even though she wants to be with Rūko, she doesn’t think Rūko can find her in the White Room because she’s not the same as she was back then.

Sensing her feelings, Mayu gets even more angry, especially after Tama tells her that she won’t become a human for that reason. Tama declares that she can’t let Rūko find her, even if it breaks her heart. Tama then starts to cry, saying that she and Rūko can’t ever be friends again, because she is disgusted with herself and because she broke the promise that she made with Rūko. Tama then recalls Rūko’s wish and tells Mayu that Rūko’s wish is to turn all the girls who became LRIGs back into humans again including Tama and that she’ll do anything to make it come true. Mayu gets into a furious rage and clenches her fist in anger.

Back in the real world, Rūko and Hitoe are seen escorting the real Iona to a train station. At the station, Iona Urazoe thanks the group for escorting her and tells then to be safe now. Hitoe tells her to do the same and to take care. Yuzuki then tells Iona, not to participate in Selector Battles anymore, and Iona says she will. Rūko then brings LRIG/Iona up to the real Iona and asks her if she has anything to say. LRIG/Iona just tells Iona Urazoe to take care. Real Iona then notes that LRIG/Iona has changed a lot since she was her LRIG, she then thanks and apologises to her. Iona Urazoe then walks away from the group up towards the station.

Seeing her off, Yuzuki calls out Tama’s name and states that Tama is with Mayu now. Rūko nods in agreement. In a street lined with shops, Yuzuki laments about how their plans have all been ruined, but Rūko disagrees with her. Rūko then postulates that only the order has changed and instead of pulling out of the room, they should go to her in the white room via their first idea which was to become an Eternal Girl and talk to her there. Hitoe argues that her idea is too dangerous, though Rūko rebuts that they have to get there somehow. Yuzuki then states that she must be insane to face Mayu by herself. But, LRIG Iona replies that she won’t be alone, as she will be with her. Iona then vows to protect Rūko.

Suddenly, Rūko declares that this isn’t right. She then tells Hitoe that they’ve been calling her Iona for all this time, but that isn’t even her real name. Iona tells them that she’s fine with Iona, but Rūko states that it’s not and suggests coming up with a new name for her. Hitoe and Yuzuki smile in agreement. Yuzuki then asks Iona her opinion on a name e.g. favourite word, favourite thing etc. Iona thinks for a bit, when suddenly snow starts falling. Noticing the snow, Iona tells them that snow is her favourite thing and tells them that when Mayu couldn’t stand the noise from outside, the snow would calm her down because it was silent and in a way erased the entire world. To Iona, the snow was cold yet kind.

Hearing that, Rūko suggests calling Iona “Yuki” from now on. Yuzuki agrees since it means “snow” and the name is really pretty too. Hitoe agrees calling it the perfect name for her. Iona then says that she likes that name. So they all agree that her name should be “Yuki” from now on, so as to Yuzuki’s admittance, they don’t have to get confused between human Iona and LRIG Iona anymore.

At the mention of human Iona, Hitoe realizes that they forgot to ask Iona about who sent the email. Yuki asks if there is an email address and Hitoe says there is, and that’s someone who has a handle called “Shadow Prince.” Rūko asks if there is anybody that they know who goes by that name, Yuzuki remembers her kindergarten drawing and states that she does.

In Mayu’s White Room, Mayu reminds Tama that she is the good girl and Kuro/Yuki is the bad girl. However, she then goes on to say that Tama is more spiteful than Kuro/Yuki. Mayu then compares Tama to a rose, caressing one of the stone roses on her door, before smashing it into pieces and saying that Tama is like a rose with thorns. Mayu then rages at Tama for hurting her. Suddenly iron bars appear out of nowhere and seal Tama in a cage. Mayu then yells out her intention to seal away Tama forever. Seeing nothing but endless darkness in front of her, Tama backs away and she gets sealed into the darkness while screaming out Rūko’s name.

At the Kurebayashi residence, Hanayo is sitting at the table looking at Yuzuki’s phone. Suddenly, there’s a knock on the door, and Hanayo opens it expecting Kazuki, however, she is surprised to see Rūko, Hitoe, Yuzuki and Yuki. Ashamed she lets them in……..

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Akira Aoi vs Urith - Urith Wins

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  • It is revealed that if an LRIG refuses to take over their Selector's body, then the original owner of the body can reclaim it.

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