That Window is Locked
Selector Spread WIXOSS EP Title - 11
Ano Mado wa Sejō
Japanese Air Date

December 13, 2014

Opening world's end, girl's rondo
Ending Undo -Memories of Tomorrow-
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That Window is Locked (あの窓は施錠 Ano Mado wa Sejō) is the eleventh episode of Selector Spread WIXOSS. It premiered on December 13, 2014.

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To put an end to the tragedies, Rūko meets Mayu, who is accompanied by a familiar figure. With further secrets revealed, the final stage begins. (Source:

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The episode begins with Mayu in a dark closed off space, with only a single window above her. Tama is narrating Mayu’s thoughts. Tama explains how everyone outside her window looks happy and are having so much fun, and that while the world is moving, she is standing frozen in this lonely, unchanging room. Tama explains that she wants to get out, but there are no doors, so Mayu/Tama cannot escape. So instead Mayu/Tama wants the world outside to stop and stand still, just like it is in her room and that is her only wish. At the end of her speech, Mayu turns into Tama.

After the opening, the scene opens up with Hanayo in Yuzuki’s body giving Rūko and everyone some tea in Yuzuki’s bedroom, while Hanayo tells them about her surprise that they actually came and that she is glad they did. Yuzuki sarcastically states how awkward this situation is. Hanayo agrees, but then mentions that she had wanted to talk to them for some time. Hanayo then asks Yuzuki if she hates her for what she did and that she can’t blame her if she does.

Yuzuki looks away for a bit, before asking Hanayo,about how far did she go with Kazuki. Flustered, Hanayo admits that they kissed, much to Yuzuki’s and everyone else’s embarrassment. Rūko expresses her shock, but Yuzuki states that it’s okay because she’d wanted to kiss Kazuki too, but she never had the guts to do so and that it was all part of her wish. This statement further flusters Rūko to the point that she nearly knocks Yuki’s card off the bed.

Seeing their reactions, Hanayo starts laughing, annoying Yuzuki. Hanayo then proclaims that Yuzuki hasn’t changed one bit since becoming an LRIG, and that she is still as straightforward and gullible as ever (implying that she was lying the entire time). Hanayo then turns her head and sadly mentions how Yuzuki is easily hurt while trying to look strong. Hanayo then expresses how alike Yuzuki and her brother are.

Hanayo then apologizes and expresses that when this had first started her only goal was to grant Yuzuki’s wish, and that her wish wasn’t easy to bear. In a flashback, Hanayo and Kazuki are walking together in the school corridor, but as they turn towards the stairs, they overhear some girls gossiping about them and stating how nasty their relationship is. Hanayo gets upset and tries to walk away, but Kazuki grabs her hand and pulls her down the stairs whilst making those girls feel ashamed of themselves. As he is pulling her along, Hanayo starts blushing.

In the present, Hanayo admits that’s how it was, but then soon she’d realized that she was also in love with Kazuki too. Yuzuki is initially devastated, but then Hanayo explains that she can’t keep on putting this charade on anymore, and that as much as she loves Kazuki, she likes Yuzuki too. Hanayo then starts crying, explaining that if finding happiness with Kazuki becomes her wish and not Yuzuki’s, then it’ll be like a total betrayal to her. Yuzuki sadly calls to her. Hanayo then cries that she doesn’t want to betray Yuzuki or deceive Kazuki. She then proclaims about how Kazuki doesn’t know that she’s not Yuzuki, and that he’s so sweet that she can’t keep on deceiving him like this anymore.

Suddenly, the sound of something dropping shakes Hanayo and the others, alerting them to someone behind the door. As Hanayo rushes to her door and opens it, she sees a shocked Kazuki who asks her what is going on and what was all that stuff she was saying. Kazuki then pushes Hanayo aside, and goes to her bed. Noticing Yuzuki's card, Kazuki picks up her card and is shocked to see Yuzuki on it, much to Yuzuki’s shame. Seeing her picture, Kazuki becomes even more disturbed and confused, and again asks what is going on.

Yuzuki tries yelling at Kazuki to “Hold on,” however, Kazuki can’t hear her. So Hanayo explains to Kazuki that since he’s not a Selector, he can’t hear Yuzuki’s voice. Yuzuki and Hitoe try to stop Hanayo, but Kazuki just repeats their names. Hanayo then apologises to Yuzuki, and cries out that she can’t fulfill her wish anymore, before running out of the apartment with Rūko giving chase. As Kazuki also tries to give pursuit, Hitoe grabs his arm and tells him that she’ll explain everything to him about Hanayo and Yuzuki’s story, but he just has to listen to her. After Hitoe lets go of his arm, Kazuki confusedly looks at Yuzuki’s card.

In the White Room, Mayu is crying, asking why everyone is leaving her behind. Urith then appears and tells Mayu that she’ll stay by her side. Back outside the Kurebayashi residence, Hanayo is seen running pass a car park. Rūko tries calling for her to stop, but then Hanayo collapses in pain. Rūko then tries to tend to her and calls an ambulance.

At the hospital, Hitoe, Kazuki and Yuzuki run up to Rūko who tells them that Hanayo is in the emergency ward. Seeing the doctors rushing about, Yuzuki screams for Hanayo and starts getting hysterical, telling Hanayo to continue granting her wish otherwise she’ll disappear. Hitoe tells Yuzuki to calm down. Seeing this, Kazuki takes Yuzuki’s card and brings it to his chest in a hug, telling her that it’ll be alright. Yuzuki then starts crying.

On the roof of the hospital, Rūko asks Kazuki if he believes their story. Kazuki tells them that since he can feel Yuzuki’s presence from her card, he does believe them. Rūko then restates that Eternal Girls who do not grant their Selector’s wish end up disappearing, so they have to save Hanayo before that happens and restates her intention of becoming an LRIG.

Hitoe reminds Rūko that she only has one win and that she’ll have to fight a lot more battles. Yuzuki angrily replies that there’s not enough time for that. Hitoe then suggests that they split up and that she'll start battling again too. But, Yuzuki again rebuts that it’ll take too long and they’ll be too late because Hanayo doesn’t have long. Yuki then comes up with an idea that since Rūko was already once in a state that was very close to becoming an LRIG (but ended up not becoming one because Tama had reneged on the vow), then if they get Tama to once again agree to making the contract again then Rūko can go to the White Room.

Hitoe though expresses her doubts because you have to get to become an LRIG first before getting to the White Room, but Yuki rebuts that the battlefield is connected to the White Room. Yuki then tells Rūko that if they call out to Tama (who is in the White Room) during a battle through the battlefield, and if her voice reaches her…… Rūko then finishes her sentence that Tama could grant her wish. Hitoe and Rūko then agree on a plan.

The two of them then stand up and pull out their LRIGs, preparing to battle, with Kazuki acting as spectator. Looking on Kazuki calls out Yuzuki’s name. On Hitoe’s side, Yuzuki asks Hitoe if she would ask Kazuki something for her, Hitoe agrees. Yuzuki starts to ask if Kazuki loves her or Hanayo more, but then says that she’ll ask him later when she gets her real body back. Rūko and Hitoe then cry “Open,” and open up the battlefield.

In the same dark room where Mayu was previously seen, Tama is on her knees, crying and asking herself if this is how things will end, with her stuck in this room, being unable to see Rūko again. As she looks up at the sky, Tama suddenly sees the flashing lights of a battle. In the battlefield, Yuki is launching an attack against Yuzuki who blocks it. Yuki reminds Hitoe that they have to take the battle seriously and not lose on purpose, otherwise Rūko can’t bring out her true power that’ll light the way to Tama.

Hitoe and Yuzuki both acknowledge that they understand. Hitoe then orders Yuzuki to use Fiery Ambition on Yuki. As the attack hits Yuki, Rūko starts hearing Tama’s voice saying Yuki’s name. Surprised, Rūko calls out Tama’s name, Tama then asks who is this Yuki. Hearing Tama’s voice, Rūko starts crying tears of joy and smiles.

Yuki then explains to Tama that Yuki is her “Kuro,” or rather she was Kuro, but now she’s called Yuki. Yuki explains that Rūko gave her a new name like she did for Tama, Yuki. Yuki then launches an attack on Yuzuki. In the dark space, Tama hears Yuki explain that while they were both born from Mayu, it was Rūko who gave them their names and taught them about the outside world. Yuki continues that must show Rūko their gratitude by granting her wish together, much to Rūko’s joy. Yuki then further encourages Tama to help them, as she knocks Yuzuki back.

Getting back on Rūko’s platform, Yuki signals Tama who begins the Eternal Girl Ritual. Rūko is then shrunken to Yuki’s size and takes Yuki hand. The three of them then recite the Eternal Girl Oath and launch a final attack against Yuzuki. As the light hits Yuzuki, the two of them see the door to the White Room open up, allowing them to get a glimpse of the actual white room.

After the intermission, the gateway to the room closes as the battlefield fades away. Back in the real world, Kazuki comes up to Hitoe and asks if Yuzuki has come back too. However, Hitoe focuses on Rūko and notices her weird state, as both Rūko and Yuki are in a kind of trance and that Yuki hasn’t taken over Rūko’s body yet. Hitoe tells Kazuki and Yuzuki that this isn’t normal.

Seeing the situation, Kazuki asks if he can suggest something even though he is an outsider to all of this. Kazuki then confirms that the reason why Rūko entered the battle was to get to the White Room in order to meet Mayu. Kazuki then suggests that that there may be another way to meet Mayu. Kazuki then reasons that since Mayu created Selector Battles in order to escape her miserable reality, it may be possible that she physically exists somewhere in the city.

Yuzuki agrees with Kazuki’s opinion that they may be able to find Mayu and convince her in the real world. Hitoe though expresses her doubts asking why didn’t Yuki tell them about the fact that she’s in this city. Hitoe then remembers something, leading Yuzuki to ask "What!?". Hitoe tells them that she knows a place with a similar scenery to the one that she saw when she had glimpsed a peek at the White Room.

In the White Room, Rūko is seen waking up with Yuki beside her. Turning to their right, they both see a white haired girl, Mayu sitting on a window sill. Yuki explains to Rūko that she’s Mayu. Mayu then tells Rūko how incredibly stupid she is, and tells her that Shiro (Tama) is playing hide and seek. Mayu continues explaining that it doesn’t matter even if their feelings are in sync, for Rūko’s wish can’t be granted unless Tama is physically there.

Yuki then pleads with Mayu and explains that they are just here to talk. But, Mayu gets irritated when Yuki uses the word “we,” and tells her that the word “we" doesn’t suit her because as Kuro, she is meant to be alone. In response, Rūko gets angry and tells Mayu that she isn’t Kuro anymore and that she’s now Yuki. Mayu, though, scoffs at the name choice saying that seasons don’t matter when one is trapped inside a card. Mayu then tells Rūko to get over herself, Yuki is just an LRIG, so her feelings shouldn’t matter to her.

Rūko then calmly rebuts that Yuki’s feelings are Mayu’s feelings, and so are Tama’s. Rūko then reasons that since both Tama and Yuki are both from Mayu’s heart, they are a part of her, and reflect the two sides of her. Rūko explains that one side of Mayu loved the snow and the silence that it brought with it, while the other side of her longed for the warmth of the summer sun. Mayu gets irritated, but Rūko continues reiterating what Yuzuki had told her about being trapped inside a card, about how cold, lonely and sad it is. Rūko then starts sympathising with Mayu’s loneliness, and that the loneliness that Yuzuki felt was just like what Mayu felt in her room.

Mayu then starts expressing a bit of shock at her sympathy, as Rūko tells her that the reason why Mayu is doing this is because she wants to make others feel the exact same way she did in her room. In response, Mayu starts pulling back and seals herself behind a gate; as she asks Rūko if she really thinks that she is lonely, and if she thinks that she knows so much about her life. Rūko then cries out that she is just here to help her.

Suddenly, a voice interrupts them, telling them to don’t worry as Mayu isn’t alone. Turning around, the two of them see Urith who is back in her LRIG form. Urith greets them and begins their chat by reminding Yuki of her original wish. Urith then states that her wish is to become an LRIG to a Selector as well, to a Selector who can bring despair to everyone. Urith further explains that her wish has come true and that it led her to Mayu. She then starts bragging about how Mayu is the perfect Selector because of the way that she has brought suffering to so many girls and that she has finally found her true Selector at last. After making different movement shots, while saying all of this, Urith winds up next to Mayu.

Urith then hastily invites Rūko and Yuki to battle, and states about how much she has wanted to smash Yuki’s face in. Urith then taunts them into battling by asking them if they’re scared. In response, Rūko yells that they didn’t come to fight, but talk. Rūko then begs Mayu to listen and that she wants Mayu to end the Selector Battles because WIXOSS is a game and its meant to be fun. At those words, Mayu states that WIXOSS battles are only fun for her, and that she doesn’t share her opinion. Mayu then scoffs and teases the “fun,” “no wishes at stake” battle that Rūko, Hitoe and Yuzuki had shared in the library courtyard, by calling it “boring and laughable.”

Mayu then declares that she knows all about that event, and that she’ll give a fun battle a go for laughs. Suddenly, a window opens releasing a blast of air on Rūko and Yuki who then find themselves at a battle platform on a fully black battlefield. As they are still adjusting, Mayu tells them to begin, and invites Rūko to show her how fun battles can be. Rūko tries to rejects this and tries to make Mayu see reason by saying that all she wants to do is talk, and that if they battle then there is no way she can convince her. Yuki, though, rejects this notion by saying that battling her may be the right answer.

Yuki further explains that while Mayu has played WIXOSS before, she has never actually battled a real opponent before (only the imaginary ones in her head). Yuki then continues by telling Rūko that her battling style is so brilliant that it invokes change and moves the hearts of the people that she meets and battles, and that she was able to change as well, thanks to Rūko. This makes Rūko happy, but Mayu gets irritated and then angrily declares that she will go first since they are taking too long.

Mayu begins the battle by ordering Urith to grow. Time then passes and Yuki in her Level 4 is seen blasting Urith who blasts her in return. As they exchange blows, Rūko thinks to herself that Mayu is strong, but then she notices something and tells Yuki that she was right. Yuki states that as long as they continue making unexpected moves, then Mayu will get agitated and lose control of herself. Rūko then ends her turn.

Seeing this move, Mayu starts panicking while Urith angrily yells at her to put the next card down. Urith’s shouting doesn’t help, and Mayu starts talking about how she doesn’t understand how to move, as well as what she was planning for her next two turns. Urith screams at Mayu again. Mayu suddenly comes to a realization that she won’t lose because of the rules which she had created, which unnerves Yuki and Rūko.

Rūko then summons Brionac and attacks with Ahriman, which Urith blocks. Mayu then asks Yuki if she remembers the rule of Selector Battles, before telling her to look at herself. Yuki then looks at her hands and sees that she is fading away. Mayu explains that she should’ve been more worried about herself than Hanayo, and then goes on to mention that since the real Iona Urazoe has reclaimed her original body, Yuki has failed as an Eternal Girl and will thusly disappear according to the rules of Selectot Battles.

Rūko becomes devastated, but Yuki says that it is alright, because she had already foresaw all of this happening. Yuki then tells Rūko not to worry about her since she was originally a made-up LRIG that was invented by Mayu and that she had never truly existed as a real girl in the first place. Yuki then says that, just like her namesake, she will disappear like snow. Rūko cries for Yuki and screams that she can’t disappear and that she won’t let her.

Suddenly, Rūko hears Tama calling out for her. Tama tells Rūko that she can’t get out of her prison and asks Rūko to bring Yuki to her. Rūko tells her that she’ll try. As Urith impatiently yells at Rūko to hurry up and make her move and keep this battle going, Rūko picks up Yuki and runs off mid-battle. Mayu screams at the pair asking what they are doing, she additionally screams “Get back here! You can’t quit in the middle of a battle!”.

Back in the real world, Hitoe, Kazuki and Yuzuki (who is being carried by Kazuki) arrive at the library. Running around to the courtyard, Yuzuki notices that the courtyard is familiar to her. Hitoe then guides them to an abandoned mansion on a top of the hill behind the library. Yuzuki becomes surprised that a mansion existed there, Hitoe then explains that both this mansion and the library used to be buildings on the same property, and that the library used to be part of the house, but then it was remodeled when the library was moved there.

Yuzuki then states that she thinks that she has seen this house before, she then remembers that’s it similar to the White Room. Yuzuki then asks the group if they think Mayu is in there, Hitoe states that she doesn’t know, but if there is a chance then……suddenly, Kazuki confidently suggests that they go and find out.

In the White Room, Rūko is running towards the black tower whilst carrying a fading Yuki. Rūko cries begging Yuki to hang on. Rūko almost trips on a stone, but continues on. As she is running, she realizes that she isn’t getting closer to Tama because everything is different from the real world. Faintly, Yuki tells Rūko that she finally now understands why Mayu had originally forbid Tama from competing in the Selector Battles and why Tama awakened when she did.

Yuki starts to tell Rūko the reason, but then scene changes to Yuzuki, Kazuki and Hitoe arriving at the mansion which has a ‘No Trespassing’ sign on it. Seeing the condition of the building, Kazuki states that he thinks that nobody is living in the mansion. Suddenly, the property caretaker calls out to them and ask what they are doing and states that this is private property. Kazuki tells the man that they’re not trespassing and that they’re friends with the girl who lives here. The man gets confused by Kazuki’s words.

In White Room, Yuki states that Mayu had probably died some time ago. Appearing before the two, Mayu states that Yuki/Kuro is right and that she has died. Rūko expresses her disbelief over this, as Mayu asks Yuki if she is really gonna let her die alone and that shouldn’t she disappear with the one who granted her life. Yuki defiantly stares at Mayu, so Mayu orders Urith to grow to her Level 5 form. Urith then launches an attack on Yuki and Rūko which causes her to scream out in pain and Rūko to fall down. Getting back up, Rūko is shocked to see a half-faded, fainted Yuki. Rūko then cries out and screams, with tears in her eyes.

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Hitoe Uemura vs Rūko Kominato - Rūko Wins

Rūko Kominato vs Mayu - Still Ongoing

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