A team (チーム chīmu) is an association of LRIGs that forms the basic division of decks in the Diva Selection format.

Each team has three LRIG types associated with it. LRIG cards released in Diva Selection are labeled with their team at the center-right area of the card, above its LRIG type. Players in Diva Selection are intended to use all three LRIGs of a certain team as their center and assist LRIGs, although a player can use any three LRIGs as their center and assist LRIGs regardless of team. Any of the team's LRIGs can be used as the center LRIG.

Teams have no direct effect on gameplay, and it is not required that your center and assist LRIGs be all part of the same team. However, certain cards have a Diva.png Team icon; these cards require that all three of your LRIGs be of the specified team to be fully functional. Some cards, like pieces, require the team condition to be satisfied to be used, while other cards, like LRIGs and SIGNI, require the team condition to be fulfilled for their Team Action, Team Auto, Team Constant, and Team Enter abilities to be active.

A player can grow LRIGs without a team into LRIGs with a team, and vice-versa.

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Card Types LRIG (Assist) ● ARTSSIGNISpellResonaKeyPieceCraft
Parts of a Card LevelClassLimiting ConditionUse Timing
Game Zones Check zoneDeckEner zoneField (SIGNI zone, LRIG zone, Cheer zone)
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Ener ChargeExceedFreezeGrowLife BurstUp/DownRefreshRemoveTargetTeam
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(Parenthesized) LRIG types have only level 0 LRIGs and have no known plans to become playable.
White.png White TamaRememberTawilSasheIona ● (Haity) ● Dona ● (Yukime) ● EmmaNijisanji
Red.png Red HanayoYuzukiTama ● (Lalaru) ● RilCarnivalLaylaLoVTawilNijisanji
Blue.png Blue PirulukEldoraMilulun ● (Soui) ● (Futase) ● AyaRememberUmrNijisanjiTama
Green.png Green MidorikoAnneAiyaiMelMamaYuzukiPirulukAt
Black.png Black UrithUmrIonaMyuAlfouHanareNanashiGuzukoCarnival
Colorless.png Colorless ?EternalBukubu Tama
Teams Ancient Surprise (Umr Blue.png, At Green.png, Tawil Red.png)
Sanbaka (Toko Black.png, Lize White.png, Ange White.png)
No Limit (Hirana Red.png, Rei Blue.png, Akino White.png)
Card Jockey (LION White.png, WOLF Green.png, LOVIT Red.png)
Universe's Beginning (Tamago Blue.png, Bang Green.png, Nova White.png)
DIAGRAM (Muzica Black.png, Sanga Green.png, Madoka Blue.png)
Deus Ex Machina (Deus Black.png, Ex Red.png, Machina Black.png)
Kyurukyurun☆ (Yukayuka White.png, Mikomiko Blue.png, Mahomaho Black.png)