This card is created by the effects of Ibarahime, Phantom Apparition Princess and Nemurihime, Phantom Apparition Princess.
WXK01 TK-01A
Kana (仮名) ソーンウイップ
Romaji (ローマ字) Sōn Uippu (Thorn Whip)
Color GreenIcon Green
Card Type ARTS (Craft)
Cost Green × 0
Use Timing [Attack Phase]
Key Selection Legal? Key Yes
Card Abilities
Until end of turn, 1 SIGNI gets +2000 power.
(If this card would be placed outside of the LRIG deck or check zone, instead exclude it from the game.)
※This card cannot be put in a deck.
Card Abilities (JP/日本語)
WXK-P01 Klaxon (WXK01 TK-01A - N/A - 4/26/2018)
  • Flavor:
    Without the thorns, the princess can't be protected.
    With the thorns, the princess can't be embraced.

  • Illust: 柚希きひろ

WXK-P03 Utopia (WXK03 TK-01A - N/A - 8/30/2018)

  • Flavor:
    The princess dreams while she is sleeping.
    The princess talks about her dreams while she is awake.

  • Illust: 柚希きひろ
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