• For battoru, I should be available in the next 8 hours or so, if timezones match p_p

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    • Sorry for not telling you anything, I woke up late this morning so I have to go straight to the class. > _>

      Now, it's 8 hours. Are you up?

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    • >comment was posted last night right when I had to sleep

      • has to go school*.

      .. I think just making this thing work in thi sweekend would work the best p_p

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    • Actually our time matches right now but I need to get some sleep soon. Or I will die because I don't get enough sleep. 

      Just so you know, Drewbert is having his room up right now.

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      • sees profile*
      • is at GMT -7*

      ... So we have a whole 12 hour difference.

      So it's either when I wake up or before I sleep of which I'm not avilable in both during weekdays.

      ... Let's just make this work this weekend.

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