• Its been quite a while since I saw you on skype. Are you not using it anymore or just busy?

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    • I have a problem with my dorm's internet right now so my labtop can't access internet.
      Usually I use my phone for internet and stuff but apparently it was too old to download Skype application.

      And usually when I get internet on my labtop, I just download anime and watch YouTube.

      I'm a little bit busy but not as much as when I have regular studies(right now I'm having summer class).

      I will try to open Skype if I do remember next time.

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    • Oh, no worries. Was just curious cause I haven't seen you around for quite a while. My phone is also too old to install skype, so I only ever use it on my laptop.

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    • Up until about 1-2 weeks ago, I was pretty busy.

      The easiest way to spot me if I were busy or not is if I'm posting some stuff on the wiki. If I post at least 1 thing, it's likely that I am not busy(or not as busy) for at least a few days.

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    • Ok noted.

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    • A FANDOM user
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