• Today I went to share stuff in my usual card shop, here's some of the things:

    - My friend start testing her with VERMILLION, and points out some of the flaws in my Lambda FREEZE/FREEZE THROUGH deck. I'm not liking the idea anymore but I still stand on Lamda -> APEX.

    - The Spinner is very bad right now, at the very least until someone will come up with obscure decks. (No, not even the best Eldora player I've known could pull it off).

    - Iona seems pretty strong, but I didn't really talk to the deck's owner so I don't have an info on the matter.

    - Hanayo/Tuzuki player didn't come.

    - I think Aiyai's best combo is still with Beyblade-chan from what I saw 2 guys trying to make a new combo, ending up worst than the current one.

    - I'm the one who shares Mirurun, but I have 0 experience in playing her, though I will say that she's going to be in the mid-tier at best.

    - Fallen Angels + AW Umuru is functioning surprisingly well. However my friends do point out that playing Fallen Angels in Tawil will benefit much more, I didn't test it yet though.

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    • Vermilion? What's that? The only Piruluk deck atm is APEX :P

      And tbh FREEZE THROUGH should be used only in Remember, CrossPiru and a focused 2-stop deck imo

      Spinner was preety terrible from the moment she was released lol, just cheezy

      I've seen a couple Iona decks top. I'm taking that as a good sign for Iona AW.dek

      Aiyai in general atm is preety meh tbf

      Can't say about Mirurun. Her support was quality but I couldn't see them working together to god tier level

      With Chalk, the only "meta viable" Umuru will be AW + Fallen Angels lol

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    • Right now I'm proxying Ancient Wave with Chaos Umr. There's ener problems right now though, hopefully I can find space to run Hasur and fix it.

      And yes, I do think that Chalk will be better than Chaos but testing is still needed since her Action is just as viable.

      EDIT: I meant Vermillion -> APEX.

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    • Hastur was great as a solution to the ener problem lol

      Trashing > Reviving imo. Trashing gives you a way to deny your opponent of their ener, which can act as a finisher.

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    • Without consistency in Umr's [Action], it's actually very hard to keep the board to your advantage. When your board is bad, you still lose regardless. Hence making both skill viable in a way and is debateable.

      And especially if you play Ultim's based-deck, spaming Hastur is a lot harder.

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    • Tbh, as long as you have 3 SIGNI beatersticks you'd be fine against an empty field. Unless your opponent runs something like AnSap or Kuma.

      That's true.

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    • Among the new Mirurun support, Be is mildly annoying at 1 copy on the field, but devastating only when in 2-3 copies on the field. Steel Spell Run is somewhat redundant as Mirurun Tico does the same thing for exceed 2, and hence, ends up much cheaper, given the encore and grow costs for each. (Plus the fact that mirror can allow anohter use of Tico's Exceed2 for 1 blue)

      Footnote : I actually mildly recommend trying out mind mines here. I personally find that it sets up Miru-5 pretty hard for incredibly cheap regarding Be plays. One of the few decks I'd run Oversalvage in, too. 

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    • Still testing. I've been away for a while. I need to see if my data is still relevant after certain issues.

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    • I agree with you on the apex path, it's still lambda or lambda-apex that's topping. So far there were 3-5 Spinner decks that have topped and the thing they had in common was that they use Northern Seven and baboon... Bahamut is also there. Haven't seen an eldora use spinner, yet I was hoping she'd be the one who will be more successful in using her... I've only seen 2 Ancient Iona topped so far (I like the new ancient iona) and the rest were either hybrid white or pure yuki. Aiyai has seen tops recently they ran retribution in all deck builds I saw and it was either no Beigoma or with at least 3 beigoma but they do not run the unli combo partner. Before Aiyai's dual resona, none of them ran L4 signis or if they do it was only squid. They relied on Freefall + Swingride. I have no idea about the rest...

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    • APEX-Lambda/Lambda is apparently the only Piruluk deck people feel like using now; perhaps VERMILION did not provide enough fun (or wins) for people to actually use her. VERMILION was designed with the best intentions in mind. To be fair, it would have been difficult to balance, and even more difficult to play consistently as it is now, due to multiple distinct lines of play each turn (generally having drastically different outcomes, as opposed to decks like Midoriko or Tama, which attempt a consistent strategy every turn).

      I expected blue decks in general to make the best use of Spinner, due to Blue being able to dig through the deck for Level 5 SIGNI. I'd like to see Northern Seven Piruluk/Eldora top once or twice.

      I did not expect Aiyai to top consistently, as Aiyai relies on pressuring the opponent every turn for around 1-3 turns before the attempted lethal can work, and most decks tend to work around or outrun Aiyai already. What I did expect was Retribution being used as a 'finisher' of sorts, since Ener does not seem to be a constant problem for Aiyai.

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    • I remember seeing a Piru/Spinner deck somewhere that topped.. just not sure if he/she ran northern seven.... Haven't seen any Eldora's though.

      Well... Speak of the devil...

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    • @Yuu-tan Let's put away LambdAPEX for a sec and look at Aiyai.

      Aiyai is... Not topping consistently. Not in twitter anyway.

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    • Tachikaze Master wrote:
      @Yuu-tan Let's put away LambdAPEX for a sec and look at Aiyai.

      Aiyai is... Not topping consistently. Not in twitter anyway.

      Aiyai is topping mostly thanks to the law of large numbers, and perhaps due to people not expecting to play against Aiyai, which could be said for any rogue deck that tops.

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    • 2 more Aiyai's showed up today... 1 won first the other 4th.. This time they went full beyblade route and both had Identical builds with only very minor changes.

      not sure if both were the same person

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    • @Yuu-tan I've found 2 Aiyai that topped in WIXOSS party among NiKai, Mido, etc.

      Of those the two were the ones that Grim posted. Weren't those two around for a while now? Or do they just look the same to the ones I found?

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    • Anyway. Wixoss best TCG.
      Not argueable(super bias). Don't even know why people are playing other TCG(accept maybe Magic).

      Just feel like dropping it here because last tourney held in my country has around only 20-ish participant while in the other hand, Gearfight!! Sancguard has like 1000-ish participant if it's big tourneys.

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    • Lol so much of this

      I tried preaching to non-believers, didn't work :P

      Sanc Guard is ded now in VG lol

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    • Lucky for you Quack... From Where I live, we only had 4-6 who joined..

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    • You at least have 6 p_p

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    • We have more than 30! HA!

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      Aiyai 4th place and a lot of players used her on world champs... It's happening!!!!

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    • A FANDOM user
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