• Apparently because of how the meta has shift into more of MP banish, lv.5+Ancient Wave+Angel+AW+Gabreit proven to be inefficient against most current meta matchups.
    Still the same problem as ever, Umr's SIGNIs are so vulnerable against everything that it's so hard to keep a 12-limit board making Ancient Wave a cost 1 Bloody Slash most of the time.

    Though, most of them will be fixes "IF" Ancient Wave can trash any SIGNI and Ultim's Exceed can uses On-Play.

    Playing Chaos(w/ or w/o lv.5), spaming Hastur as much as possible to pay for Miasma or other good defensive ARTs and use Ancient Wave as an offensive tool seems to be a better way to play.

    I also thought of a cheese build with 2 Ancient Wave, 2 Grave Rush and 1 Miasma so that you can take full advantage of Ancient Wave as a defensive ART. Didn't actually try it but sounds pretty cool so I put it here. 

    Still waiting for the day that Umr can do well against metas.

    Oh and black Valk is pretty bad. Just save space for Archold if you plan to run any Valk, though she might be something in a pure angel build, twilight Tawil maybe?

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    • Thou lives!

      Black Valk isn't neccesarilly bad; just really doesn't synergize with Umuru. 

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    • No, I'm dead inside.

      Still not really worth space even in Tawil in my opinion. She doesn't really have a reliable way to spam superior call unlike Chaos.

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    • Tawil would use her @1 for the trash fueling imo. 

      >Tawil doesn't have a way to spam superior call



      >Haniel searching Michael

      preety spammable.

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    • I'm talking about her constant, not her action.

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    • Ah, makes sense.

      also it's On-Play and not Action but w/e

      My point about Black Valk was that the On-Play would be really useful for Tawil @1 copy so ye

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    • Also, considering that Tawil 6 is better than Tawil 5 in general, that extra 3 mill early game isn't that necessary.
      From play testing, most of the time you milling early you will mostly get 1 angel(or 2 depending on the luck) and the combination of either servant or spell, which will hurts her more in the late game. 

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    • I see.

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    • We were talking twilight Tawil here no? read: Tawil 5 with black Angels @1-2 copies or so as techs

      Even at Tawil 6, filling the drop zone if your opponent managed to live for 2-3 turns (which in nowaday's late game with Spinner, APEXLORD and etc being defensive for you, will be considerably common) after you reaching level 6, you will run out of things in your trash to do things with, and Black Valk can help you in that regard. It won't happen most of the time, but that's why she's a tech. Plus, again, Nakirun and things to get her out exists.

      Also Black Valk would be your ideal target via Michael when you don't have Nakiruns in deck anymore.

      Edit: also rip login much?

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    • Twilight Tawil(angel build) actually was never seen in play, or I never saw one, hence I put in "maybe" in the original post. 

      I see. Your point is fair enough, however depending on the support I don't feel like playing twilight Tawil for now, 1 Valk does sound okay.
      Though the last time I build a Tawil deck, I rarely have burst space left especially that I run Hellboros and a few AW*.

      I thought you're not up so I didn't feel like logging in because, well, public computer.

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    • I've noticed lol. I expected to see builds running at least 1 copies of Black Valk and/or Michael Fallen, but w/e.

      Really? When I tried building Tawil I found that I had too little lifebursts that I kept Wish Crisis which I planned to remove in the deck lol. This is non-Tawil 6 doe so w/e

      >not up

      It's like 10 PM here atm doe :/

      And tbh my sleeping schedule is... Messed up. My sleeping time nowadays is 5 AM at least pwp

      >school in 3 days


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    • Well. I thought you were up to something else because your last activity was like 3 hours ago.

      Sleep while you can, you will regret otherwise.

      Universe now. Halp.

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    • Lol that's because the wiki itself wasn't active for like 3 hours :P

      Lol it's too late. No one can stop my sleeping schedule to go even more out of control, until it makes a whole round since I sleep 1 hour later each day


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    • I bet 50(future)$ that your future-self will be able to.

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    • A FANDOM user
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