• Ummm question about Violence Splash's rulings, if I use Urith, Enma of Eternal Hell skill's to decrease opponent's <Angel> SIGNI to 0 while they have Arc Gain on the field and somehow activated this card before hand, will it be banish or send to trash?

    I assume it will be send to trash since that SIGNI is send to trash because Arc Gain's [Constant] skill did not effect it anymore, but just to be sure :/

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      • I mean LR Urith.
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    • Violence Splash is Iona-only to begin with.

      However, to address your question, Violence Splash changes the fundamental game rules in which banishes are handled. Thus, rather than being sent to the Ener Zone, SIGNI are sent to the trash. Because they are sent to the trash by a game mechanic and not an effect, Arcgain (and Contempora) are not immune.

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    • I just realized I posted from my phone and was not logged in.

      Further expanding on that idea, in the same case is if you somehow banish Arcgain while you have Energe's effect active. Regardless of how you banish Arcgain and/or her <Angels>, they are being basically REDIRECTED to the trash instead of the Ener Zone after being banished.

      It is the same reasoning why Contempora's first Constant will not work when she is sent to the trash by Energe's or Violence Splash's effects.

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