• By the way, I can use more than 1 ARTs during spell cut in, right? Like Anti Spell and Lock you?

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    • That is correct. You may activate however many ARTS you want at the appropriate Use Timing.

      Their resolution works linearly as a queue. After the use of 1 Spell Cut-In, you because there is still a spell to cut-in on, you may play your 2nd Spell Cut-In. You repeat this as many times as you want.

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    • Cool thanks. :)

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    • by the way, on about Lock You, it's lrig type, not lrig name, right?

      And if say, I uses Mayu and I have three Rikabutos on field. I activated dark matter and trash one opponent's signi and one Rikabu. And I got 3 ener because of Rikabus. Can I use the ener for another arts? And does ARTS effect resolves at the same time or does it have to wait; eg can 2 dark matter's happening at the same time?

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    • Yes, Lock You's additional effect is based on LRIG type. For example, Remember Night, Star-Reading Miko will gain the additional effect.

      ARTS are not used in a "stack" if that is a TCG term you are used to; you don't queue up a bunch of ARTS you wish to use during the Attack Phase and tell your opponent, "I want to use these ARTS." Rather, ARTS during the Attack Phase work immediately when you declare their use. Then, because it is still during your Attack Phase - ARTS Step, you may use more Attack Phase ARTS.

      Thus, when you play Dark Matter, it resolves and you gain enough Ener for another ARTS, you may play another ARTS because it is still within your Attack Phase - ARTS Step. You may then play a second Dark Matter. This second Dark Matter's effect then resolves, and you may play another ARTS if you wish. You repeat as you desire.

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