• Hi. I just noticed that were the only ones still talking about the WIXOSS story. Maybe we should like make a forum discussing our thoughts and opinions about characters (e.g. Pairings, Kazuki being a MANGINA, Remember being a BITCH, etc.) Who knows, maybe it might attract readers into one place rather than separate character pages.

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    • Hahaha, yeah I guess. Btw should I edit original Iona's page? Since it's confirmed on PA 05 that Akira hates Yuki (with Ulith LRIG) check my comments on Original Iona's page.

      Maybe I should make blog about Peeping Analyze, speculah and stuff. (Sakaguchi and Kiyoi better ends up together.... Piruluk deserves happines) ;.;

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    • Oh right about that thing about original Iona, I replied on your comment about it.

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