Itete, Small Trap

Trap Trap (トラップ torappu) is a keyword found on War Spirit: Trick SIGNI.

Traps can be set face down on your SIGNI zones by the abilities of certain cards. (You may not set Traps freely, only through an ability.) Only one Trap can be set per SIGNI Zone, and if a Trap is placed on a SIGNI Zone that already has a Trap, the old Trap is put into the trash. SIGNI can be placed on SIGNI Zones with Traps, as normal.

While setting a Trap, the set card does not have to have a Trap icon; regular cards can be set as Traps as well.

Whenever a SIGNI attacks, if the SIGNI Zone in front of it is empty and has a Trap on it, the Trap may be activated. The Trap is flipped face up and the card's Trap ability, if any, is resolved. This is done before the SIGNI has an opportunity to deal damage. After the Trap effect resolves, the Trap is placed into the trash. Traps can also be triggered manually by certain card abilities.

Traps can be placed regardless of level, limit, or limiting condition.

A player with a set Trap can check the front side of that Trap at any time.

If a SIGNI attacks, and the SIGNI in front of it leaves the field before it is battled (such as with an on-attack banish effect), the Trap below the banished SIGNI can be used.

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