A trigger ability (トリガー能力 Torigā nōryoku) is an ability whose effect occurs when a certain event or set of conditions, called a trigger (トリガー Torigā), occurs.

The different types of trigger abilities are:

  • Constant abilities that start with the words "when", "whenever", or "at"
  • Auto abilities
  • On-Play abilities
  • Life Burst Life Burst abilities
  • Trap Trap abilities

Characteristics of trigger abilities include:

  • A trigger ability may be triggered in the middle of an effect. However, it does not activate and resolve until the current effect ends.
  • When an effect ends, if there are both trigger abilities and rule processes pending, rule processes are handled first.
  • If multiple trigger abilities from both players were triggered, the turn player's trigger abilities are resolved first. The turn player chooses the order in which their own trigger abilities are resolved until all of the turn player's trigger abilities have been resolved, then the non-turn player chooses the order in which their trigger abilities are resolved. If any abilities trigger after the non-turn player completes the resolution of their abilities, this process repeats.
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