Up (アップ appu) is the state that a LRIG or SIGNI is in on the field when it is portrait-oriented (straightened up). LRIG and SIGNI enter the field upped, and stay that way until they are downed, either by attacking, abilities, or for a cost.

During a player's Up phase, the player's downed LRIG and their downed SIGNIs are all returned Up, unless frozen. Certain abilities can also up your LRIG and SIGNI.

Being upped allows a LRIG or SIGNI to attack or use abilities which require being downed as a cost.

Colors White WhiteRed RedBlue BlueGreen GreenBlack Black
Not a Color Colorless Colorless
Card Types LRIG (Assist) ● ARTSSIGNISpellResonaKeyPieceCraft
Parts of a Card LevelLimiting ConditionUse Timing
Game Zones Check ZoneDeckEner zoneField (SIGNI Zone, LRIG Zone, Cheer Zone)
HandLife clothLRIG deckLRIG trashTrash
Game Mechanics AbilityAttackBanishCoinCostCrushDamageDiscardDrawExclude
Ener ChargeExceedFreezeGrowLife BurstUp/DownRefreshRemoveTeam
Keywords AccessoryAssassinBlood crystal armBeatBetChainCharmCheer girlConvert
Cross (Heaven) ● DecorateDouble CrushEncoreGateGuardLancerLayerMulti EnerPuppet
Ride (Drive) ● RiseSeed (Bloom) ● ShadowS LancerSubscriberTrapTriple CrushVirus
Miscellaneous FAQsFormats (Key SelectionAll-Star) ● Mayu's RoomRule processingTrigger ability
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