Kana (仮名) ナラクノエンマウリス
Romaji (ローマ字) Naraku no Enma Urisu
Color BlackIcon Black
Card Type LRIG
Level 4
Limit 11
Grow Cost Black × 0
LRIG Type: Urith
Coin 2
Card Abilities
On-Play: Add 1 card from your trash to your hand.
Action 1/Turn Coin: From your trash, put 1 card into your ener zone, 1 card into your hand, and 1 card on the bottom of your deck.
Card Abilities (JP/日本語)
Action Once Coin:あなたのトラッシュから、カード1枚をエナゾーンに置き、カード1枚を手札に加え、カード1枚をデッキの一番下に置く。
WXEX-1 Unlimited Selector (WXEX1-19 - LR - 2/14/2019)
  • Flavor: いい声ね…真黒な…。~ウリス~
  • Illust: Hitoto*
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