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Shizuki on Lackey.

Also, that other typesetter anon.

Personal reminder:

Add ?action=purge to the end of the URL.

WIXOSS related project:

Deck Building:

Max Tuning My Iona deck I'm gonna get that sleeping lvl 0 card FOIL after my Piruluk maxtune is done. :/

Try to - Max Foiling Piruluk Acro Maxtune deck ++ Yep, I'm aware I'll be spending about $ 700+ for it.

Making Tawil deck should be done at March.

Max Tuning Umr deck

Make some articles about SD upgrades.

Doujinshi related:

Drawing that abandoned doujin about Piruluk in Aki-Lucky body (GAP MOE!)

Making Ayumi/Piruluk fanfic (what-if)

Making Ayumi/Kiyoi/Amika fanfic

Make wixoss doujinshi (Probably AKA OT3 OTP) or Akira (Mirurun) vs Amika (Acro Maxtune).

Fanart Related:

Drawing that YukiRuu pic (soon)

Coloring that SakaKiyo pic

Finishing the YukiRuu and AkiIo 4koma... ==a

Finishing Amika/Piruluk pic (soon)

Wixoss fave Pairing (not in any order):






I used to like Aki-Uli



MiruNe HanielxMichael

Laevateinn x Avenger

There's also others but I forgot...

Want to mail me? My mail is

I'm highly open toward discussion about yuri. Also if you want to commish me, just pm. :3

Put WX (WIXOSS) or cm on the mail subject. Or Yuri. Or Saki. Or any moe related series.

Otherwise I'll probably ignore it.

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