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Funny Lore (?Edit

Lean-sama, one of the Four Dimensional Gods of the universe and the future president of the world (#LeanForPresident). It keeps the order of the time that extends to infinity with the Infinity Harem.

Lean-sama is a good guy what dreams to be millionaire and make a big channel of anime in TV with a good dub xD. Nothing is impossible xD.

Also it dreams of being a great actor of live action series of his favorites anime series xD. Really lean? xD dlkashdasjkdasd

Four Dimensional GodsEdit

  • Lean Infinity (God of Infinity)
  • Lean Trinity (Demon God of Trinity)
  • ???
  • ???

The other 2 Lean's are unknowns at this moment until they make a appearance, but the name of 1 of them maybe be "Lean Sephinity - (Sephira)" but that is not confirmed yet.

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Follow Lean-sama in his FB page about the Yu-Gi-Oh! World, TCG/OCG and Anime series.

YGO ARC-V Reviews every Sunday.

Also in his Wixoss page in Spanish about the TCG.

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