Custom LRIGsEdit

White White Edit

  • User:Q4Nine/Satori
    • An LRIG that uses Sky/Earth Beast SIGNI and is based around negating effects and stealing the effects of your opponents cards.
  • User:Q4Nine/Junko
    • An LRIG that uses Ancient Weapon SIGNI and is based around using rise SIGNI that can only be put into play by effects.

Red Red Edit

  • User:Q4Nine/Okyuu
    • A combo based LRIG that uses Atom SIGNI and relies on banishing her SIGNI for effects.
    • She also relies on spells.

Blue Blue Edit

Green Green Edit

Black Black Edit

  • User:Q4Nine/Orin
    • An LRIG that uses Phantom Apparition SIGNI, she's based around causing the opponent to constantly refresh by milling and excluding their cards.
  • User:Q4Nine/Koishi
    • An LRIG that uses Wisdom SIGNI and is based around turning your opponents effects against them.

Colorless Colorless Edit

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