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Fanmade sets[]

LRIG arranges[]

White.png White[]

  • User:Romanoff Blitzer/Auria
    • Combo LRIG. Downs her SIGNI to fuel effects, then ups them again.
  • User:Romanoff Blitzer/Elysia
  • User:Romanoff Blitzer/Izanaru

Red.png Red[]

Blue.png Blue[]

  • User:Romanoff Blitzer/Akira
    • Aggro LRIG. Rapidly mills the opponent, fueling aggressive effects while supplementing her offense with forced refreshes.
  • User:Romanoff Blitzer/Ayumi
    • Control LRIG. Piruluk LRIG type. Eschews discard to focus on maintaining a massive hand size.
  • User:Romanoff Blitzer/Memento
    • Control LRIG. Centered around the trash-focused aspects of blue, heavily utilizing spell retrieval and on-discard SIGNI for defense. Extracts as much value out of her SIGNI as possible before they leave the field.
  • User:Romanoff Blitzer/Mikasa
    • Aggro LRIG. Sets up her offense with card draw effects, then attacks with powerful SIGNI.

Green.png Green[]

  • User:Romanoff Blitzer/Aidia
  • User:Romanoff Blitzer/Sagara
    • Midrange LRIG. Accumulates five colors in the Ener Zone for effects, then summons LRIGs as SIGNI and unleashes devastating board-affecting effects.
  • User:Romanoff Blitzer/Tatsumaki
    • LRIG. Increases the power of the opponent's SIGNI, then smacks them down with "banish SIGNI with power X000 or more" effects.

Black.png Black[]

  • User:Romanoff Blitzer/Abyssal Mikasa
    • Control LRIG. Walls the opponent with a never-ending onslaught of weak SIGNI, held together by powerful boss SIGNI.
  • User:Romanoff Blitzer/Acid
    • Aggro LRIG. Quick and cutthroat aggression with unique SIGNI from a wide variety of classes and colors.
  • User:Romanoff Blitzer/Clarent
    • Midrange LRIG. Sacrifices allied SIGNI for value.
  • User:Romanoff Blitzer/Desidera
    • Control LRIG. Utilizes effects that weaken both players, then slowly chokes the opponent out.
  • User:Romanoff Blitzer/Mona
    • Aggro LRIG. Uses subtlety instead of brute force, sneaking around the opponent's defenses instead of banishing them head-on, then steals the abilities of the opponent's cards.
  • User:Romanoff Blitzer/Velge
    • Midrange LRIG. Uses the trash as a resource, returning cards from the deck to the trash for effects. This narrows the trash down to a few desired cards, which can be retrieved at will by random trash retrieval.

Colorless.png Colorless[]

  • User:Romanoff Blitzer/Nil
    • Control LRIG. Slowly devours the opponent's cards by excluding them from the game.


  • User:Romanoff Blitzer/Sephira
    • Control/ramp LRIG. Green-blue. Fills the entire LRIG deck with 10 LRIG cards, which she must grow into in sequence to reach her full power. Has unparalleled control over the Ener Zone and the hand. In the absence of ARTS, she relies on powerful SIGNI and spell effects to stall.
  • User:Romanoff Blitzer/Legends

Stuff to do[]

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  • Write character and episode pages
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  • Write category pages.


These refer to Alfou cards when she appeared in the manga, and do not represent any information about future card releases.

  • 黄昏の花嫁 アルフォウ Alfou, Twilight Bride
  • 色天の花嫁 アルフォウ Alfou, Heaven-Colored Bride

Personal nicknames for cards[]